FOR THE WEEK ENDING Nov. 16, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American. 10 SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFfCE FEES: On eacn caveat. On filing each application for a Patent (seventeen years)|15 On issuing each original Patent Oil appeal to Coimnissioner of Patents$20 On application for Reissue$30 On application for Extension of Patent$50 n in i On tiling atisclaimer|10 On an application for Design (three and a half years)$10 On an application for Design (seven years)$1;) On an application for Design (fourteen years)$30 In addition to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Residents of Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on application. Forcopy of Claim of any Patent issued within 30 years$1 A sketch from the model or drawing, relating to such portion of a machine as the Claim coversjrom$1 upward, but usually at the price above-named. Thefull Specification of any patent issued since Nov. 20, 1866, at which time tile Patent Office commenced printing them Official Copiesof Drawingsof any patent issued since 1836. we cansuijplyut a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount of labor involved and the number of views. Full information, as toprice 0/ drawings, in each case, may be had by address* ina 'MUNN 61; COo Patent Solicitors, No. Parle Row, Now rorJ.. FOUNDERY MoLDlTG.-Thomas G. Lucas, Middletown, Conn.-This invention relates to a new and useful improvement in the manner ofmolding patterns for making castings of iron or other metal, and consists in the use of draft plates (one or more) in combination with the pattern. COMPOSITION FOR DESTROYING INSECTS ON FRUIT TREES.-John Ahearn, Baltimore, Md.-TUla iuvestion consists of a compositioa of six simple aad 96.761.—CANOPENER.—H. C. Alexander, New York city. 96.762.—HORSESHOEMACHINE.—Frederick D. Althause, Mor- risania, and John F.Allen, Tremont. N. Y. 96.763.—REVERSIBLEDIE-BOX FOR NUT MACHINES.—Wesley Anderson, Pittsburgh, Pa. 96.764.—MACHINEFOR MAKING MATCH IkOCKS.—Emery Andrews, Portland, Me., and Wm. Tucker, Philadelphia, P3.. 96,765—FILTER RACK.—E. C. Andrews, Seneca Falls, N. Y. 96.766.—1TUBINGCLUTCH.-Joel N.Angier, Titusville, Pa. 96.767.—EARTHCLOSET.—Augustus Fraser Baird, Pimlico, England. 96.768.—AntonioBarIi.—Suspended. 96,709.—RAILWAY-RAIL SPLICE.—Jason T. Bartlett (assignor to himself and Edward E. Batman). Boston, Mass. 96.770.—POTATODIGGER.—Joseph Belknap, Adrain, Mich. 96.771.—FARMGATE.—Geo. F. Bissell, Oneonta, i-1". Y. 96.772.—LANTERN.—Wm.H. Bonnell, Buffalo, N. Y. 96.773.—STOVE-PIPESHELF AND CLOTHES DRYER.—W. C. Burnham, Blooming Grove, N. Y. 98.774.—COMBINEDSEED PLANTER AND CULTIVATOR.—Geo. W. Carpender, Butler, Ind. 96,77.5.—WATER WHEEL.—Denison Chase, Orange, Mass. 96.776.—COMBINEDSCREW AND PIPE WRENCH.—J. W. Close, Buflalo. N. Y. 96.777.—UMBRELLA.—MaggieClyde, Brady Post Office, Pa. 96.778.—FOLDINGCHAIR.—Nicholas Collignon and Claudius O. Collignon, Closter, N. •J . 96.779.—APPARATUSFOU TYING FLEECES.—Solon Cooloy (as- assignor to himself and Ceylon M. Keliy), Caro, Mich. 96.780.—WASHINGMACHINE.—Herrmann Cramer, Sonora, Cal. 96.781.—APPARATUSFOR UNLOADING CARS.—John Dable, Chicago, Ill. Antedated November 5, 1869. 96.782.—MACHINEFOR ROLLING CAM COUPLING PiNS.—Fred- erick W. Davidson, Cleveland, Ohio. 96.783.—GATE.—JohnR. Davis, Covington, Ga. 96.784.—TRACK-CLEARINGCAR. — Augustus Day, Detroit, Mich. 96.785.—WATERELEVATOR.—G. W. Dickerson, Prairietown. Ind. 96.786.—WASHINGMACHINE.—Isaac Erb, Lancaster, N. Y. 96.787.—BEDSTEAD.—D.M. Estey, Brattleborough, Vt. 96.788.—CABINETFOR LADIES.—Alexander J. Forbes, San Francisco, Cal. 96.789.—RIGGINGSHiPs.^Robert B. Forbes, Boston, Mass. 96.790.—PROCESSFOR REDUCING REBELLIOUS ORES OF TIIE PRECIOUS METALS.-Alfred 1. Frick and Jean Baptists Le Clerc, San Francisco, Cal. 96,701.—MACHINE FOR CUTTING PASTEBOARD.—H. A. Gao-e, :V: anchester, N. H. 96.792.—CALENDAR.CLOCK.—Daniel J. Gale, Sheboygan Falls, 'Vis. 96.793.—BEAM.—RichardJ. Gatling, Indianapolis, Ind. 96.794.—GAVELFORK.—Thos. R. George, West Dryden, N. Y, 96.795.—SEWINGMACHINE FAN.—D. W. Glassie, Nashville, Tenn. 96.796.—WINDWHEEL.-Lumau M. Godfrey, Colon, Mich., assignor to himselfand George S. Sheffield. 96.797.—DRESSAND SKIRT PROTECTOR.—A. II. Graton, Law- renee, Kansas. 96.798.—GRATEBAR.—C. A. Greenleaf, Indianapolis, Ind. 96.799.—COOKINGSTOVH.—James Grimes, Portsmouth, Ohio. 96.800.—MACHINEFOR TENONING SPOKES.—Milburn Gunn, Jeffersontown, Ky. 96.801.—CORNCULTIVATOR.—A. J. Grush, Springfield, Ill. 96.802.—DooitLOCK.—Charles Godfrey Gumpel, Leicester Square. England. 96,803—MACHINE FOR BENDING THILLS.—James S. Hamlet, Portsmouth, Ohio. 96.804.—BREADMACHINE.—John E. Hawkins, Lansingburg, N. Y. 96.805.—PORTABLEFENCELewis Hazlett and Samuel D. Hazlett, Winfield township, Pa. 96.806.—HEATINGSTOVE.—Chas. Hempel and Joseph Schaum, Detroit, Mich. 96.807.—CARPETSWEEPER.—R. C. Hig'gins and Abraham Fuller, Boston, Mass. 96.808.—BUTTON.—C.L. Horack, Willimantic, Conn. 96.809.—HEMMERFOR SEWING MACHINES.—E. Howell, Ash- tabula, Ohio. 96.810.—HORSEHAY FORK.—Amos B. Hunt, Matteson, Mich. 96,811 .—LATH MILL.—John is Hyde, Pentwater, Mich. 96.812.—APPARATUSFOR PREVENTING HORSES FROM KICKING IN THE STAELE .-Werner Itschner, Philadelphia, Pa. 96.813.—RAILWAYCAR COUPLING.—John D. Kerrison, New Yorl, city. 96.814.—FENCE.—AndrewKull, Jr., Bloomfield, Wis. 96.815.—MANUFACTUREOF PLASTIC VENEER.—Chas. Kuttler, West Hoboken. N J . 96.816.—RAILWAYCAR COUPLING.—Leo Laley, Goshen, Ind. 96.817.—HEEL-CUTTINGMACHINE. — Richard C. Lambart, Raynham, assignor to David Whittemore, North Bridgewater, Mass. 96.818.—MACHINEFOR CUTTING FELLIES.—Wm. A. Lewis, and Geo. W. Butler, Joliet, Ill. 96.819.—FLASKFOR MOLDING.—Thos. G. Lucas, Middletown, Conn. 06,820—FLUTING MACHINE.—Hannah Luchs, Washino-ton , D. C.'0 ' 96.821.—ANIMALTRAP.—Wm. Luker, Kalamazoo, Mich. 96.822.—FIELDPRESS.—E. J. Marsters, Shaw's Flat, Cal. 96.823.—SODAWATER DRAFT APPARATUS.—John Matthews, Jr., New York city. 96.824.—DITCHINGMACHINE.—James W. McGehee, Fayetteville, Texas. 96.825.—GRAINDRILL.—Wm. H. Moore, Jr., BlooMing Grove , Ind.. 96.826.—COOKINGSTOVE.—VV. N. Moore, Neenah, Wis. 96.827.—MANUFACTUREOF PIG IRON.—Charles Moticr Nes York. Pa. 96.828.—BEVERAGE.—ConstantineNessi, San Francisco, Cal. 96.829.—DRAG.—JohnW. Newton, Geneva, Wis, Antedated November 1, 18C9. 96.830.—SAMPLECARD FOR LIQUIDS.—Henry Nustedt, New York Gity. © 1869 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC 366 96.831.—PROPELLINGAPPARATUS FOR VESSELS.—Amos D. Owen, Thorntown, Ind. , and John D. Sherman, Paw Paw, Mich. 96.832.—RUBBERHOSE.—Edward Livingston Perry (assignor to Combination [lubber Company), New York city. 96.833.—BARREL-FILLINGAPPARATUS WITII WHISTLING IN- DICAT0R.—Hiram S. Phillips, Sewickley. Pa. 96.834.—EdgarM. Potter.—Suspended. 96.835.—MECHANISMFOR RAISING TOP ROLLER WEIGHTS IN SPINNING MACHINES.-Geo. W. Prentice, Whitinsvilie, Mass. 96.836.—HARROW.—ElijahJ. Preston, Eureka,Mo. 96.837.—Ax.—ErnestQuast, Freedom, Mo. 96.838.—COMBINEDDOUBLE SHOVEL AND TWO-HORSE CULTIVATOR.- S. G. Rayl, Agency City, Iowa. 96.839.—COCKINGRANGE.—Philip Rollhaus, Port Chester, N. Y. 96.840.—STABLEHOOK.—Geo. W. Sanderson, Shirley, Mass. 96.841.—DETACHABLEBUOYANT SHIP'S DECK—Jos. , awyer, Sebewaing, Mich. 96.842.—APPARATUSFOR CARBURETING AIR.—Ira W. Shaler, Brooklyn, N. Y. 96.843.—TRUNKTIE AND CLASP.—A. D. Smith, Grafton, assignor to David Rose, Rawsonville, Ohio. 96.844.—WATCH-WINDINGAND SETTING ATTACHMENT.— Charles Spiro, New York city. 96.845.—ENVELOPEOPENER.—CharlesB. Stephens, Riverton, CONN. 96.846.—FIFTH-WHEELFOR CARRIAGES.—Clement St. James, Pittsfield. Mass. 96.847.—DIEI'OR FORMING BITS AND AUGERS.—JamesSwan, Seymour, Conn. 96.848.—COMBINEDUMBRELLA, CANE, AND SEAT.—Gillespie Sweeney, New York City. 96.849.—WOODPAVEMENT.—A. Van Camp, Washington, D. C., and M.M . Hodgman, St. Louis, Mo. 96.850.—CONCRETEFOR PAVEMENT AND FOR OTHER PUH- POSES.—A. Van Camp, Washington, D. C., and M. M. Hodgman, St. Louis, Mo. 96.851.—HOLDBACKFOR CAKRIAGE THiLLs.-Peter Spohn Van Wagner, Saltfleet township, Canada. 96.852.—ADJUSTABLETRACE FASTENING.-Peter Spohn Van Wagner (assio-nor to himself and Alfred E. Carpenter), Stony Creek, Saltfleet township, Canada. 96.853.—WATERWHEEL.—Alonzo Wan-en, Boston, Mass. 96.854.—TUBEWELL.—Asa Waters, Mobile, Ala. 96.855.—COOKINGSTOVE.—George Wellhouse, Akron, Ohio. 96,85li.—FRUIT Box CRATE.—James White, Cleveland, Ohio. 96.857.—WASHBoiLER.—George W. Wilson, Freeport, Ill. 96.858.—LIQUIDMETER.—John Winsborrow, Livermere Road, Dalston, England. 96.859.—FENCE.—StephenA. Wood, Cardington, Ohio. 96.860.—HARNESSPAD BLOCK.—J. Zimmer, Jr., Haltday, Ill. 96.861.—COMPOSITIONFOR DESTROYING INSECTS ON FLOWERS, PLANTS, AND BusHEs.-John Ahern, Baltimore, MD. 96.862.—HOSEPIPE NOZZLE.—Albert F. Allen, Providence, R. I. 96.863.—HOSELADDER STRAP.—Albert F. Allen, Providence, R. I. 96.864.—WASHINGMACHINE.—William Arnold, Pawtucket, R. 1. 99.865.—REVERSIBLESAFETY PINION FOR WATCHES.—Benjamin Bacon, Morrison, Ill., assignor, by mesne assignments, to National Watch Company. 96.866.—CHAINELEVATOR AND BUCKET.—John Augustus Ball, Grass Valley, Cal. 99.867.—SEAMINGMACHINE.—Charles E. Bancroft, Mont- pelier, Vt. 96.868.—SAWMILL.—Simon Barnhart, Cliillicothe, Ohio. 96.869.—FRUITJAR.—Edwin Bennett, Baltimore, Md. 96.870.—WOODPAVEMENT.—Albert Betteley, Boston, Mass. 96.871.—PRESERVINGFRUITS, MEATS, AND OTHER SUBSTAN- CES.-V. W. Blanchard, Bridport, Vt. 96.872.—FURNACEAND PROCESS FOR TREATING AND REDUCING ORES, ETO.-V. W. Blanchard, Bridport, Vt. Antedated November 6,1869. 96.873.—FASTENING.FOR FRUIT JARS.—Eliam Boorse, Philadelphia, Pa. 96.874.—PROCESSAND APPARATUS FOR ANNEALING METALS. -J. M. Bottum, New York city. 96.875.—GANGPLOW.—W. J. Boyce and G. W. Haines, Maine Prairie, Cal. 96.876.—FIREEXTINGUISHER.—John F. Boynton, Syracuse, N. Y. 96.877.—WASHINGMACHINE.—Charles B. Bristol, New Ha- Conn. 96.878.—GRAINMETER.—Thomas Brocket and J, J. Brown, Davenport, Iowa. 96.879.—SNOWSHOVEL.—G. W. Brown, Providence, R. I. Antedated Nov. 10, 1889. 96.880.—CARRIAGEJACK—Daniel Bull, Amboy, Ill. 96.881.—BITBRACE.—C. L. Butler, Greenfield, Mass. 96.882.—DRYINGCAR—J. K. Caldwell, Allegheny City, Pa. 96.883.—CORNPLANTER. — Joseph Patten Campbell, Danville, Pa. 96.884.—STRIPPERFOR CARDING MACHINES.—L. M. Cap- ron, (assignor to Alexander Bigelow and George Barber), Worcester, 96,885—STEAM BoiLER.—Geo. Clark, Buffalo, NT. Y. 96.886.—SEWINGMACHINE.—P. J. Clever, Goliad, Texas. 96.887.—CARRIAGE.—I.A. Clippinger, Newton, Iowa. Antedated Nov. 8, 1860. 96.888.—WASHINGMACHINE.—Geo. Combs, Utica, N. Y. 96.889.—BAILOR HANDLE FOR PAILS, ETC.—E. T. Covell, Brooklyn, N. Y. Antedated Nov.10, 1869. 96,8!JO.—MANUFACTURE OF NOZZLE AND SCREW CAPS FOR OIL CANS, ETC.-E. 1. Covell,Brooklyn, N. Y. 96.891.—THILLCOUPLING.—W. H. Cox and Theophilus La- rouche,Williamstowp., N. Y. 96.892.—HAYTEDDER.—T. C. Craven, Albany, N. Y., assignor to W. L. ad H. K. Boyer. 96,89—STEAM CLOTH PRESS^—John J. Crawford , Glasgow, ScotlaDd. 96.894.—HORSEHAY FORK.—Jeptha Cummins and C. E. Cummins, Perry, Mich. 96.895.—WATERGOVERNOR. — Henry Curtner (assignor to himself and Ell Ragon) , Anna , Ohio. 96.896.—COMBINEDHARVESTER AND THRASHER.—W. G. DaVIS and L. T. Davis, McMinnville, Oregon,assignors to DanielMcCreary, J. B. Davis.and L. T. Davis. 96,897—LANTERN.—Cyrus Dean, Buffalo, N. Y., assignor to ,J. A. Blake, Port Robinson, Canada. 96.898.—CARRIAGEFIFTH WHEEL.—D. D. Decker, Sauger- ties. N. Y., assignor to himself and W. B. Dubois. 96.899.—KILNJj'OR REVIVIFYING BONE BLACK.—J. O. Donner, Jersey City, N. J. 96.900.—VACUUMPAN AND SIMILAR APPARATUS.—J. O. Don- ner Jersey City N. J. 96.901.—HEMMERFOR SEWING MACHINE.—T. H. Eulass, Mason City, Ill. 96.902.—BASE-BURNINGSTOVE.—M. G. Fagan (assignor to himselfand J. B. Wilkinson), Troy, N. Y. 96.903.—LINK-MOTIONDEVICE FOR STEAM ENGINES. — E. Faron (assignor to Reaney, Son&Co.),Chester,Pa. 96.904.—CARRIAGETHILL COUPLING.—Cyrus Fisher, Canton, Mass., assignor to himself and A. G. Fisher, New York city. 96.905.—MANUFACTUREOF IRON AND STEEL.—F. P. Fletcher and V. W. Blanchard, Bridport, Vt. 96.906.—CHURNDASHER.—J . M. Fletcher, Sidney, Ohio. 96.907.—PLOW.—AsahelFranklin, Springfield. Ohio. 96.908.—SASHHOLDER.—J. G. Garretson and O. S. Garretson, Buffalo, N.Y. 96.909.—LAMP-SHADEHOLDER.—E. P. Gleason, New York city. 96.910.—MACHINEFOR CUTTING THREADS ON BOLTS.—J. J. Grant (assignorto Charles H. Stockbridge), Northampton, Mass. Antedated Nov. 6,1869. 96.911.—CASTINGCOPPER TUBES.—James F. Guthrie, Somer- ville, Mass. 96.912.—TUBE-CUTTINGMACHINE.—Samuel Halliwell, New Haven, Conn. 96,913 —FRICTION CLUTCH.—Moses Hawld ns (assignor to himself, R. M. Bassett, and T. S. Bassett), Birmingham, Conn. 96,914.—PIPE COUPLING.—Rowland Hill, East Boston, Mass. ^(KUFIFIC ILIA 96.915.—CARPET.—DavidHirschberg, Baltimore, Md. 96.916.—METHODOF LINING RINGS, BUCKLES, ETC.—John P. Hisley (assignor to himselfand Henry L. Duquid), Syracuse, N. Y. 96.917.—HORSERAKE.—II. W. I-IoLcomb (assignor to himself and W. F. Hughes), Northville, Mich. 96.918.—WOODENPAVEMENT.—Phinehas Howard(assignor to J.S. Josselyn, W. B. Lake, and B. I. Josselyn), San Francisco, Cal. Antedated Nov.3,1865. 96.919.—COTTONSEED PLANTER.—O. P. Humber, Greenville, N.C. 96.920.—BRICKMACHINE.—D. J. Hunter, Exeter, N. H. 96.921.—FACINGFOR BUILDINGS.—Thomas A. Hunter and John Blewitt, New York city. ()6,922.—IRON FRONT FOB BUILDINGS.—P. H. Jackson, New Yorkcity. 96.923.—WATERFiLTER...:.J. C. Jewett, Buffalo, N. Y. 96.924.—DOORCHECK—W. H. Johnson, Sr., Clayton, Ind. 96.925.—MECHANISMFOR OPERATING THE JACKS IN LOOMS.— C, H. Knowlton, Camden, N.J. 96.926.—GRAINDRILL.—Benj. Kuhns, Dayton, Ohio. 96.927.—RAISINGAND MOVING COAL, ETC.—Alfred Lawton, Philadelphia, Pa. 96.928.—HORSESHOERS' HOOF PARER. — Franz Lehmann, Riverside, ill. 96.929.—GALLEYREST.—M. T. Lincoln (assignor to himself and Wm. Robinson), Washington, D. C. 96.930.—BROILER.—G.H. Link and C. D;'Curtis, Syracuse, N. Y. 96.931.—NEEDLEPOLISHER, SHARPENER, AND LUBRICATOR. -H. W. Little, Muncie, Ind. 96.932.—RAILWAY-CARCOUPLING.—Frank B. Lord, Cincinnati Ohio 96.933.—GRAINBINDER.—J. VV. Loveless and C. H. Shaffer, Clark's Hill, Ind. Antedated Nov.3, 1860. 96.934.—FENCE.—ClovisLowe, Randolph, N. H. 96.935.—THILLSHACKLE.—John Madden and Upson Bushnell, Cleveland, Ohio. 96.936.—COMPOSITIONFOR PREVENTING OXIDATION OF METALLIC WATER OR GAS PIPES,-George Albert Mariner and I' olsom Dor- sett, Chicago, Ill. 96.937.—HANDSPINNING MACHINE. — Chelton, Matheny, Greensburg, Ind., 96.938.—CORNSHELLER.—W. M. Mayall, Gray, Me., assignor t.o himself and J. C. Mayall, Boston, Mass. 96.939.—BREWINGALE, BEER, ETC.—Jas. McCormick, Boston, Mass. 96.940.—VAPORBATH APPARATUS.—John McNeven, New York city. 96, 941.—BAG HoLDER.—Jas. McPhail, Charles City, I owa. 96,94-2.—CHEESE HOOP.—H. W. Millar, Utica, N. Y. 96.943.—MEDICAI,COMPOUND FROM OAK BARK.—S. J. Miller, Economy, Ind. 96.944.—SEWINGMACHINE FOR BOOTS AND SHOES.—Daniel Milis, New York City, assignor to Charles Goodyear, Jr., New Rochelle, K. Y. 96.945.—METHOD OF WARMING RAILROAD CARS.—Thos. N. Morse, Fairhaven, Mass. 96.946.—ANIMALTRAP.—Joseph Nampel, Freeport, Ill. 96.947.—PUMP.—S.B. B. Nowlan (assignor to Jas. Coleman and Wm. Baxter), New York city. 9G,948.—SAWING MACHINE.—Wm. Oller (assignor to himself and J. D. Ulery). Scenery Hill. Pa. 96.949.—SEAMFOR TIN CANS.- C. R. Otis, Chicago, Ill. 96.950.—BLINDSLAT OPERATOR.—Oscar Paddock, Water- town, N. Y. 96.951.—CORSET.—L.A. Palmer (assignor to himself and F. E. Hibbard), Boston, Mass. 96.952.—WATERWHEEL.—Philip O. Palmer, Swoope's Depot, Va. 96.953.—LIPSHIELD.—E. C. Philbrick, Bath, Me. 96.954.—FABRIC'FOR SHIRT COLLARS.—C. F. Pidgin, Boston, Mass. Antedated Nov. 3, 1869.. 96.955.—WEIGHINGSCALE.—William P. Pierce, New York citv. 96.956.—HANGINGLOWER TOPSAIL YARDS.-E. J. Pinkham, Portland, Me. 96.957.—PIPEWRENCH.—Charles Pomeroy. Mattoon, Ill. 96.958.-0ILCAN.—Charles Pratt, New York city. 96.959.—HYDRANT.—WashburnRace and S. R. C. Mathews Lockport, N. Y., assignors to S. R. C. Mathews. 96.960.—MACHINEFOR SHEARING ANGLE IRON.—Thomas Reaiicy , Chester , Pa. 96,li61.—STAND FOB EXHIBITING PHOTOGRAPHS, ETC.—J. S. Heid, Orange, Ind. 96,9ft2.—COUPLING FOR HOLLOW SHAFTS.—P. W. Reinshagen (assignor to himself and J. H. Buckman), Cincinnati, Ohio. 96.963.—VELOCIPEDE.—JosephRepetti, Philadelphia, Pa. 96.964.-STEERISGAPPARATUS.—'P. M. Richardson, Stockton, Me. 96.965.—ALARMFOR LETTER BOXES.—E. H. Ripley (assignor to himself and J. A. Kohl), Boston Highlands. Mass. 96.966.—WRITINGDESK—F. Robbin, Hudson City, N. J., assignor to himselfand Philip Lahr, New York city. 96.967.—CHURN.—P.L. Roberts, Jacksonville, assig'nor to J. M.McPherFon, Ripley, 111. 96.968.—HASPLOCIL—C. W. A. Romer, Newark, N. J. 96.969.—SASHPULLEY.—Benoit Roux (assignor to himself and George Haupt), Cincinnati, Ohio. 96.970.—STRAWCUTTER.—J. V. Rowlett, Richmond, Ind. 96.971.—CLAMP.—Wm.Sailer, Philadelphia, Pa. !16,972.—TOY.—Ernest Santin, New York city. 96.973.—BBOILER.—G.S. Saxton (assignor to himselfand Saxton), St. Louis, Mo.• 96.974.—PLATFORMLADDER.—Jacob Sheetz, Sunbury, Pa. 96'975,—MACHINE FOR ROLLING TUBES.—G. H. Sellers, Wilmington , Del. 96.976.—RAILWAYCAR COUPLING .—G. Shatswe11,Waukegan, . 96.977.—HANGINGBASKET.—Daniel Sherwood (assignor to Woods, Sherwood&Co.), Lowell, Mass. 96.978.—APPARATUSFOR CURING MEAT.—M. B. Sherwood, Jr., Buffalo, N. Y. 96.979.—CULTIVATOR.—JamesSimpson, Cordova, Ill. 96.980.—BLINDRACK—C. E. Smith, Goffstown, N. H. 96,981—BUCKLE FOR CLOTHING.—E. A. Smith, Waterbury, Conn. 96.982.—JOINTEDPIPE CONNECTION.—Iliram Smith,Norwalk, Ohio. 96.983.—SPRING.—J.M. Schmidt, New Albany, Ind. 96.984.—CONCRETECOMPOUND FOR PAVEMENTS, ETC.—J.VV. Smith, Washington. D. C., assignor to J. C. Pedrick and Benj. Fenner, for Ave eighths interest. 96.985.—BRICKMACHINE.—P. J. Smith (assignor to himself, C. B. Andress, B. F. Pine, H.G. Sickle, Thomas Woods, and J. Q. Ginno- do), Philadelphia, Pa. 96.986.—LAMP.—R.H. Smith (assignor to J. S. and T. RAtter- bury), Pittsburgh, Pa. 96.987.—TOPFOR SIRUP. PITCHERS.—Thomas Smith, Jr., Boston, Mass. 96.988.—COMPOSITIONFOR PAVEMENTS.—H. F. Snow and J. H. Davis, Dover, N. H. 96.989.—MEANSFOR VENTILATING, COOLING,1 AND WARMING BEDS.-D. E. Somes, Washington, D. C. 96.990.—PAGINGMACHINE.—Samuel W. Soule, Milwaukee, Wis^ 96'991.—COAL -SCREEN.—William Sparks, New York city. Antedated Nov. 5,1869. 96.992.—TELEGRAPHSOUNDER.—Henry Splitdorf, New York city. 96.993.—PACKINGFOR PISTONS AND VALVES.—W. M. Stevenson and Austin Pearce, Harmony,Pa., assignors to themselves and G. E. Handy,Boston, Mass. 96.994.—BAKINGPOWDER. — John Stowell, Charlestown, Mass. 96,995-—BRICK MACHINE.—R. Stuckwisch, Terre Haute, Ind. 96.996.—HAYELEVATOR.—Hirom C. Stouffer, East Lewis- ton. assignor to George Smith, Lowellville, Ohio. Antedated May 17, 1869 96.997.—STILLFOR DISTILLING NAPHTHA AND PETROLEUM. -A. H. Tait, Jersev City, N. J. 96,99i'<.—PROCESS OF PREPARING GRAIN FOR DISTILLATION. —Henrv Tauszky, New York City, assignor to Eli D. Bannister and Rudolph fauszky. [DECEMBER 4, 1869. 96,999.—SAFETY VALVE.—Henry Taylor and J. M. Coale, Baltimore, Md. 97.000.-MACHINEFOR GRINDING THE CUTTERS OF MOWING MACHINES—A. P. Thayer, Syracuse, N. Y. 97.001.—MODEOF COLLECTING AND STORINGCARBONTC ACID FOREXTINGUISHING FiTIES.-Eli Thayer, Worcester Mass., assignor to himself and M. Cowing, Ncw York city. 97.002.—FILE.—Albert'Thompson, Norway, Me., assignor to himself and G. T. Wheeler, Ridgway, Pa. 97.003.—BOOKRACK—J. P. Tibbits, New York city. 97$04.—ARTIFICIAL MARBLE. — Christian Volckmann (assignor to Otto Dresel, John Seltzer, and P. A. Schlapp), Columbus, Oliio. 97.005.—SCHOOLDESK—A. S. Vorse, Des Moines, Iowa. 97.006.—DRYER.—J.M. Ward (assignor to himself and T. R White), Oxford, Ohio. 97.007.—COMPOUNDSOAP.—Alexander Warfield, Alexandria, Va. 97.008.—CORNSHELLER.—H. P. Watts, Lynchburg, Va., assignor to himselfand J. A. Cooley. 97,00\J.—VEHICLE FOR TRANSPORTING MACHINES.—Geo. W. Wheeler. 2d, New Ipswich, N. H. 97.010.—BIT-STOCKFASTENING.—C. P. Whitman, Charle- mont, Mass., assignor to himself and W. C. Dodge, Washington, D. C. 97.011.—WATERELEVATOR.—T. P. Wilcox, Hebron, Ind. 97.012.—HANDLEFOR BRUSHES, CARDS, ETC.—Daniel Witt and Aaron Wait, Hubbardston, Mass. 97.013.—MODEOF ATTACHING SEATS TO WAGONS.—D. J. Wilcoxson (assignor to himself and A. J. Mowry), Milan, Ohio. 97.014.—SEWINGMACHINE FOR BUTTON HOLES.—George B Woodrutf and George Browning, London, England, assignors to “ The Singer Manufacturing Co.,” New York city. 97.015.—DIEFOR MAKING SHEARS.—S. H. Woods, Berlin, assignor for one half to R. S. Gladwin, West Meriden, Cenn. 97.016.—SIGNALLIGHT FOR RAIHWAD CARS.—H. A.Wrig ht Logansport, Ind. 97.017.—PROCESSOF MANUFACTURING STEEL.—James l Pershing, Lewis Peterson,and ThoniasFawcett),Ailegheny,Pa., and John Hunter, Alliance, Ohio. 97.018.—WASHINGMACHINE.—G. L. Witsil, Philaaelphia, Pa., assignor to himselfand Charles Merrill, Detroit, Mich. 97.019.—DEVICEFOR GRATING GREEN CORN FROM THE COB. ETC.-G. L. Witsil (assignor to himself and R. D. L. S. Gutgesell), Phila- deJphia, Pa. 97.020.—STREETRAILWAY.—A.Van Camp, Washington, D.C., and M. M. Hodgman, St. Louis, Mo. REISSUES. 78,569.—COMPOSITION FOR DESTROYING INSECTS ON” FRUIT TRS:ES.—Dated .June 2,18G8; reissue 3,728.—John Ahearn,Baltimore, Md., assignee of B. Best. 71,706.—SAFETY PocKET.-Dated Dec. 3, 1867 ; reissue 3,729. Joseph Colton, New York city. 34,182.—SKELETON SKIRT.—Dated January 14, 1862 ; reissue 3.730.—Division A.-Marks Fishel, Adolph Opper, and Leo Popper, New Yorl{ city, assignees of Marks Fishel. 34,182.—SKELETON SKIRT.—Dated Jan. 14, 1862; reissue 3,731. -Division :B.-M. Fishei, Adolph Opper, and Leo Popper, New York city, assignees of Marks Fishel. 12,780.—SHUTTLE FOR LooMs.—Dated May 1, 1855 ; reissue 3,255 ; dated March 30,1869; extended seven years ; reissue 3,732.-Liber- ty Ditch field. F. C. Litchfield, and L. M. Litchfield, Southbridge, Mass., assignees of Lydla “lV. Litchfield, administratrix ofthe estate of Lai'oy Litchfield, deceased. 20,192.—EXPANSIVE BIT. — Dated May 11, 1858; reissue 3,516, dated .June 22, 1869; reissue 3,733—William A. Clark, Woodbridge conn. 29,690.—MACHINE FOR DRESSING AND FINISHING THREAD -Dated Aug:. '21, i860; reissue 3,734.—0rigin Hall, “Willimantic, Conn., an,1 T. Merrick, Holyoke, Mass. 92,050.—PRINTING PRESS.—Dated June 29, 1869 ; reissue 3.735.—R.M. Hoe and S. D. Tucker, New York city. 94,005.—WASHING MACHINE.—Dated Aug. 24, 1869 ; reissue 3.736.-Alex.King and G. H. King, Painesville, Ohio. 94,428.—COMPOUND FOR CURING CHOLERA IN HOGS AND CHICKENS.-Dated Aug. 31, 1869; reissue 3,737.-A. C. McMahon, Lincoln, 111. 72,561.—MACHINE FOR FOLDING 'TINNED PLATES.—Dated Dec. 2.1., 1867; reissue 3,738.-0. 'V. Stow, Plantsvllle, Conn. DESIGNS. 3.750.—SIGN.—EmilNey, New York city. 3.751.—TRADEMARK.—W. F. Sayles and F. C. Sayles, North Providence, R. 1. 3.752.—COTTONKNIFE.—G. A. Seaver, New York city. 3.753.—FLOOROIL CLOTH.—C. W. Strout, Hallowell, life. 3.754.—TEASERVICE.—H. Vasseur (assignor to Simpson,. Hall, Miller&Co.), Walliiigford, Conn. 3.755.—PERFORATEDBANNER.—Wm/ S. Worthington, New- town, N. Y. EXTENSIONS. MACHINE FOR MANUFACTURING CORKS.—Mary F. Crocker,. of West Winsted, Conn., administratrix de bonis non of W. R. Crocker, deceased.-LettersPatent No. 13,714, dated Oct. 30, 1855. PROCESS FOR MAKING ZINC WHITE.—Samuel VVetherill, of Baltimore, Md.-Letters Patent:No. 13,806, dated Nov. 13,1855. PLANING MACHINE.—Jas. A. 'Woodbury, of Boston, Mass.— Letters Patent No. 13,80S, dated Xov. 13, 1855. LATHE CHUCK—Eli Horton, of Windsor Locks, Conn.—Letters Patent No. 13,787, dated Nov. 13,1855. TOBACCO PRESSES.—R. Kingsley, of Springfield, Mass.—Let" ters Patent No. 13,790, dated Nov. 13, 1855.