FOR THE WEEK ENDING NOV. 9, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American. . $10 SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: On eacn caveat __ On filing each application for a Patent (seventeen years)$15 On issuing each original Patent$20 On appeal to Commissioner of Patents$20 On application for Reissuet$30 On application for Extension of Patent 50 n ie On Sling aDis claimed::$10 On an application for Design (three and a half years).— On an application for Design (seven years)$16 on Inaddlcionto which there aresomesmall revenue-stamp taxes. Residents of Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on application. . ForcOfJY qf Claim q/any .Patent issued It!Hn 80 years$1 .A sketch from the model or drawing, relating to such portion nf a machine as the Claim covers.from.1 upward, but usually at the price above-named. Thef'ull Specification of any patent issued since Nov. 20. 1886, at which time the Patent Office commenced printing them.$1'23 Official Copiesof Drawingsof any patent issued since 1886. we can supply at a reasonable coat, tM price depending upon the amount qf labor insotvlld and the number of views.. Fulliw/Ormaition, as top^e 0/ drawings, in each case. may be had by addressingMUNN&CO •• Patent Solicitors. No. 37' Park Mow, New York. 96.534.—MODEOF SECURING TYPE IN FORMS.—Samuel Anderson and T. J. Folan, Stapleton. N. Y. 96.535.—DOUBLE-ACTINGPRESS FOR “ BLANKING “ AND "FORMING UP “ SHEET METAL.—John Annear and W. J. Gorden, Philadelphia, Pa. 96.536.—PORTABLEFENCE.—Albert Armitage, Phelps township, and J. B. Olmsted, Arcadia, N. Y. 96.537.—APPARATUSFOR SHAPING EARTHENWARE.—J. H. Baddeley, Greensborough, Pa. 96,533.—DETACHABLE BOOT AND SHOE HEEL.—C. W. Bailey, Boston, Mass. 96.539.—GASHEATER.—John Bannihr, Hempstead, N. Y. 96.540.—DITCHINGMACHINE.—Henry Benett, Linden, Cal. 96.541.—STEAMTRAP.—Samuel Bonser, Dover, N. H. 96.542.—RAILWAYCAR BRAKE.—M. S. Borthwick, Montana, Iowa. 96.543.—ORGAN-STOPHANDLE.—Wm. Boyrer, New York city. 96.544.—FASTENINGF&.—Edward Brady, Philadelphia, Pa. 96.545.—FAUCET-CONNECTION.—T.H. Brady, New Britain, Conn. 96.546.—SEEDPLANTER.—James Campbell (assignor to himself and William Campbell), Harrison, Ohio. 96.547.—WATERELEVATOR.—G. W. Carpenter, Butler. Ind- 96.548.—CHAIR.—JeffersonChase, Orange, 96.549.—HOEINGMACHINE.—H. W. Clapp, Northampton, 96.550.—KITE.—SamuelClark, New York city. 96.551.—HINGEFOR A DOOR OR WINDOW FRAME OF A STOVE. —T. J. Coulston, Springville, assignor to E. S. Shantz, and Joseph Johnson, Royer's Ford. Pa. 96.552.—BOILER-TUBECLEANER.—P. H. Coyle. Newark. N. J. 96.553.—JACQUARDMECHANISM FOR LOOM8.—E. K. Davis, New York city, assignor to Duckworth&Sons, Pittsfield, Mass. 96.554.—ELECTRO-MAGNET.—W.E. Davis, Jersey City, N. J. 96.555.—LATERALOR DIVERGING CONNECTION FOR CEMENT WATER PIPEB..—Edwin Dayton, Meriden, Conn. 96.556.—CARDINGMACHINE.—James Dempster and Henry Holcroft, I.. edia, Pa. 96.557.-STREETCAR STARTER.—T. S. E. Dixon (assignor to himself and W. H. Payne) , Janesville, Wis. 96.558.—COFFEE-POT.::j'ohnsonDodge, New Orleans, La. 96.559.—HOSEBRIDGE.—William Donoghue and F. L. Charlton, Philadelphia, Pa. 96.560.—BALANCESLIDE-VALVE.—David Dorman. Wheatland Furnace, Pa., assignor to himself and Thomas Johnston. 96.561.—FENCE.—J.G. Downer, Auburn, N. Y. 96.562.—COTTONCULTIVATOR.—R. I. Draughon, Claiborne Ala. 96.563.—HARNESSPAD.—Charles Drew, Newark, N. J. 96.564.—LOOMFOR WEAVING TAPE, ETC.—James Duckworth (assignor to Duckworth&Sons), Pittsfield, Mass. 96,1i05.—APPARATUS FOR GENERATING AND CARBURETING GASES.—C. F. Dunderdale, New York city. 96.566.—ENVELOPE.—F.W. Eberman, West Salem, Ill. 96.567.—PRINTINGTELEGRAPH APPARATUS.—T. A. Edison (assignor to S. S. Laws), New York citv. 96.568.—CAPSTAN.—JacobEdson, Boston, Mass. 96.569.—BRIDGE.—SamuelEnsign, New Franklin, Ohio. 66.570.—LOOMFOR WEAVING PILE FABRICS.—LeviFerguson, Lowell, Mass. 96.571.—EAROF WOODEN BUCKETS.—L. A. Fleming, New York City. Antedated Nov. 1, 1869., 96.572.—MANUFACTURINGSHOVELS.—John Fox, New York city. 96.573.—WATER-WHEEL.—J.G. Fredenburr and W. V. Andrews, Newcastle, Cal. 96.574.—FLYNET.—John Frymire, Orangeville, Pa. 96.575.—COULTERFOR PLOWS.—Conrad Furst, Chicago,.111. 96.576.—HORSEHAY RAKE.—Horatio Gale, Albion, Mich * 96.577.—PRINTINGPRESS.—Merritt Gaily, Rye, assignor to Allen Carpenter, Rochester, N. Y. 96.578.—PRINTINGPRESS.—Merritt Gaily, Rye, assignor to Allen Carpenter, Rochester, N. Y. 96.579.—PRINTINGPRESS.—Merritt Gally, Rye, assignor to Allen Carpenter, Rochester, N. Y. 96.580.—VISE.—O.H. Gardner, Fulton, N. Y. Antedated Nov. I, 1869. 96.581.—HEADBRACE FOR COFFINS.—Joseph Gawler, Wash. ington, D. C. 96,5o:J.—MACHINE FOR BRANCHING ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS.— Ambrose Giraudat, New York city. 96.583.—MANUREHOOK OR DRAG.—Henry Gross, Middle- town, Pa. Antedated Oct. 26, 1869. 96.584.—BUTTERTUB.—J. M. Hale, Georgia Plains, Vt. Antedated Nov. 1.1869. 96.585.—PIPECOUPLING.—J. M. Hale, Georgia Plains, Vt. ,9ti,586.—CORN PLANTER.—J. A. Hamrick, Parnassus, Va. 96.587.—MANUFACTUREOF ARTIFICIAL AND PRESERVATION OF NATURAL FLOWERS.—E. s. Harris, Philadelphia, Pa. 96.588.—STOVEGRATE.—David Hathaway, Troy, N. Y. 96.589.—SLED.—R.H. Hawkins, Akron, Ohio, assignor to himself and T. H. Dodge, Worcester, Mass. 96.590.—BEERCOOLER.—August Hitscherich, Milwaukee, Wis. 93.591.—DIAMONDHOLDERS FOR ENGRAVING PRINTERS RoLLERS.-John Hope (assignor to Hope&Co.). Providence, R. I. 96.592.—WATERWHEEL.—Franklin Hoyt, Montpelier, Vt. 96.593.—GANGPlow.—James B. Hunter, Ashley, Ill. 96.594.—PUNCHINGAND SHEARING MACHINE.—William H. Ivens and Wm. E. Brooke, Trenton, N. J. 96.595.—EXPLOSIVEPROJECTILE. — John Jobson, Derby, England. 96.596.—SAWSWAGE.—Nelson Johnson, Jasper, N. Y. 96.597.—PENCILCASE.—J. A. Kemmis, New Orleans La. 96.598.—FOUNTAINPEN. — J. Gardner Kenyon, Ferndale, cal. 96.599.—TOILETBEDSTEAD.—George V. Leicester, Boston, 96.600.—METAL-ROLLINGAPPARATUS. — John Lippincott, Pittsburgh, Pa. 96.601.—ROTARYSTEAM VALVE.—H. Lombard, San Francisco, cal. 98.602.—CORNHARVESTER.—Charles B. Maclay, Delavan, Ill. 96,603—PADDLE WHEEL.—James Mahony, Newport, R. I. 96.604.—CHURN.—C.J. Miller, Jr., Richmond, Ky. 96.605.—BISCUITPAN.—John C. Milligan. Brooklyn, N. Y. 96.606.—HARVESTER.—RobertMorris, Salem, Ind. 96.607.—STEAMRADIATOR.—James O. Morse, Englewood, NJ , and Gardner D. Hiscox, Brooklyn, N. Y. 96.608.—GOVERNORFOR STEAM AND OTHER ENGINERY.—M. Murphy, Charlotte, N. C. 96.609.—STRAWCUTTER.—Harrison Ogborn, Richmond, Ind. 96.610.—WHIFFLETREE.—AnsonW. Payne, Maine, N. Y. 96.611.—THRASHINGMACHINE.—William H. Perry, Ripley, Ohio. 96.612.—ROCK-DRILLINGMACHINE.—George B. Phillips (assignor to A. M. Cornell&Co.), Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 96.613.—HEATRADIATOR.—S. Montgomery Pike, Cincinnati, Ohio. Antedated October 23, 186Q. 96.614.—PLOW—Wm.R. Pool, Havanna, Ala. 96.615.—MODEOF TRANSMITTING MOTION.—Nelson Read, Jewett City, Conn. 96.616.—WINDOW-SASHFASTENING.—Samuel Reed, Rising Sun, Md. 96.617.—BOILERTUBE CLEANER.—John E. Regan, Chicago, Ill. 96.618.—TAPCOCK.—Claude Renard, Michel Perret, and Jules Cesar Voituret, ltUcon, France. 96.619.—HAND-SPINNINGMACHINE. — James Rice, Prairie Creek, Ind. 96.620.—AXLESKEIN.—Emry Rooks, Trenton, Tenn. 96.621.—MAKINGToy TORPEDOES.—Erastus B. Sample, and John Sparks, Brooklyn, N. Y. 96,623.—STEERING APPARATUS.—A. A. Scanlt, Nyack, N. Y. 96.623.—GASHEATER.—Eilert O. Schartau, Philadelphia, Pa. 96.624.—LATCH.—GeorgeA. Seaver, New York city. 96.625.—WEEDINGHooK.—Thomas J. Secor and Charles E. Sliumway, Phelps. N. Y. Antedated October 26,1869. 96.626.—OILCAN.—Franklin Skinner, Cleveland, Ohio. 96.627.—DOORKNoB.—Thomas J. Sloan, Bronxville, N. Y Antedated October 30,1869. 96.628.—RAILWAY-RAILSPLICE.—Jasper Snell and John M. Crosland, Pottsville, Pa. 96.629.—ENDLESS-CHAINWATER WHEEL.—H. S. Stewart, Yreka, Cal. 96.630.—GRAINCLEANER.—Jacob Stroop, Joliet, Ill. 98.631.—WINDWHEEL^ — Isaac H. Sutton, Coon Rapids Iowa. 96.632.—MANUFACTUREOF WATCH CASES.—Chas. L. Thiery Boston, Mass. 96.633.—PROCESSAND APPARATUS FOR CONVERTING CAST IRON INTO STEEL.—Alois Thoma, New York city. 96.634.—ENAMELOR GLAZE FOR POTTERY, BRICK, TILBS ETC.—Wm. S. Thomas, Carbon Cliff, 1ll. 96.635.—WHEELFOR SELF-MOVING CARRIAGES. — Robert William Thompson, Edinburgh, Great Britain. Patented in England April 21. 1868. 96.636.—TRACTIONENGINE. — George N. Tibbles, Hudson City, N.J. 96.637.—SIGNALLANTERN.—David Todd, Detroit, Mich. 96,638—MACHINE FOR SHAPING BOOT AND SHOE SOLES.— S.D.Tripp,Lynn, Mass. © 1869 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC 350 :Idtntifit Smtritatt. [NOVEMBER 27, 1869. 96.639.—DEVICEFOB MOLDING SOLES OF BOOTS AND SHOES. -8. D. Tripp, Lynn, .Mass. 96.640.—DISTILLINGALCOHOLIC LIQUORS.—S. F. Van Choate, Boston, Mass. 96.641.—CABLEAND TESTING POST FOB SUBTERRANEAN . TELEGKAPIIs.-Silvanus FrederickVan Choate, Boston, Mass. 96.642.—KSNUCLEANER.—Wm. Vine, Norwalk, Conn. 96.643.—CRANKFOB HARVESTERS.—Hiram L. Wanzer, Lanesville, Conn. 96.644.—WINDOWFRAME.—Otis Ward, Sunderland, Vt. 96.645.—LAMPBURNER.—Wm. Wcstiako, Chicago, Ill. 96.646.—MANGLE.—James B. West wick, Galena, Ill. 96.647.—HAYELEVATOR.—E. L. Yancy, Batavia, N. Y. 96.648.—CRANKAXLE FOR VELOCIPEDES. — McClintock Young, Frederick, Md. 96.649.—APPARATUSFOB CARBONIZING PEAT.—John Adams, Rochester, N. Y. 96.650.—COMPOUNDVENEER AND ORNAMENTAL COVERING 'Font AKTlCLEs.—Robert A. Adams, New York city. 96.651.—SASHLOCK.—P. A. Altmaeir, Harrisburg, Pa. 96.652.—FISHINGREEL—P. A. Altmaeir, Harrisburg, Pa. 96.653.—CENTERINGTOOL.—Williston 1. Alvord, Bridgeport, Conn. 96.654.—INDIA-RUBBERPACKING.—A. C. Andrews (assignor to The WaterProofSole Company), New Haven, Conn. 96.655.—COMPOSITIONPANEL FOR DOORS.—Russell B. Andrews, Poland, Me. 96.656.—CARRIAGEWHEEL.—Simeon Atha, West Liberty, ohio. 96.657.—MOTIVEPOWER—Albert M. Bacon, Boston, Mass. 96.658.—GREENCORN SHELLEI;.—Volney Barker, Otisfield, Me. 96.659.—WOOD-TURNINGLATHE.—A. T. Barnes and N. M. Barnes (assignors to tliern selves aiid Tiffin Agricultural Works), Tiffin, ohio. 96.660.—HARVESTER.—SamuelD. Bates, Lewisburg, Pa. 96.661.—PROCESSFOB COLORING MUSLIN, PAPER, ETC.— Frederick Beck, New York city. 96.662.—WAGONSEAT.—Wm. Beers, Milan, Ohio. 96.663.—CALORICSTREET ROLLER.—M. J. Bendall, New York city. 96.664.—LAMP.—Nerton Benedict, Washington, D. C. 96.665.—COBSETSPRING.—A. Bennett, New York city. 96.666.—GASRANGE.—A. L. Bgoart, New York city. 96.667.—CO:RNPLOW.—W. H. Bott, York, Pa. 96.668.—BEEHOUSE.—D. Burbank, Lexington, Ky. 96.669.—JEWELRYBox.—L. L. Burdon, Providence, R. I. 96.670.—COUPLINGFOR VEHICLES.—Upson Bushnell, Cleveland, Ohio. Antedated Oct. 27, 1869. 96.671.—CARDINGENGINE.—Jolm Butterworth and Jas. But- terworth,J. 96.672.—FLOATINGDOCK.—Jas. Campbell, Founders' Court, London, England. 96.673.—INKSTAND.—W.E. Carlile, New York city. 96.674.—SAWTEETH.—Edward Colson, Fort Wayne, Ind. 96.675.—WEATHERSTRIP.—G. W. Cretors and Enos Hoover, Clinton couiity, Ind. 96.676.—SHUTTLEFOR LOOMS.—George Crompton, Worcester, Mass. 96.677.—SHUTTLEFOR LOOMS.—George Crompton, Worces- 96,6'78.—iSAsH HOLDER.—R. M. Dalbey, Springfield, Ohio. , 96.679.—SLAWOR CABBAGE CUTTER.—D. F. Dietrich, Nobles- ville, Ind. 96.680.—PLOW.—H.B. Durfee, Decatur, Ill. 96.681.—AUTOMATICELECTRICAL SWITCH FOR TELEGRAPH APPARATUS.-T. A. Edison, New York city. 96.682.—HOSEPIPE.—Jacob Edson, Boston, Mass. 96.683.—SADIRON.—T.G. Eiswald, Providence, R. I. 96.684.—DEVICEFOB BENDING RAILROAD RAILS.—G. D. Emerson, Calumet, Mich. 96.685.—CORSETSTEEL.—John L. Fitzpatrick, Waterbury, Conn. 96.686.—SPRINGBED BOTTOM.—Julius Fox, Albion, Mich. 96.687.—PAPERBOSOM.—E. P. Furlong, Portland, Me. 96.688.—COMPOSITIONFOB MANUFACTURE OF SCHOOL SLATES. -G. B. Garland, Gardiner, Me. 96.689.—FASTENINGFOR BUTTONS.—Benendikt Geiger and Herman Wocher (assignors to themselves and J. J. C. Smith), Philadelphia, Pa. Antedated Nov. 4, 1869. 96.690.—MARTINGALERING.—W. F. Gilbert, Birmingham, Conn. 96.691.—PHOTOGRAPHY.—Frederick Glessner (assignor to himself and John Stanton), Cincinnati, Ohio. 96.692.—BOBBINWINDER FOR SEWING MACHINE.—Thos. Hall, Brooklyn, Y. 96.693.—CHURNDASHER.—M. A. Hamilton, Detroit, Mich. 96.694.—PUSHINGJACK FOR RAILROADS. — Jesse Hamme, York,Pa. 96.695.—MACHINEFOB BENDING BAG FRAMES.—Geo. Havell. Newark N. J. Antedated Nov. 1, 1869. 96.696.—WASHINGMACHINE.—Chas. Hedges and C. S. Stray- er, Bloomington, Ill. 96.697.—SAWINGMACHINE.—N. F. Hersh, Round Hill, Pa. 96.698.—FIREESCAPE.—John Heuermann, Davenport, Iowa. 96.699.—UPSET,PUNCH, SHEARS, AND SAW-GUMMING DEVICE. -S. D. Hicks (assignor to himself and J. C. Wilcox), New London, Wis. 96.700.—TOOLFOR OPENING BOXES.—L. D. Howard, St.Johns- bury, Vt. 96.701.—SASHHOLDER.—Joshua Howland, Ashland, Ohio. 96.702.—BOOKHOLDER—G. P. Johnson, Webster's Grove, Mo. 96.703.—DETACHINGHORSES FROM CARRIAGES.—E. P. Jones, shell Mound, Miss. 96.704.—MACHINEFOR SUPPLYING Am TO CARBURETERS.— Patrick Kelley, Dayton, Ohio. 96.705.—PRESSUREGAGE. — Henry J. H. King, Glasgow, Great Britain. 96.706.—SPRINGBED BOTTOM.—P. W. Kniskern. Fort Smith, Ark., assignor to himself and J.S. Tilton, Springfield, Mo. . 96.707.—STREETLAMP.——J. H. Kramer and Alois Burger,New York city. 96,'708.—ROCKING HORSE.—Gustav Lautenschlager (assignor to himself and Alexander S. Paterson), Cincinnati, Ohio. Antedated Oct. 29, 1869. 96.709.—APPARATUSFOR WARMING AND COOLING APART- MENTS.—W. A. Lighthall,New York city. 96.710.—FIRELADDER.—Albert Lotz, Franklin, Tenn. 96.711.—ASHPAN.—C. H. Low, Cleveland, Ohio. 96.712.—SEEHIVE.—G.W. Lowry, Lavansville, Pa. 96.713.—SEWINGMACHINE.—Lucius Lyon, New York city. 96.714.—MACHINEFOR CUTTING OFF THE ENDS OF CIGARS.— John G. Maier and C. W. Schaeffer, Baltimore, Md. Antedated Oct. 29, 1869. 96.715.—CRACKERMACHINE. — Cyrus Marsh, 2d, Natchez, Miss. 96.716.—PADSADDLE.—Robert McClary, Crestline, Ohio. 96.717.—PATTERNFOR STOVE CASTINGS.—B. H. Menke, Cincinnati, ohio. 96.718.—BELTTIGHTENER.—Ruf'us N. Meriam, Worcester, Mass. 96.719.—FENCE.—CyrusMilner, Des Moines, Iowa. 96.720.—ANTI-FRICTIONBox.—Joseph L. Parry (assignor to '* himself and Samuel Zane; assignors to themselves and E. H. Bailey), Philadelphia, Pa. 96.721.—PROCESSFOR PURIFYING PYROLIGNEOUS AND ACETIC ACIDS.—C. C. Parsons, New York city. Antedated Oct. 27, 1869. 96.722.—RAILWAYCATTLE CAB.—Edward Payne and J. D. Cleghofn, Chicago, Ill. 96.723.—WINDOWSHUTTER.—Eliab Perkins, Fond Du Lac, Wis. 96.724.—EXCAVATOR.—A.E. Pierce, Gilroy, Cal. 96.725.—DISHDRAINER—H. F. Pond, Franklin, Mass. 96.,726.—FAUCET ATTACHMENT OR CASK STOPPER.—Chas. Raggio, Memphis, Tenn. 96.727.—ELEVATEDRAILWAY. — William H. Rand, Brook- lyn.N. Y. 96.728.—MACHINEFOR ROLLING PLANE IRONS.—A. R. Reynolds, Auburn, N. Y. 96.729.--ROTARYSTEAM ENGINE.—Frank Rhind, Brooklyn, . N. Y. Antedated Nov. 3, 1869.. 96.730.—LATHECHUCK.—John Rich, Painesville, Ohio. 96.731.—WAGONSTANDARD.—Geo. Richards, Richland Center, Wis. Antedated Oct. 30, 1869. 96.732.—CABCOUPLING.—J. N. Robbins, Goshen, Ohio. 96.733.—SULKYCULTIVATOR.—Richard B. Robbins; Ad rian, Mich., 96.734.—APPARATUSFOR RAISING SUNKEN VESSELS.—W. D. Robinson, Buffalo. N. Y. 96.735.—SUBMARINEROCK-DRILLING MACHINE.^S. Franklin Schoonmaker,New York city. Antedated Nov. 3, 1869. 96.736.—GRINDINGOR HULLING PLATE FOR GRINDING OR HULLINg MiLLs.—Henry Shaw, Cincinnati, Ohio. 96.737.—SHIELDFOR ARMS OF RAILWAY CAR SEATS.—O. L. Smith, Providence, 11. 1. 96.738.—COMPOSITIONFOR PREVENTING RADIATION AND CONDUCTION OF HEAT,—James Spence, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Great Britain, assignor to John Chalmers, New York city. 96,739 .—HOE .—Spencer Springstead .Westchester, N . Y, 96.740.—WEEDINGIMPLEMENT .—S.Springstead, Westchester, N. Y. 96.741.—HAYTEDDER.—Joseph A. Talpey, Somerville, Mass. 96.742.—APPARATUSFOR CLIPPING HORSES AND OTHER AN- IMALS.—John Tidmarsh, Twickenham, England. Patented in England, Dec. 2,1868. 96.743.—STOVEGBATE.—Charles Truesdate (assignor to him self and Wm. Resor& Co.). Cincinnati Ohio. 96.744.—ANIMALTRAP.—J. L. Tusten, Winona, assignor to Mrs, E. S. Tusten,Carrollton,Miss., 96.745.—WHIPSoCKET.,-James Twamley, New York city. 96.746.—MECHANICALMOVEMENT.—A. Van Guysling, West Albany, N. Y.. 96.747.—VALVEPROTECTOR.—Joseph E. Watts, Lawrence Mass. 96.748.—PENCILSHARPENER.—W. N. Weeden, Boston, Mass. assignor to George Merritt, New York City. 96.749.—CARCOUPLING.—D. G. Whitmore, Bridgewater, assignor to himself and Osborn Wilson, Monterey, Va. 96.750.—BEDBOTTOM.—George Widdicomb, Grand Rapids, Mich., 96.751.—FiKEABM.--".laeobWidmer, Newark, N. J. 96.752.—CENTRIFUGALMACHINE FOR DRAINING SUGAR.— Hyman Augustine Wilder, Millville, assignor to G. L. Squier, Buffalo, N. Y. 96.753.—WINDOWSCREEN AND BLIND.—Benj. J. Williams, Philadelphia, Pa. 96.754.—ADJUSTABLEWINDOW SCREEN.L-Benj. J. Williams, Philadelphia, Pa. 96.755.—REDUCINGORES.—C. D. Williams and W. H. Nobles, St. Paul, Minn. 96.756.—MACHINEFOR GRINDING CORRUGATED KNIVES.— J. B. Wilson, New York city. 96.757.—PLOWAND CULTIVATOR COMB.—C. J. Woods and J. A. Phillips, Centreville, Ind. Inventions atented in ngland by ericans. [Compiled from the “ Journal of the Commissioners If Patents."] PROVISIONAL PROTECTION FOR SIX MONTHS. 2,916.—FOKM OF WHEEL FOR: PROPELLING SHIPS, AND APPLICABLE ALS0 TO PUMPS FOR RAISING OR FORCING WATEK.—C. T. Finlayson, albany, Oregon, and A. C. Loud, San Francisco, Cal. October 7, 1869. 2,989.—NAIL MAKING MACHINE.—F. Davidson, Richmond, Va. Octobe 9 1869. 2,945.—INDICATOR: FOR STEAM BOILERS.—G. B. Massey, New York city october 9, 1869. 2,957.—PEKMANENT WAY OF RAILWAYS.—G. P. Rose, Elmira, N. Y. Oct 11, 1869. 2,069.—BELT JOINTS.-P. Murray, Quebec, Ontario. October 12, 1869. 3,OO5.—SEWING MAOHINE.—A. Porter, Rochester, N. Y. Oct. 15, 1869. 8,022.—APPARATUS FOR HEATING AND DELIVERING METAL BARB.-S. A Darrach, Newburgh, N. Y. October 16,1869. 3,040.—SACKING AND FRAMES FOR BEDSTEADS AND COUCHES.—G. C. Perkins, Hartford, Conn. oct. 18, 1869. 3,IJ.11.—NUTS FOR BOLTS.—R. Pratt, Worcester, Mass. Oct. 18, 1869. 3,04S.—HEATING APPARATUS.—S. A. Hill and C. F. Thumm, Oil City. Pa. october 19, 1869. 3,058.-PURIFYING METALS.-Edward Brady, Philadelphia, Pa. October 20, 1869. 3,061.—PBESERVING ANIMAL OR VEGETABLE SUBSTANCES FROM DECAY.- N. Herrara y Obes, Montevideo, Uruguay, S. A. Oct. 20, 1869. 3,106.-MACHINERY FOR MANUFACTURING BKUSHES.—B. Lavary, New Haven, Conn. oct. 26, 1869. © 1869 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC REISSUES. 84,681.—FRICTION CLUTCH PuLLEY.—Dated Dec. 8, 1868; reissue 3,713.—A. B. Clemons, Ansonia, Conn. 78,427.—RING FOB SPINNING MACHiNEs.—Dated June 2, 1868; reissue 3,714.-George Draper and W. F. Draper, Hopedale, Mass. . assignees of W. T. Carroll.. 94,096.—DRAWER OB TRAY.—Dated August 24, 1869; reissue 3,715.-Maurice Fitzgibbons, New York City, For himself and R. S . Jen nings, assignee of M. Fitzgibbons. 12,791.—GANG PLOW.—Dated May 1, 1855; extended seven , years ; reissue 3,716.-T. J. Hall, Bryan, Texas. 46,437.—MECHANISM FOB CONVERTING ROTARY MOTION INTO OSCILLATING MOTioN.—Dated Feb. 7, 1865; reissue 3,717.—Julius ' Hornig, Chicago, Ill. 62,342.—TOOI, FOB MANUFACTURING PAPER BAGS.—Dated Feb. 26,1867 ; reissue 3718.—E. J. Howlett, Philadelphia, Pa., assignee of himselfand Susan Kirk. 33,043.—HARVESTER CUTTER GRINDER—Dated August 13, 1861; reissue B,719.—E. F. Keeling, Amwell, Ohio. 38,406.—ATTACHING KNOBS TO THEIR SPINDLES.—Dated May 5, 1863; reissue 1,707, dated June 21,1864; reissue 3,720.—E. Paiker, DESIGN S. 3.742.—LEGAND TREADLE OF A SEWING MACHINE.—Charles Greiff, New York city, assignee to Wilcox&Gibbs Sewing Machine Company. 3.743.—PRINTERS'TYPE CASE STAND.—N. C. Hawks, Milwaukee, Wis. 3.744.—DRAWERPULL.—E. J. Steele (assignor to P.&F. Corbin), NewBritain, Conn. 3.745.—ELEVATORBUCKET.—J. Storms and H. Dorer,Buffalo, N. Y. 3.746.—BRIDLEBIT.—J. B. Hoover, New York city. 3.747.—TRADEMARK.—David Neumann, New York city. 3.748.—CONVEXLID OF A DISH OR TUREEN. ETC.—Thomas Young, Philadelphia, Pa. 3.749.—LETTERBox COVER—Charles William Zaremba, Chicago, 1ll. EXTENSIONS. LOOM.—J. O. Leach, of Ballston Spa, N. Y.—Letters Patent No.13,724, dated Oct. 30,1855. LOOM.—J. O. Leach, of Ballston Spa, N. Y.—Petters Patent No. 13,724, dated July 8, 1856. Additional improvement No. 147. LOOM.—J, 0 . Leach, of Ballston Spa, N. Y—Letters Patent No. 13,724, dated March 3, 1857. Additional Improvement No. 159. LOCK.—Sarah A. Holmes, administratrix of R. G. Holmes, deceased, and W. H. Butler, New York city.-Letters Patent No. 13,722, dated Oct. 30, 185tM. » POLICEMAN'S RATTLE.—Joseph McCord, of Philadelphia, Pa. —Letters Patent No. 13,823, dated Nov. 20, 1855.