Issued by the United States Patent Office. FOR THE WEEk ENDING Nov. 2, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American. schedule of patent office FEES: On eaen caveat................................................................ .$10 On filinf each application for a Patent (seventeen :ears)....................115 On rsuing each !\igina? Pit!nt. ..;..................... ...................$20 On :ppfal to ,om;issioner of Pate n:s.....................: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :S20 On apnlicc aattion for Rs:ssue...:.................................................$30 On application for extensio n of Patent......................................... On granting on e J it ens::.;: : : : : : : :............................................$50 On filing a Disclaimer................: : : : : : :...................................$10 On an application for DeSign (three and a half years)......................$10 On an application for Design (seven yearsL ................................. $1: On an a)plication for Design (fourteen years),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,130 In addItion to which there are some small revenuestamp Uxes. Residents of Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on application. For copy o j Cah-m O f any Patent i88ued within 3 year8 .......................i A sketch from tlie model or drawing, 1elatlng to such portion Of a machine as the Cla'im covers,from .................................................SI upward, but usually at the price abovenamed . Th efull ; :C)'tion of a:!l atent issuhd sin.ce Nov. 20,1866, at which time the. 'atent Office cornenced prrti:g liter......................... $1 -25 Ojial Copies o j Drawing8 0 f a ny p atent i88U,d s in c e 1836. we cansupply at a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount O8J labor in''olved and the number of view8. Fllinformaton, as to vrice 01 dra wing8, in e ach case, m al b e ha d by addreR ,s-ing lUN N &. CO., P atent Solicito rs .-Wo. 37 P ark R o w. N ew York. 9G,29S.-Shot Pouch.-A. F. Allen, Providence, R. 1. 96,299.-Horsting Jack.-Bruno Beucliel (assignor to himself an d w. Rodiger), Kalamazoo, Mich. 96,300.- M ol lde o F Making the Bed s oF B illiard Tables. -w. b. Billings, Ch icago, Ill. Antedatec O ct. 29, 1SG9. 96,301.-Ma c hine ]'or Shaping Wooden 'rays.-Henr.y Blake, Rindge, and a. j. Blake, Fitzwilliam, N. h. 96,302.-Cheese BOx.-Frank Blecka, Elgin, Ill. Antedated Oct. 2:), 1869. 96,303.-Match Box.-J ohn Bousfield, Cleveland, Ohio. 96,304.-CentrTfugal lachine.-J. F. Brinjes, Fieldgate street, Whitechapel, England. 96,305.-Saw.-Ira S. Brown and C. N. Brown (assignors to themselves and j. m. Gross), Providence, R. I. 96,306.-Corn Sheller.-H. VV. Cornell, Oswego, N. Y. 96,307.-Pump.-VV. N. Chamberlain, Van Buren, Mich. 96,308.-Bolt Blank.-J. B. Clark, Plantsville, Conn. 96,309.-Teapot Handle.-L. C. Clark, Plantsville, Conn. 96,310 .- Yhread Holde r a nd Cutter.-J. Cleary, Brooklyn, N. T. Antedated Oct. 16, 1869. 96,311.-Harvester.-Wm. Cogswell, Ottawa, Ill., assi.Onor to himself and W. h. W. Cnshman. 96,312.-Millstone Driver.-Solomon Darkess, Deerfield, fud. 96,313.-Apparatus for C oa'ring Cement Pipes.-Edwin Dayton, Meriden, Conn. 96,314.-Stump Extractor.-Edwin Fales, Lancaster, Mo. 96,315.-Apparatus for Extracting Oil from Fish.-W. h. h. Gloker, Southold, N. y. 96,316.-Mechanical Movement.-M. A. Hardy,Cambridge, Mass. 96,317.-Cattle Food.-John 'f. Harris, Tyngsborough,. Mass. 96,318.-Axle and Shaft.-w. H. Hawley, Utica, N. Y. 96,319.-Combined Corn Planter and Cur,tivator.-J. C. 96,320.-Loom.-J, G. Henderson, Keokuk, Iowa. 96,321 . -Bluing Compound for the M a nuf act ure of" PapeR.-James Hogben, Cleveland, Ohio. 96,322.-Combined Cultivator and Seed Planter.-D.E. Holt, Wilkinson county, Miss. 96,323.-Co rn an d C otton-Seed Pr,anter.-D. e. Holt, Wilkinson county, Miss. 96,324.-TrQche.-S. E. Johnson, Jr., Brooklyn, N. Y. 96,325.-Sash Supporter.-Peter Keffer (assignor to himself I. S. Hoyer, and S. a. Stout), Berks county, Pa. 96,326.Meat-Cutting M ac hi n e . -Anton Kirn (assignor to himself and j. E. Krasselt), Buffalo, n. y. 96,327. -0re W asher.-Kelley Le Beau, Chicago, m. 96,328.-Hot-Air Furnace.-W. H. Lee and C. M. Harden- bergh, Minneapolis, Minn. 96,329.-Pump Valve.-Thomas Ling, Hartford, Conn. An tedated Oct. 27, 1869. 96,330.-Apparatus for Perforating Paper for Tele- gRaphing.-George Little, Rutherford Park, N. j. 96,331.-Apparatus for Perforating Paper for Tele- gRaphiNg.-George Little, Rntherford Park, N. j. 96,332.-Electro - Magnet i c Motor.-George Little, Rutherford Park, N. j. 96,383.-Automatic Telegraphic Apparatus.-Geo. Little, Rutherford Park, n. j. 9 6,33 4 . -G a n g Plow Cultiya tor.-H. P. McCleave ' Tomales , Cal. 96,335.-Hot-Air Englne.-Thos. McDonough, Newburgh, N. Y. s 96,336.-Reflector-Samuel Meadows (assignor for one half to t. K. Morgan), Toronto, Canada. 96,337.-Axle BOX.-David Metz\ Washington, D. C. 96,338.-0ven.-G. R. Moore, Philadelphia, Pa. 96,339.-Shears.-B. W. Nichols (assignor to Canton Malleable Iron Ce.), Canton, Ohio. 96,340.-A lpPa ra'fus for Measuring Liquids.-P. Noyes, LQwell, Mass. \6,341.-El;;; Railway.Augustus Olcott, Elizabeth, n. 1. . _ 96,342.Firepl a ce Grate.-Jam cs O ld, Pittsburgh, Pa. .96,,343.-Cleasing A ttachment for Sew ing Mach ines.- Ch9rles Pltg(', Boston, Mass. 90,344.Cultivator.F. L. Perry, Canandaigua, n. Y. 96,345.-Solid or Dry Ex'frac'f of Bark ftH Tanning e'c.-."lm Pickles, Wigan. England,a"si n nor to .ames Foley, John t. Harris, and VS . w. H>rl'is, Montrel, Canad l. 96,346.Be\ OTTOM.J. d. Pratt, Cleveland, OhIO. 96,847.Seed Sower.-T. j. PrI'ce, Macomb, Ill. 96,348.-Self-Lubricating Axle Box.-S. s. Putnam, Dorbehester'. Mass. 9fi,Bo 49. - hill Coupling.-s. s. Putnam, Neponset, Mass. 98,86O . -HARv v es t e r . - A mos Rank, Salem, Ohio. 96,351.Harvester. - Amos Hank, Salem, Ohio. 96,352.-Harvester.Amos Rank, Salem, Ohio. 96,353.-Harvester Rake.-Amos Rank. s alem, Oh1' 0. 96,354.-Circulating Grate for Steam Generators.- James Braden, Indianapolis, Ind., administrator of the estate of James Scanlan, dece.sed. 96,3..Floor Set.-C. M. Shaw, Portland, Me. Antedated Oct. 22. 1869. 96,356.-Folding Bedstead.-Geralu Sickels, Boston, Mass. 96 M 37 . - Colu mn or 'fube.-Frederick I S mi t h , b a lt imore, 96,35dd..-Perforated Wearing Apparel.-H. E. S mi. th , New Yorl, city. 96,3i9.-Clothes langle,-H. e. Smith (assignor to m My Jane Smitll), Ne, Y ork clty. Antedat 'd Oct. 16, 18g9. 96,360.-ClotIes Mangle.-H. E. Smith (ass ignor to Mary 'j. Smit!), New York citv. Antcdater Oct. :.2,1860, 96,361.Clothes Mangle.-h. E. Smith (assignor to Mary J. Smith), New York city. Antedated Oc t. 22, 1869. 9 6 , 36 2. - Rail w ay C aTT le C ar.-J . W . S treet, Marshalltown, Iowa. 96,363.- \vindow Screen.-j. a. Thorn, Chicago, Ill. 96.3H4,-ApparatuB for Carbureting and Applying Air , for Lighting axd Heating. I Joel rifa!y, Albany, n. y. ! 6,3G5.-Makin g T aNNiN and Dyei ng Ex tra ct s.-B. C. 'Tilghman, Philadelphia, pa. Antedate o"t. 30. 1869. 96,3li6.-Pencil Attachment to Compass.-C. L. Tyler, Ithaca, n. y. . r 96,317.-Hrng-Stopper Nipper.-Calvin WardweI I (aSS.Ignor to himself and i. i, Coe),Pllmllle, OhIO. 9 6, 3 68.- S1eam Wa te r Elevator.-J. d. W a r n er. Broo k- 'ivn.n.Y. 96,3G9.-Lo cIC-H. b. \eaver, H artfor"d, ('Jonn. ,3'i0 .-Potato Dig ger.-G. w. B . Yocom, r. J. Walker, ann ElIas Sharp, Are"ta, Cal. 96,371.-Compound for the Cure of Cancer.-Mo;. mer Wi'liars, MIddletown, Ohio. 96,372.-MacII1e fon Th r ea d ing Bolts, etc.-j. b. wi. g- gfmhorn. St. louis, Mo. 9f,17n3.-C ar tridge .- Friedrich Wohlgemuth. New York C.I ty. 96,374.-ManufactDre of Carbonate of Soda.-Otto Wnth,Pittsburgh, p.. , _,, 9 6,37 5.---Ra i lway Car Brakj.-g . W. b . Yocom and Ed ward Cowan, Arc9ta, Cal. 96.376.-Combination Lock.-Moses Adams, Chilmark, Mass. 96,377.-W eathe l - Bo arding.-J. C. Anderson, Webster, Pa. 96,378.-Machine for Grinding Seats of Valves.-w. H. AnderEon, Brooklyn, n. y. 96.379.-Culfva'f0n.-W. T. Baker, Lancaster, Texas. 96,380.-Safety Ca).-M. H. Barnes, assignor to himself and 'e. p. sloan, peoria, III. 96,:8 1.-Mac hine for Wiring Blind Sla's, etc.-p eter Barry, n"whrk. N . j. 96,3 o 2.- Cultiv at or.-E. c. Bean and F. n. Welden, r ock - 'fnrd, 111. TT 96,3 81.-Fastening Plowshares to p low s t o c k s .-- w. g. Bf-ckwith. Lownfle s borough, AI. 96,384.-Iro ning Bo.Hd.-C. H. Bennett and W. a. Daggett, Sour,h Vinelano, n. j. 96,385.-ApparatuB for Emptying Privy Vaults.-j. g. BfTe er. Nuremberg, Bavaria. 96,3 8 6 .- Po rtab l E Fire Vall.-J. f. Bishop, Afton, Iowa, 9*>,887.Spectacle.Louis Black, Detroit, Mich. 9G,388.- F ertili z er At t acIllnt for Plows.-j. i. bob- well. ( hristialsvllle, Va. 96,389.Lubricator.-John Broughton, New Y ? rk ciV' 9(;,390 . - Mi l k Cooler. - A. P. B Ussey, WesterVIlle, N. Y. 96;191.-Copy Holder.j. s. Butler, Silver City, Idaho 'fer- j ltory. 96,3n\2.'Sap Feeder.-g. d. Chandley; West Concord, Vt. 9!,3iJ3.-Furniture C.ster.-Stephe1 Chandler, New York cit.y. Antedated Se,ptpmber 21.1869. 96 , 3 ,4. - Fau cet. - W. P. C lark, Med,i .Od, Mass. 9(,395.A paratus for Transmitting Rotary M otion.- 'melville p lemems, 8pringfield, mass. 96 , 396.-C Child's CaHriage an d V elocipede Combined.- j. C. CHne, Philadelphia, Pa. 96.39 7. - W A shing i achin e .-j,D. Conner, Bloomington, Ill. 9 f,398.-Hatchway Guard.-H. H. Covert, New York city. 96,3!9. - Plow.-m. C. Cox, Be mettsville. s. C. 96,400.__Cut-Off-V alve Gear.-William Dawes, Kingston : Grove. Leeds England. Patented In England Jan. 5, 1869. 96,401.-l1acTine for M a k in g Eyelets.-Adolph Delkes'ooklyn, e. d .. n. y., assignor toJJ. D. Bacon for one third, and John North for one third. 96,402.- G.i nd er for Harvester-Cutters.- w. B. Deuel, Ithaca, n. Y. 9 6,403.-Machine for Threading Bolts.-c. E. De Valin, Baltimore, l\1d. 93,404.-Propelling Small Boats.-Virgil Dresser, Leavenworth, Kansas. 96,405.-Process of Restoring and Preserving Decaying Railroad Tieb -Wllliam Drlpps, Coatesvllle, Pa. 96,40:).-Shaft Coupling.-W. p. Dugdale, Goshen, Ind. Antedated Oct. 30, 1869. 96,407.-Step for Vertical Spindle.-b. f. Dunklee, Con cord, n. H., assignor to a. 8. Gear, New Haven. Conn. 96.40 '.-Lifting Jack.-j. H. Edward, Polo, Ill. Antedated Oct. 22 , 1869. M,409.- Process of Producing C a r b o n Pigments.Alon- zo Farrar , Boston, Mas.. 96,410.-'a g.-8. B. Fay. New York city. 96;411.-Self-SuppoItting Fence.-Thomas Flinn, Birmingbam, Icb. 96,412.- S0l Fb of Rubber Boots and Shoes.-Francis Flynn. Woonsocket, r. 1. 96,411.-Wailing Maohine.-l. p. Follett, Clifton prings, n.y. 96,4i4.:But-Hinge.-C. H. Foster, San Francisco, Cal. 98,415.-Instrument for Convjying M e d i cine to Diseased Parts.-p. j. Frank, Ashford, n. y. 96,411i.-Ax.-Joseph Franklin (assignor to himself and Jo seph Whitdy), Sp'lugfleld, 01110. 96,417. - Snap Hoolc-It L. Fraser, 'esternvIUe, N. Y. 9',418.Snap Hook.-r. L. Fraser, WesternvI.lle, N, y. 96,419.-Mechanical Movement.-D'Alembert t. Gale, ppughke(psiet n. y. 9f,420.-Basm Burning Cooking Range.-j. b. Gardner, New York city. 16,421.-'obacco Prize.-C. T. Gilmor, Baltimore, Md. 93,422.-Tobacco Press.-C. T. Gilmor, Baltimore, Md. 9l,423.-Rendering Animal Fat.-h. E. Gotleb, New York citv, assignor to Henry Winslow. 96,434.Metallic FHame for Music S1'and.-William m. Greenwoor and Be nol"t r oux (assI. gnors to : . g reenwood &c 0.) , c'I-cinnati, Ohio. 96,425.-HoIse Hay Rake.-p. M. Gundlack, Belleville, Ill. 96, 4'f,-Tool Post.-Fayette Hardenbergh, Providence, R. i. 98,427.-0il Cup for Movable Bearings.-Dennis Harri- gan, Somerville, assignor to John W. Wiggins, Boston, Mass. 9 6,428.-Rail w _ y S uppl y App aratu8.-David Harrison,Fay- ette,l1s8. 96,429.Cooking Stove.-Charles w. Hermance, Schuyler- Ville n. y 96, 96,430.Chimney Cowl.-Edw:rd Hewett, St. Leonard's-on- sea, England. T 96,431.metal Sleigh Runner.-Daniel Holciman, Water100, Iowa. , ., 4-2.---Tbine v ater Wheel.-d. O. Ho l ma n , Adams, Ny. 96,433.Wooden Pavement.-Lawrence Holms, Paterson, n. j. , 6,43 4.-Carriage Seat.-Gilbert l. Hudson, Romeo, Mich. 96,435.F ence.- G eorge W. Hunter, Versailles, i n d . 96 ,43 6 .-G ate . -John H . Hunte r' VerAailles, In d. 96 ,43 7 . - S alv e.-'heo d ore JarvIS, New York c. ty. 96 ,4 3 8.Meth od of Uniting Artificial Teeth on Rubner Ba'eb to Metallic Plates.-Elijah k. Jenner, Healdsburg, Cal. 96,419.-Hulling MaOhine.-Charlcs Jordan, Ea st b r ld l6 water. 1a8S. 96,440.-Tin Can.-Roswell Judson and John p. Schenck, J r., Matteawan, n. y. 9 6,441. - G a s Burner.-Wesley l. Jukes (assignor to hImself, Frederick McLewee, Prentice h. Putnam, and Bronson Murray), New York city. 96,442.-Case and S am p l e Card f o r Spooled Silk, e tc. - Wm. g. Kelly, Onelrla, n. y. 96,443 . -Stil t. -Le w i s a. Kimberly, New Haven, Conn. 96,4-4.-Shingle Machine.-Samuel M. King, Lancaster, Pa. !6 : 445.-Copy Holder for Printers.-Horace W. Knight, Seneca Falls. n. y. G 6,446.Sphing Bed Bottom.-f. f. Lahm, Chicago, Ill. 96,447.-Sc re w C.-p for Can.-Alexander N. L api er re, New York city . 96, 448 ,- M a chine f o r Making Hoops .-vm . Law.ver ' Mac0mb, n. y. 96,449i:Compound W heel and A x le.-Ben J am m f . l eet , Davton, Nevada. 96,450. -Sawing Machine.-Joseph f. Lettellier and Adolph Leitelt. Grand R apids, Mich. 96,45 1 .-C lam p for But ter Firkins.-D. lf. Lockr.Idge, Otto, n. y. 96,452,,-Sje for C r i ppl e s.- H enry ii. Lo pe r (assignor to hims - lf and Henry s. Parsons), New Haven, Conn. 91.453.Leather Punch. - John Lyle, Newark, n. J. 96,454.-Water W h ee l .m y ron H. Matson, Horseheads, n. y. 96,455.-Packing Auger and Spiral Convbyjr.-j. MattI- so n , Oswego, n. y. !6,456.-Truss.-G. Maver, Sullivan, Ill. 93,457.-IIoHsE-rowER E ngine for Extingtjishing Fires. -,Tohn C. McCarthy, n ew York clty.: 96,458.-M achine for Making Chair Seats.-Joseph c McCormick (assignor to himself and George Stiteler , Smlck.burg. Pa' 96,459.-Bag 'r ie.-John C. Meloy, Hastings, Minn. Antedated October 23,1869. 96,460.-Rectum Supporter. Samuel p. Mervine, Jr., Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to himself and w. w. Lower, Washington, D. C. 9 6,461. -C a r pet - bea t ing Machine. Loran Miner, San Francisco Cal. 96,462.-Hay Loader.-Benjamin j. Moore, Dresbach, Minn. 96,4t3.-Steam En g ine Pu1 p;t Valve.-George F. Morse; Portland. Me. 96,4 6 4.-Implement for Destroying Quack Grass.Chas. w . Moseley, Onondaga, n. y. 96,465 . -Compound fon Pr im ing Electric FUsEs.-GeorgE m. Mowbray. Titusville. Pa. 96,4il6.-Veloclpede.-Bernard II. Muehle (assigtoi to him" self and Nicholas Jones), Buffalo, n. y. Antedated October so, 1S69, 96,467.Lathe Bath and Sponge Holder for Dentists ' Use.D. MurlleBS, Holyoke, MasB. 96,468.-Plant Protector.-H. K. Nelson, Penn Yan, N. Y. 96,469.-Mold for Wel ing S t ee l to Inon.-George Noc k , New Monmouth, n. j., assignor to himself and Zadock Street, Salem, Ohio. 96 , 470 . - D oor Spring.-e. d. N ort on, c ub a, N . Y . 96,471.Apparatus for Drying Lumber.-F. 1. Norton, Fremont, OhIo. 96,472.-Apparatus for 'h e Dis c harg e and Preparation of Granular Ore and Coal, and Similar Materials. - Peter r ierspIl: Mechernlch, Prussia, assignor to Adolphns Meier &Co., St. 'ouis, Mo. 96,473.-Wash Boiler.-h. Packer and g. w. Packer, Sandwleh, Ill. 96,474.-Horse Hay Fork.-James a. Park, Lansing, Mich., asolgnor to h mself and Wm. Woodhouse. 96,475.-Pump.-A. N. Parkhurst, Knoxville, Ill. 96,476.-Smut Mn,l.-Daniel Pease, Floyd, n. Y. 9 6,477.-M o de o f Purifying Rancid ButtLr.-CalviH Peck, Mar.hall Ill. 96,478.-Cu'r-off for Pipes.-James h. Perkins, Omaha, Nebraska. 96,479.-Melting and Decarbonizing Iron.-Chas. Peters, Jrenton, N.J. 96,480.Pri;'ting Press.-James n. Phelps, Brooklyn, N. Y., signor to himself and Joseph Bayley, New York city. 9 G ,4 O 1.-Dumping Car foI Grading. William Price, Cincinnati, Ohio. 9 6, 4 82.-De v ic e for Removing Dust from Threshing Machines.-Era Rose, Vernon, Ind. 96,483.-Apparatus for Turning the L ea ves of Music. M. Ross, Petersburg. Ind. 9g,484.-s,:ovei, and Tongs Stand.-Benoit Roux (ass'gnor to m. Greenwood &Co.), Cincinnati, Ohio. 9g,485.-c al Stove.-George d. Sanford, Peekskill, N. Y. Antedated May 2, 1869. 96,48,!.Water Cooler and Refrigerator.-Charles c. Savery, Phlladelphia. Pa. 96,487.-Bnead and Cake Receptacle.-Charles c. Savery (Rssignor to Barrows, Savery &Co.), Philadelphia, Pa. 96,488.-El ctRo-magnetic Gas-lighting Apparatus.-A. w. Scharit, St. Louis, Mo., l. a. Hudson, Syracuse, n. y., and Darius Ly. man, Parkm n, Ohio. 9 6 ,48 9 .- Ice Cream Freezer.-Paul Schumacher, New York city. 96,490.-Fnuit Jar.-h. E. Shaffer, Rochester, N. Y. 96,491.-Papelt Collar Mac h in e . Samuel Shepherd, Nashna n. h. 96,492.-Machine for Punching Metals.-h. a. 8hipp, Vmdon, England, assignor to himself and Abner a. Grlmng, New York city. 9 6 .493.-D oor Spring.-Joseph Simpson, Newark, Ohio. 96,4!4.-Draft HIgulator.-James j. Smith, and Samuel Wood. Cleveland, Ohio. 9,495.-L.dder.-Martin Luther Smith;Battle Creek, lich. 96,496.-CatarrI Remedy.-John Snow, Grand Rapids, Mich. 96,497. - Cooking Stove.-Asa Snyder. Richmond. Va. 9 6,498 .R a i lro ad Car Heater.-Frank J. Steinhauser and Henry M. Shreiner, Lancaster, Pa. 96,499.-Balance Slide V alvJ.-William M. Sharon, Pa. 96,500. - Cattle Car.-Zadok Street, Salem, Ohio. 96,501 .R ailroad Car V entilator.-0 vert on J . s tyner and John Egan, LaFayette, In d . 96,502.Wheel.Edwin Swasey, Milford, Mass. 96,503.-Harvester Cutter.-j. m. Taft, Arcadia, Wis. 96,504.C ar Seat.-a. d . Tat e, p eeksk I'll , N. Y. 96,505.-Bitstock.-0. H. Taylor, Brooklyn, N. Y. Antedated Oct. 23, 1869. 96,506.-Butter Package.-j. Thayer, Palmyra, Wis. 9G,507.--Window.-Levi Till (assignor to hmself, B.W.Wells, and j. c. Butler), Sandusky. Ohio. 96,508.-Hand Stamp.-j. C. Tone and H. a. Clum (assignors to T. W. Tonc), Rochcster, N. Y. 96,509.- Culina ry Boiler .- J. s. Totten, Lebanon, Ohio. 96,5111.-Corn and Fertilizer Dropper.-A. Towberman and John Keys, Washington, Ill. 96,511.-Cloties Wringer.-Ambrose Tower, New York Clty. 96,512.- Washboard and Wringer Frame.-a. Tower, New York city. 96,513. - Land Roller. - e. a. Uehling, Rieod, Wis. 96,514.Car Van Slykl and D. W. Wood Reme N. y, Stevenson, 96,615.-Wood Pulping Machine.-He inrich Voelter,Heiden- henD, WurtembcTg. 96.510.Broom and Brush Holder.-B. D. Wallace, Boston, Ma8s. 96,517.-Hay Fork.-E. V. Walton and A. J. Brown (assignO'S to Matteson &Williamson). Stockton, Cal. 9G,518.-SteHI Culinary Vessel.-Cyrus Waterman, Providence, R. 1. 96,519 - Fau cet . - WIlham Weaver, Nashua N. H. 96,.0. -W eighing Scvle.Joh n Weeks, Bu: af I 0, N. Y., assIgnor to himself and Buf.lo and Niagara Scale Works. 96 .521.-Bale-tie Lock.-Jay Wheelock, San FranC.ISCO, C aI . 9i,522.-W ateH-wheel Governor.-J. A: Whitman ' Auburn, Me. 96,523.-0rnamental Covering for Floors, Walls, etc. -Henry Whlttemo re, New York City. 96,524.-P HoceSS of Refinin g t he Waste from German Silven and other Metals.-Frcderick WilCOX, Waterbury, assignor to H. B. WilCOX, Portland. Conn. Antedated Oct. 29,1869. 96,525.-Process of Utilizing the Waste formed in Cleaning Copper and BRass Goods.-Frederick Wilcox, Waterbury, assignor to H. B. WilCOX, Portland, Conn. tntedated October 29, 18M. 96,526.-Passenger Regis'fer for StIleet Cars.-W. W. Willis, Chicago, Ill. Antedated Oct. 30, 1869. 96,527--0i l er Holder for Sewing Machine.-A. Wilmot, Clevcland, Ohio. 96,528.-8hampooing Apparatus.-M. L. Winn, San FranCISCO, Cal. 96,529.-Sleigh Brake.-Judson 'Volfe and W.Ilson Wolfe, H rveyville' Pa N 96,530.Ribbon Case.George F. Woolston, Marshalltown , 10wa. 96,531.-Knitting Machine.-Henry C. WOl'k, Philadel p'lia, Pa. 1,532.~ i,533. cadhl. N. Y. 96,532.Fire Kindler.-J. A. Fuller, Rockford, I11. 96,533.Extension Table Sllde.-Albert H. ShIpnjan, Ar- HEISSUES. 11,711.-Calendar Clock.-Dated Sept. 19, 1854 ; extended seven years; reissue S,694.William H. Akins and Joseph c. Burritt, Ithaca, n. y. 44,273.-CoUn Planter.-Dated Sept. 20,1864 ; reissue 3,695. -j. Armstrong, Jr., Elmira, 111. Design 2,792.-Trade MaIk.-Dated Oat. 1, 1867; reissue 3,696.-Thos. Bakewell, Pittsburgh, 1a. 88,1 1.-Auxiliary Table.-Dated March 22, 1869 ; reissuo 3,697.James Blake and George Blnke, Scranton, Pa., assignees of James Bla J- e. 75,621.-Egg Carrier.-Dated March 17,186 8 ; reissue 3, 698 . -A. h. Bryant, Philadelphia, Pa. 81,059.-BHeech-loading FlHe-arm.-Dated AuO. 11, 1868 ; reIssue 3.699.-Bethel Burton, Brooklyn,and w. g. Ward.New York City, asMgnecs at Bethel Burtol. 86,661.-Horse Hay Fo rc-Date d Feb.9 1869 . reissue 3, 7 00. -llliott p. Gleason, New York City, assigLce of Benjamin F. Gladd llgi 94,689.-Roofing.-Dated Sept. 7, 1869 ; reissue 3,701.-R. K. Killc, Mount h olly, n . j. 79,981.- PHes s anT ' S tr ainer.-Dated June 16, 1868 ; reissue 3,702.-j. h. Llttlef( ld. Cambridge. Mass. 04,365.-Dressing Saw ''eeth.-Dated Nov. 24, 1868 ; re'is- sue 3,703.-John LOUgh, Buckingham village, Quebec. 83 , 40 1 .-St o vepip e Elbow.-Dated Oct. 27, 1868 ; reissue s,704.-h. b. Morrison, for himself, anc C. l. Morrison, assignee. by mes ne fsBlgnments, of h. b. Morrison. Le Roy, n. y. 34,316.-flow Coupling.-Dated Feb. 4, 1862 ; reissue 1,5\8, Dated Jan. 5, 1864 ; reissue 3,703.-Geo. Owen, Jacksonville, Ill. 90,331.- Com p osit ion fo r StuFF ing L eatheI .-D ateu May 25,1869; reissue S,706.-Divlflon l.-Samuel B. Pllrcp, Samuel S. Johnson, Robert Andrews. and R. n. Austin, Milwaukee, w1s., aBignees of Robert Andrews. 90,33 3 .-PIocedS tf Treating Tar for th e ManufactuBe of Stuffing for Leather.-Dated may 25, 1869 j relEsue 3.707.-Division .. -s. B. Pierce, R. S. Johnson, Hobert Andrews, and r. n . Austin, Milwaukee, Wis., assignees of Ho bert AR drews. 60,938.-Plo w.- Dated Ja n . 1, 186 7; eissue 3, 708.-F. F. Reynolds, Bethany, for hllllself, and J. h. Hines, Davisborough, Ga.,assignec g?l . F. ReynJ'ds. 32,255.-Mode of Making tIe Skeins of Ax l e Arms for CAKRIAgES.-Dated May 7, 1861; reissue S,709.-Gottlkb Schreyer, Cofs, ohio. ' 74,252,-Fruit Frame.-Dated Feb. 11, 1868 ; reissue 3, 7 10.- Chester Stone, Ravenna, Ohio. 25,992.-ApparNrus for Cooling Beer and other Liquids. -Dated nov. 1, 1859 ; antedated Aprll lR, lS56; reis!l1c 1,2fi'1, dated JaIl. 28, 862 j rcls . ue 3,7H.-G. l Turrell, New York city, afsignee, by mesne assjgnments, of J. L. Baudelot. 75,500.-Device B'or Weaving ClIair Seats.-Dated March 10,1868; reissue s,712.-g. A. 'Yatkins, Proctorsville, Vt. DESIGNS. 3,731.-PI.ate of a Stove.-S. W. Gibbs, Albany, N. Y. 3 ,7 32 .-Door Knob and it"! Hose.-Wm. Gorman (assignor to the Russell &Erwin Mannfactt'ring Co.).New Brltain, Conn. 3,733.-But Hinge.-Wm. (lorman (aSignor to the RURse] &ErwIn Manufacturi g Co.), New Britain, Conn. 3, 7 34 . -R ac k Pulley.-C. F. Hager , Buffalo, N. Y. 3,735 and 1 ,7 3 6 .- S tove. - Co n ra d Harris and P. W. Zoiner, CinCinnati, Ohio. Two patentA. 3,737.-Cylinder Stove.-Conmd Harris and p, VV. Zoiner, Cincinnati, Ohio. 3,738.-Suspcnded. 3,739.-0rnamental Bridle Bit.-Lonitl RomYeiks, N e wark. N. J. 3,740.-Cook Stove.-N. S. Vedder Rnd Francis Ritchie (asslgnors to G. H. Phillips &Co.), Troy, N. Y. 3,741.-Tuunk CoveH.-N. B. Williams, New York city. R ef rig e r a t o rs. -D . \V. 'C. Sanford, of New Orleans, La.--- Letters Patent No. 13,802, dated Nov. 13,1855; rei'sue No. 455,dnted April 81, 1857. Sewing MacIine.-L. W, Langdon, of Northampton, Mass. Letters Patent No. lS,727, dat d Oct. :0, 15. Roofing Composition .-, as . West, of Syracuse, N. Y.-Lei-ters Patent No. 13,733, dated Tct. "V,1855 ; reissue >;o. 491, dated Septcm-__ber8,1851._______________________________ Inventions Patented In England by Americans. [Compiled from the " Journal of the Commissioners Patents."] PROVISIONAL PROTECTION for six MONTHS. 2,903.-Peltmanent Way of Railways.-D. R. Pratt, Worcester, MaSf. October 6, 186\. 2,90S.-Washing Maclline.-Wm. Hewes, Toronto, Canada. Octoher 6, 2,!117. - Parlor Skates.-W. P. Gregg, Boston, Mass. Oct. 7, lSG9. 2,928.Apparatus for Distilling P01'able Water.-H. Wainwrigh t New York city. OctoberS, 18..:9. 2,997.-Railway Carriage Wneel-Z. Washburne, of the State of laHs8chusetts. October 14,1869. 3,C06.- Cnain -(able S-opper.-J. ;Y. Emery, South Thomaston, nnd P Thurston I Rockland, Me. October 15, lS(. 3,035.1a1.cture of Iron and Steel.-J. l'layer, Philadelphia, Pa 0ctober 16, I8K1: