Issued by the United States Patent Offlfice. FOR THE WEEK ENDING Nov. 30, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: On each caveat....................................................., .. ",....... $10 On filing each application for a Patent (seventeen years)................." 1 15 On iss\uing each ori1Rina:atet................................................$20 On appeal to Commissfoner of Paeii . :::::.::::::::::::::::::;:::;:::::::: : : ::$20 On application for Reissue.....................................................$30 O n aa pp p ll Iccaa ttI ioo n ff oo rr Extension of Patent......................................$50 On granting the Extension.....................................................$$50 On filing iif:c la ; :::::...::..::::::::..:::;:::::::::::::::::::::::$10 Onan application for Desinn (thre and a half years)...................... $ 10 Oa n applicaton for Design (seven year s)..................................$ld On an application for Design (foueeen years)....................i.........$30 n addition to ::rch tgere are so:: sJ:ll re;enie:siamp ia:es. Re's'idents of Canada and Nova Scotia pay $SOO on application. Forcopyof Claim qf any Patent issued withinBOyea r 3....................... 1 A 8k etch from the m: Vde8 oJ d'uing: relatinn to such, portion of a machine as the Claim covers,from.................................................$1 upw aard, but usuall' at the p r ice above-named.. T he f Specification ofany patent issur since Nov, 20,1866, at which timethe Patenl Office com::!e printi:; them..............................$1'25 Ojicial Oopies of Drawing80f an' patent i8SUed /ineee 1836, W6 can8uppl' at a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount q labor involved and the number qfviewB. Fullinformation, as to vrice oj drawingB, in each case, m gy be had b' addre8B-ing MUM &CO.. Patent SolicttQrs. No. 37 Par k Rw. New York. 97,263.-Sash Balance.-J. C. Anderson, 'Webster, Pa. 97,264.-RefrigeratoR foR Condensing Vapors from FermeIting Vats in Breweries.-Lawrence Angster, Newark, N. J. 97,265.-Compress.-C. W. Armstrong (assignor to himself and T. H. Armstrong), Detroit, Mich. 97,266.-Vulcanizing Press.-J oseph Banigan, Smithfleld, assIgnor to Woonsocket Rubber Co., Woonsocket, R. I. 97,267.-Logging Sled.-Albert R. Baxter, Peck Post Office, MIch. 97,268.-Mode oF Curing Bacon, Hams, and Shoulders.- W. G. Bell, Charlestown, Mass. 97,269.-Ventilating Window Blind.-Harrison Berdan and John Bantly, Wayne, Mich. 97,270.-Fastening for Bedsteads.-Charles Bradway, Maquoketa, Iowa. 97,271.-Lamp Extinguisher.-Geo. V. Bunker, Yankton, Dakota Territory. 97,272.-Device for Clearing Land of Stulps.-Chas. fnfield and H. Wlllard, Grand Rapids, Mich. Antedated November Ii, 1890. 97,273.-Combined Roller and Cultivator.-J. B. Catey, Willlamsburgh, Ind. 97,274.-Pulp.-E. S. Cavnah and David Yeagley, B9ulbol? ,Ind. 97,275.-Fruit Picker.-L. D. Cogswell, Lowell, Mass. 97,276.-Dust Pan.-F. 1. Daniels, Bqston, Mass. 97,277,-Combined Revolving Hoe and Cotton Cultivator.-Major E. Davis, Rome, Ga. 97,278.-Wood Pavement.-David L. De Golyer, Chicago, Ill. 97,279.-Machine for the Manufacture of Artificial Fuel, and FoB Compressing Conglomerate Substances into Compact Masses.-A. Dietz, New York City, assignor to F. N. Hopkin., Baltimore, Md. 97,280.-Boring Machine.-E. C. Dodge, Edgecomb, Me. Antedated Nov. 1S,l869. 97,281. - Pitcp Board.John R. Drew, San Francisco, Cal. 97,282.HaY "Elevator.-F. R. Dufour, Vevay, Ind. 97,283.-Apparatus for Carbureting Air.-C. F. Dunder- dale, New York city. 97,284.-Apparatus for Producing Illuminating Gas.- C. F. Dunderdale. New York city. 97,285.-Gas Machine for Carbureting Am. - H. F. Eberts and John Fanning, Detroit, :Mlch.; said Eberts assigns his right to saId Fanning. 97,286.-Boo' Crimper Screw.-J acob Edson, Boston, Mass. 97,287.-Plate Printing for Colors.-Joseph Enthoffer, WashIngton, D. C. 97,288.-Gate . .Samuel Freet, Upper Strasburg, Pa. 97,289.-Bracket for Conductors.-Peter Gantz (assignor to hlmselt and Martin Fryer), Albany, N. Y. 97,290.-Faucet Attachment to Cans.-John H. Garrigan, Sacramento, Cal., and F. L. Hall, Reno, Nevada. 97,291.-Cooking Range.-R. :. Granger, Providence, R. I. 97,292.-Machine for Forming Cigars and Plug Tobac00.-Wm. Hall . ld E. J. Bennett. Boston, Mass. 97,293.Fruit Jar.-L. B. Harberger, Philadelphia, Pa. 97,294.-Lamp Shade.-E. K. Haynes, Boston, Mass. 97,295.-P ad or Housing for Harness Saddles.-C. B. Hogg, Boston, Mass. 97,296.Boiler or other Furnace.-M. L. Horton, Windsor, Vt. 97,297.-Brick Mold-Stephen Inman, Rockford, Ill. 97,298.Lamp Burner.Melvin Jincks, Wallace, N. Y. 97,299.-Steam Plow.-J. G. Knapp, Madison, Wis. 97,300.-Applying Steam Power to Street Railway Cars.-L. W. Langdon. Northampton, Mass. 97,301.-Rest foR Carriage Tops.-C. C. Lawrence and Jas. Lewis, Marengo. Mich. 97,302.-Head Block for Saw Mills.-C. Leffngwell (assignor to hImself, H. Blandy, and F. Biandy), Zanesville, Ohio. 97,303.Railway Car Coupling.H.L.Lockwood,Denmark, Iowa. 97,304. - Curtain Fixture.-Moses Loeb, Chicago, Ill. 97,305.Steam Generator.- W. B. Mack, Detroit, Michl Antedated Nov. 11,1869. 97,306.-Foundation for Spring Bed Bottoms.-David Manuel. Dedham, Mass. 97,307.-Fire Place.-Stephen Martin, Detroit, Mich. 97,308.-Tool for Molding Dovetails.-Bernard McEnally and Edward FarreH, DetrOit, Mich. Antedated Nov. IS, 1869. 97,309.-Press for Compacting the Waste Particles of Coal into Blocks for Fuel.-T. M. MltcheH. Philadelphia, Pa. 97,310.-Sta ve Machine.-Samuel Newman, Cleveland, Ohio, "ssignorto himself and John Newman. 97,311.-Vapor Burner.-J. H. Pattee, Monmouth, Ill. Antedated Nov. 20,1869. 97,312.-Metal Belting.-W. P. Powers, North La Crosse, Wis. Antedated Nov. 24,1869. 97,313.-Grape Crusher and Stem Separator.-T. C. Purington Lincoln, Cal. 97,314.-Chair Spring.-T. C. Purington, Lincoln, assignor to himself and A. MayOul, Marysvl!le. Cal. 97,315.-Baby Walker. - P. H. Randolph, Leavenworth . City, :ansas. Antedated Nov. lS,1869. 97,316.Snow Guard for Roofs.-A. Rogers, Worcester, Mass. 97,317. - Seeder.-J. S. Rowell, Beaver Dam, Wis. 97,318.Telegraph Insulator.-A. G. Safford, St. Albans Vt. Antedated Nov. 17,1869. 97,319.-Cultivator.-Alexander Shaw, Monmouth, Ill. Antedated Nov. 22,1869. 97,320.-Machine for Dressing MilJ.stones.-Franklin SImmons (assIgnor to H. D. Coleman), New Orleans, La. 97,321.-Stove.Stand.-D. N. Smith, Boston, Mass. Antedated Nov. 27, 1869. 97,322.-Hay Rack for Wagons.-S. J. Smith, Farmington N. Y. 97,323.-Water-Closet P an.-W. Smith, San Francisco, Cal 97.324.-Governor.-Robert Spear, New Haven, Conn. 97,32?.-Machine for Puttying Seams of Vessels.-Al fred Stevens, Georgetown, assignor to Josiah Starling, Manheigan, Me. 97,326. - Can Handle.-L. A. SUnderland, Madison, Ohio. 97,327.Horseshoe Blank.-E. B. Turner, Providence, R. 1. Antedated Nov. 13. 1869. 97,32B.-Carpenters' Plow.-Harmon Vanbuskirk, Vienna Mich. Antedatod Nov. 24,1869. 97,329.-Railway Car WheeI,.-Zadock Washburn, Hope- dille, assignor to Hopedale Furnace Company, Milford, Mass. 97,330.-Channel Opener for Boot and Shoe Sewing Machines.-Orin Weeman, Lynn,Mass. 97,331.-Fastening for Neckties.P. S. White, Providence, R. I. Antedated Nov. 21,1869. 97,332.-Latch.-M. J. Woodruff (assignor to Russell and, Erwin Manufacturing Company), New Britain, Conn. 97,333.-Tile or Slab for Flooring and Wainscoting, AND FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF FURNITURE.-E. H. Woodward, New York city. 97,334.-Railway Switch.-W. L. Yantis, Brownsville, Mo. 97,335.-1ubricating Compound.-W. N. Abbott, Boston, MRSS., assignor to himself, G. W. Boyle, and F. N. Terrent, Baltimore, Md. 97,3i6.-Printing Photographs.-Joseph Albert, Munich , Bavaria. 97,337.-Plow.-C. C. Ansley, Americus, Ga. 97,338.-School Desk and Seat.-B. VV. Arnold, Des Moines, Iowa. 97,339.- Machine for Planting Potatoes.-L. A. Aspin- wall, Albany, N. Y. 97,340.-Velocipede.-S. M. Bailey;Cottage Grove, Minn. 97,341.-Middlinas Separator.-Joseph Barker (assignor to himself, A. L.lrown, and T.H. Brown), Chicago, Ill. Antedated Nov 17.1869. 97,342.-A.NCHOR.-E. T. Barlow, San Francisco, Cal. 97,343.-Machinery for Propelling Cars.-G. T. Beauregard, New Orleans, La. 97,344.-Canceling Punch.-M. E. Bcrolzheimer, New York city. 97,345.-Linilent for the Treatment of Neuralgia, Rheumatism, etc.-Benamin Bissell, New London, N. Y. 97,346.-SteMM Winding W atch .-Edouard Bo ur quin, New York city. 97,347.Hot Air Furnace.-Robert Boyd and J. C. Hart, Rochester, N. Y. 97,348.-Window Bu'ton.-E. K. Breckenridge, West Meri den, Conn. 97,349.-Preserving EgOs and other Articles.-Catherine Bruner, Marshall, Mo. 97,350.-Machine for Turning Wooden Ware.-J. C. Bryant and A. W. Turner, Glrdner, Mass. 97,351.-Bolt Heading Machine.-O. C. Burdict, Providence, R. 1. 97,352.-Plow.-P. Burns, Indiana, Pa. 97,353.-Sectional Steam Generator.-A. S. Cameron, New York City. 97,354. - Lubricator.-A. S. Cameron, New York city. 97,355.Water Wheel.-J. T. Case, Barkhamsted, Conn. 97,356.-Cut-Off for Brick Machines.-Cyrus Chambers Jr., Philadelphia, Pa. Antedated Nov. 20,1869. 97,357. - Saw-Mill.-T. E. Chandler, Indianapolis, Ind. 97,358.Lamp Chimney.-E. S. Chase, Eau Claire, Wis. 97,359.-Neck Yoke.-G. P. Cole, Hudson, Mich. 97,360.-MuSIC Stand.-Edward Conley, Cincinnati, Ohio. 97,361.-Automatic Boiler Feeder.-Silas Cook, Magnolia, assignor to plmself and Henry Ford, Sioux City, Iowa. 97,362.-Weather Strip.-G. W. Cretors and Enos Hoover, Clinton county, Ind. 97,363.-Button.-A. P. Critchlow, Northampton, Mass. 97,364.Peanut Picker.-W. A. Crocker, Norfolk, Va. 97,365.-Mode of Producing White Lead.-J. G. Dale and Edward Milner, Warrington, England. 97,366.TwO-W ay Cocks.-D. F. Do dg e, Lowville, N. Y. 97,367.-Arbor or Fence Pos t.- J. P. D orman, G ales bu rg. Ill. Antedated Nov. 25, 1869. 97,36B.-Combined Rake, Weeder, and Smoother.-A. F. Duc!witz, New York city. 97,369.-Clothes Sprinkler.-S. G. Dugdale, Richmond, Ind. 97,370.-Support for Elliptic Springs.-Ellis Eves, Mill- vllle, Pa. 97,371.-Feed Water Heater.-John Fairclough, St. Joseph, Mo. 97,372.-Boiler Flue Cleaner.-John Fairclough, St. Joseph, Mo. 97,373.-Millstone Dress.-John Fairclollgh, St Joseph, Mo. 97,374.-Submarine Telegraph Calle.-M. G. Farmer, Salemy ass, assignoIto the American CompOnd Telegraph-Wire Company, NeW - ork city. 97,375.-Bedstead Frame.-J. N. Farnham (assignor to WovenWire Mattress Company), Bartford, Conn. 97,376.-Bench Clamp.0. L. Fenner, Rochester, N. Y. 97,377.-Cultivator.-James Ferguson, Huntley Grove, Ill.-97,378.-Road Grader.-E. L. Foreman (assignor to Edward Foreman), Rantonl, Ill. 97,379.-Egg Beater.-H. G. Fougen and A. C. Fongen, Cape Girardeau, Mo. 97,380.-Comblned Seeder, Roller, and Drag.-John V .' B. France, Boscobel, Wis. 97,381.-Hinge.-Louis Fruhinsfeld, Newark, N. J. 97,382.-Pump.-Aaron Fuller, Marietta, Ohio. 97,383.-Rotary Bell Head.-Samuel M. Fulton and Wm. M. Fulton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 97,384.-Feed Cutter.-Warren Gale, Peekskill, N. Y. 97,385.-Packer for Railway Car Springs.-Perry G.Gardiner, New York city. 97,386.-Bed Spring.-F. J. Gardner, Washington, N. C. 97,387.-Firebox.-Redman Gay,Richmond, Va. 97,388.Plow.-James R. Gilbert, Wootens, Ga. 97,389.-Steam Pump.- Walter W. Gilbert, New York city .- Antedated November 24, 1869. 97,390.-Mode of Constructing Water Pitchers and other Vessels.Kingston Goddard, RIchmond. N. Y. 97,391.-Colined Watch Key and Toothpick.-Henry E. Graham and Richard D. Child, Boston, Mass. Antedated November 24,1869. 97,392.-Insulator for Telegraph Wires.-W. D. Guse man and E. C. Bright, Morgantown, West Va. 97,393.-Sawing Machine.-E. R. Hall and Wm. H. Town,. SyraeuBe, N. Y. 97,394.-Grain Drill.-W. N. Hamilton, Odessa, Del. 97,395.-Co -bined Hay Rake, Thrasher, Loader, and Stacker.James R. Hammond, SedaliA, Mo. 97,396.-Lantern.-H. W. Harkness (assignor to himself and Andrew Turnbull), New Brttain. Conn. 97,397.-Paper File.-B. F. Herr, Livingston, Ala. 97,398.-Auger Handle.-George W. Herring, Bangor, Me. Antedated November 27, 1869. 97,399.-Instrulent for Pulling Weeds. - Daniel M Holmes, Watkins, N. Y. 97,400.-Sash Balance.-John Douglas Hopkins, London England. Patented in En/Iand, November 20,1869. 97, Fastener.-Charles H. Horne, Astoria, Oregon. 97,402.-Colined Stove and Water Heater.-Henry Howard, Springfield, Mass. Antedated November 20, 1869. 97,403.-Extension Crib and Bedstead.-Charles H. Hud eon,New Y.rk city. 97,404.-PaddI,e VReel'We Huffman, Oshkosh, v Yis. 97,405.-S'leam Cfndens-,.marles Hughes, Yng Flor De Cuba, Colen, Cuba. 97,406.-Condensem VaI,Ye.-Clmlles Hughes, Yng FloI De Cuba, Coien, Cuba. 97 '407.Railroad Car 'YlIeel.-LcWIS B. Hunt ' Leverett , Mass. , ,., , ,,-,-, 7,408. agon SImm.-.olll C . Johnson, Golconda, Ill. 97'4 09 . -lothes Line.P. C. Johnson (assignor to Mary , Al ohnson), Ce1.tral City. Colorado Tit. 97,410.-RaJI,way Cab C. Johnson (aSS1,n- 'or to himself and Aaron ,ol!ll,on), Fort MadIson, Iowa. 97 411.Velocipede.Willis I. Johnson, Spr1ngfield, Ill. 'Antedated Xove.mbcr.a7, 1869. 97 , 412.-vV Ether Strip.Josepll Johnson, Chicago, 111. 97,418.Churn.J 1eob Kiingensmith, W urr8U, Oh.o. 97'414Stove Dampeh.L. W. Langdon, Northampton, 'Mass., assignor to himself and Edwil R. Locke, Krene.N.H. 97 415.Device fob bindingSaw Gummer Bukp.s.Chas. 'R Lewis, Xorthncld, Vt. 97,416.Harrow.-- Samuel H. Lm. tan, Burrows, Intl. 97/117.-Ml'lalJ,rC Solution for Coating Iron and S'eel. , -M Alson A. Lothrop.Nepoeset, Mass. 47,418.-C o HBet. - llenrv Alexander Lyman, Cheapsicle, 'I.lndon, England, assignor to Thompson, Ifuodon . Co., :ew Yorl;: 97,419!PnTOuiLU'riic Printing Apparatus.L. J. Marcy, New port, JR. !. -.-y 97,420.-Oyster DrmdCe.-'l'homas F. M. hew, Port K orr1s, 97, 42 1.-V llociple.-Clules A. Maynard, St. Louis, Mo. 97,42n__Street Sprinkler.-R. Y. MoConnell and George 'pringle' KoclH'SteT h. Y. ,.,,. , -- -,T 97,423.- Sas1j. . -m. MeFarlan d , W1lliamsb urg, l :Y. 97*421.__Cotton Seed Planteh.Matthew McM.llianCaney, 97,A rl;: asuo; ping DK'icB for Seeding MacRlnes.-Damel 'E. :cSherry, Dayton, Uhio. 97,426.PrTting Type.Rufus S. MerrIll, Cmnbndge, Mass. . II TT , 97,427.- S.m 11100(.-11, \V . Montgomery and E. H. Votaw, Springfield, .ams. !7,428.-MoDb of Covering Ilastic Kolls.J oel Moulton, 1l0fol, MaRR. , , 07,429.-CoHn Harvester. Nelson .ewman, Springfield, 97,430.-'liench.Robert Nicholson, Pleasantville, Pa. \7,431.-S'ove Leg.Wm. R. Oatley, Hochester, N. Y. 97,432.Ma1d1awing Apparatus. George S. Ormsby, 97 483.-nail way Car 'heel.-,oshua T. Owen, PIIiIade I - i Fabrics.John O 97,4'M.Method of Weaving- Fabrics,Ohn Owens, 8al. ford, England. 97,43uN.Tuck-cHFasing Methanism Po Siiwing Ma- cmNES.-CIJalles Page, Boston, Mass. 97,43b.-Gage for Weather BoardiKg.-JoS. B. PedrIck, Co l umbus. Ind. 97,437.HY Tedder.J. G. Perry, Kingston, R I. 9 7 .438.HAy Teddek.-"J. G. Brry. Kino' ston, R. I. 97,43y.Composition for CleanJNMn,lstones.-G. :. Pettee , Detroit, Mich. 07,440.- Tultn-'ble.-J. L. PI.per, P.ttsburgh, Pa. 97,441.0 perating Grindstones.Ham11ton P ray, 8h aron, Conn. 97,448.Sailing VesBel for Storing aHl Transporting Petkolelm and Other Oils.-P. A. QUInan, Baltimorc, Md. 9',4l HolXr J'oE CUeckreinR.-David Reynolds, Rock-ford, 111. 97,444.Lifting Jack.-R. M. Reynolls, Oakville, 11ich. 97,445.Machine for Pul1izing Ores and Rock.V. B. Rverson, New York citv. 07,446.Seed Plan'jr.-J. M. Shaw, Water Valley, Miss. 97,447.-8EwrR.-John Silsby, Kcw York city. 97,448.Exterior Casing for Sewer, G as, and W ater Pu'Es.-.jo1m Silsby, New York elty. 97,Il1).House Hay lork.-:amnfI G. SImpson, MIll Creek, PaL 9,,450.Machine for Holling Metals... H. S .nger, Pit"burgh, Pa. 97,451.-Pl,a'1'l fon Blanks of Cultivator. Teeth.-W. H. Singer, Plttsburgh, Po. 97,452.-ClapIoaTld Gage___George Smith, Omaha, Nebras l a. 97,453.-Lamp 'I mer and ExtinguisheI.-C. P. Snow, Freeport, 111. 07,454.Dissolving Xy,oDlne foR Use in the Arts.- Danie1 8pill, Paradise Terrace, Hackney, Englflld. 97,455.BiTsTOCK.Augustus Stanley, New Britain, Conn. 'Antcdated NOY. 20, 1861. 97,456.-StealI Slide VaI,ve.-Monroe Stannard, Hartford, Conn. 97,457.Apparats- foR Generating and Carbureting Illuminating Gas.Amos Stevens, l itchburg, Mass., assignor to himself and II. C. Mahurin. 97,458.Elliptic Spring.W. A. Sweet, Syracuse, N. Y. 97,459.-Medical C pI poDnd. - A. Agnew Thomson, New-burg, Pa. 97,400. LTrus.--0. 0. Thw1n/, ]fartinsville, Ind. 97,46iO.-- ltump Ex'l'ract01 .--GAoJge 'V. Townsend, Gnlcs-burg, MiH. 97,462.-FIWit SJlcer.-F. C. Vilcrt. Hockanum, Conn. 97,463.Lamp Shade.Guslavus Wed (k'nd, PI'1a d e 1 Ph l' a, 97,464.DitcRin g Macrine.-.. W. Test on and M. r.'es_ t on, Windsor, 111. 97,465.Expanding Plow.A. W. and s. t. Esk- ridge, Rome, Ga. 97,466.Watch-winding Attachment.G. h. W.lson (assignor to h. W. Dee MId LoUIS Dee), London, England. 97,467.Combined Planter and Cultivator.Thos. "ison, Gal'ton, England. 97,468.Bedstead Fast.Bning.-NI' eoI as Z'Jns " Evans-iHo, Ind. 97,469.Compound for Disinfrcting and Deodohizing.- H. G. Dayton, Dayton, Ohio.__________ reissues. 90,644.-Apparatus foR Genehattno and Carbureting Gas . -Iat e d June 1,1869 . reissue 3,748.-Cleavcland F. Dunderdale ' row York CIty. 90,li5C.-Guano Attachment fon Srep DrilI,s.-Dated Junc 1, 1869 ; reissnc 3,749.-J. f. Fisher, Orecnc Cstle ' Pa., and Daniel Breed, Washinghon, D. C, assignees of .J. F. Fi!h lR . 89,144.-Gang Plow.Dated April 20, 1860 ; reissne 3,750.-t. J. Hall, Bryan, I cxa s. 58,268.-Gate La'ch.-Dated Sept. 25,1866 ; reissue 3,751.- n. A. lceds, Stam1ord, Conn. 94,805.-Composi'ion of Liquids for TannilW. Dated sept. 14, 1869 ; reissue 8,7J2.Ira W oco, Wood stock, Vt. 90,24G.- P low .-rDma ted May 18, 1 869 ; reiss ue 8,7Gs'-H. B. Durfee, Decatur, Ill. 61,070.Manufacture of \hipstocks.-Dated Jannary 8 ' 1867 ; reissuc 3,7 5 4.-Liverns Hull, Charlestown, Mass. 34,178.-Clo'hes \mng::r.-Dated .lanuary 14, 1862 missue 3,755.-Metropolitan Vashing Machine Company, Mlddieficld. Conn , asmgnee of A. M BaIley and J. O. Couch. DESIGNS. 3,767. - Brush.-C. L. V. Baker, Hartford, Conn. 3,768.Fra U e of a Carding Machinr-e, C. Cleveland, Worcester, MaSA. 3,769.Tiade Mark.-ii. Fenn, Plymouth, Conn. 3,770.-Printers' '' ype.-Julius Herriet (assignor to D. W. Bruce), Kew York city. 3,771.Label.T. P. Leslie, Brooklyn, N. Y. 3,772.Safe.W. K. MalYin, New York tity. 3,773.-Miteh Mold.-Wm. Sage, Iiianapolis, Ind. 2,77,t to 3,778.-CasTTm.-G. vilkinson (assignor to Gorham Manufacturing Co.), Providence, H. I. Five PatentF-. extensions. Envelo3.E. Harmon, Gettysburg. Pa.Letters Pa ,ent No, lS,838, da t ea Kov. 20,lEi". Knitting Machine.-'imothy Bailey, Ballston Spa.. , n. Y. Letters Patent No. 1S,8U, dated Nov. 20, W55. Thts large and Elegantly IIlustrated weekly Journal of POPULAR SCIENCE, enters its Twenty-fifth year on January frst. It is almost unnecessary to commend this well-known and valuable Journal to the attention of .lcllanics, flfanufacturers, Inpentors En 1 ineers, Clemists, Agriculturists, and all who take special interest in the great progress now going on in every department of Mechanical Engineering, INVENTION and DL'COVEBY in the .Practical ."rts and Sciences. The BitoriaZ 'epartment is very ably conducted, and many of the most popular writers in this country and Europe are Contributors. The Scientific American stands at the head of Industrial Journals of the world in point of Circulation and Influence. It ought, in this progl'essive country, to have a million of readers, for the simple reason that it is worth ten times what it costs. Every number has 16 imperial pages embellished with engravings of New Inventions, Machinery, Tooll for the Workshop, Honse and Farm, also Public Buildings, Dwelling-Houses and Engineering Works. The Illustrated Department of the Scientific American is a very striking feature, and has elicited the praise of the Press. Whoever read:, this Journal is entertained and instructed, without being bothered with hard words ".nd dry details. To Inventors and Mechanics, the Scientific American has special value and interest, from the fact that it furnishes an olcial list of all P1tents Issued, w1th copious notes of the principal American and Enropean Patents, thl Publishers occupying the position of leading Solicitors of.Patents in this country, have nnequalled facilities for gather1ng up a complete resume of all New Inventions and Discoveries. The publishers have decided to offer the following For the fifteen la?gest lists of names sent in before February 10, 1870, the following Cash Prizes will be given: $300 FOR the First List. 250 " Second List. 200 " ''hiRd List. 150 " FourtR List. 100 " Fifth List. Competitors sending names should be particular to mark " Prize List " on their orders, and remit the amount of subscription, as per terms All C lubs of 1 0 n amcs and upward s, w ill be taken at the rate of $.2 5 0 per ainn um. 'f o thos e who do no t comp ete f or the ca sh prizes the pnblish ers offer the S plendid Steel Engraving, in size 22x36, entitled " MEl OF PB.OGRESS--AMERICAN INVENTORS." It contains the following gTOUp of illustrious in ventors, namely: Prof. Morse, Prof. Henrr. 'homas Blanchard, Dr, Nott, Isaiah Jennings, Charle8 Gooryear, J. 8axto,1, Dr. \Y. T. Morton, Erastus Bigebw, Henry Burden. Capt." John Ericsson, Elias Howe, Jr., Col. Samuel Colt, C01. R. M. HOB , PeteI Cooper, cTordall L. Mott, C. H. MeGJrmick, James Bogurdu, and Frederick E. Sickles. '1he llkencsses are all excellent, and Mr, Sart p,in, who stands at the head of our American Engrayers on Steel, in a letter addressed to us says " that it would cost $,1,000 to engrave t plate now," which is a Bt nicient guarantee of the very high chrrractel of the Engraving as a work of art. Pr1ce of the Engraving, $10 for single copy. To enable all. to possess this beautiful work of art, at a very reduced rate, the Scientific American will be sent ono year, together with a copy of tlw picture, on receipt of $10. Any one sending T en Hames for Ole Year, and $30 1ill rcceiJ'e one picture. " U U Tw enty " " H Thirty . . tt tt Forty " " " Fify Comnetitors for the above prizes, can send in names at nny t1me on or before Febrllal'y 10th, and from any post office. For full particulars and cample co pies of th (; Scientific American, add ress the P ublishers. Terms of the Scimltite American: single copies one yes r, i8.0D ; slx months, $1.50 ; gnd $l.OO for four months. To Clubs of 10 and upwards, $2.50 each per annum. M UN N & CO. ! $90 for the Sixth List. 80 ". SgYentU List. 70 " Emuth List. 60 " Ninth List. 50 " TeNth LTst. $40 for the EleYentR List, 35 " Twelfth List.. 30 " ThiHteenth List. 25 " FouIteentI Lrst. 20 " FU"feenth List. $50((se i6 $75Htwo pictures $100HIltret " $/2l('jour tt 37 PARK'ROW, NE'N YORK. FOR CU'S AND PRICE8 of Machinists' Too]s, address STEPTOE, McFAlnATT &CO., Cineiunatl. Ohio. BREECH-LOADING GUN.-Probably superior to any in the murket. Patent f.ur sale. Audress T. L., Box 728 Postoflce, Derby, Conn piRCULAR SAW MILLS, PlInERS, \J Matchers, etc. Prices Low. 8. HEAJ D &SONS, Barre, Mass., make the Largpst and Best Planer to be iouncl for the money. Send for cirClllanl. Dyspepsia, L d vcr Comp1aint, and General Debility enl'ea oy using the SHE;DON SPRING WATER Book ol thIrty pagcs. \V lth cer ti:catc8, Rent free. AdM dress J. W. BEALS, Treasurer, Bos t Ol, Mass. VfcCHESvY'S IMPROVED GIG OR ItX Scroll Saw. First Yedal and Diploma, Fajr of the American Illstitute, N. T Sept. and Oct., 1869. Su1 rio;' to uny ,101 either llgli t o r heavy work. Ifor dcscr iptloH and price address T. L . CORKELL, Bi1m i ng ham, Conn- OHIKGLE AND HEADINH MACHINE- ,kJ Trevor &CO.'R ImpJ'ovec. The Simp1f'st and Beet in use. Also, Shingle. Heading, and teiave Join13(s, 8tHvO Cu tters, Equ:1izcr8. Headillg Turncrs, Pllner/ etc. Address TREVOR &cO , LOChpOlt, N. Y. F OR SALE.-One undivided half of a valuable Patent Right. embraclllp the whole United StateB, i,OgEUJ wi t h stock on hand, maeh\nery, and goon will of the concern. Has been sueeessfully introdnced, D,S ean 'e shown by O nnrerom testuoni!l alR received from the parties using them. To an enterprising mam il lOW otprea an opportunity seldom if eyer met \ith. Address Postofllce Box 1:2, Pawtucket, H. I. SHAW'S Cml Aritfictiir A ivignichou Book. Just Ready. Civil Architecture : Bing a Complete '1'heorehcal and Practical System of BUilding, containing the Fundamental Principles of the Art. By EdwaRd Shaw, Ar ChI t ect . To whieh is added a Treat i se on Gothic Architecturej etc. By TIoas Y. SillowY and GeoRge M. Ha"Ding-, Architects. The whole illustra ted by One Hundred and Two quarto plates, fnely engraYtd on copper. 'Eleventh. Edition. 4to : Cloth..........................................:.......$10. (J T!is t ruly valuable and superb book comprises among ltg contents genera. observations on the COlstruction of hOlSCS, prucUcal geometry, conic sections, shadows, molding!, the orders, pilastel's, carpfutry, stairs, br. dges, a rural villa, a church ed.fice, Gothic arch i t e c tu re, and building in all its branches, etc., etc. The plates illustrate the different t"les of Arch.tecture as well as the various practical details of construction. The Rndiments of Architecture and Building. For the use of Architects, Builders, Draftsmen, Ma. cllinists, Engin eers ,and Mechatdcs . Edited by J11Bulloc1;, author of" Tie American C ot.age Builder." Illustrated by 250 Engravings. I n one volume. Svo. $J GO . The American Cottage Builder. A SeriGs of Designs, Plans, and S peCificati o6 ns, from $20h0 to $20,-000, for HomcH lor the People! togetber " ith Warming, Velilat ;, JI1; nting, and LanVscape Gardening. By John Bullock, Arcilft, cifl I ginefr, Mechanician, and Editor of " The Hudiments of Architecture and BUIJding:," etc., etc. 11lustratc( by'?5 engraYings. 1n onC v l.,8vo............... $3 50. American Houses.-A Varidy of Original Designs for Uural Buildings. 111ustr:ted by 26 colored engravings, vfith Deserjpt.lve References. By Samuel Sloall, Architect, author of the "-liodel Architect," etc., etc. 8vo................................$2 GO Builders' Pocket Companion : Containing the Elg e of Building, Surveving. aid Architecture; w lth Pe ctca; kiles and Instructions connecteII with the subj ect. By A . C. Sm c ato l, C.l. ,ejc. In one v ol.l2mo ..... ..... .... ......... , .. . , ............$ 1 50 A HandBook for Architectural Surveyors and other8 engaged in. lujding: COlltiining Form nlm uscIul in uesigning Builtlel"'t work,T:oblc of "Weights of the materi:h, used in Buildjng,Mcmora:da COlnected with Builders' \vork, Mensuration, the Practicc of Buildc!s' l1easurement, C otradF of C abor, "Valuation of Prop erty , Y puiry U f the P Rra ctic e in. Dilapidatioon, etc., etc. u J. i;'. Ifur si, C.E. 2d editlOn, pocket-book formj iall bound.............. :2 5U. I The above or any of my Books sent by mail, free of postage, at the publication prices. My new revised and e nlar ge d Catalogt O Pretical and Scien''l1i( Books, 74 pp. 8vo, now ready, complete to Nov. 1. 1869, will he sent, free of posta.e, to any one WllO "\ il1 . v or me with his address. HEN 4Y wREY ,;AbtfD, Industrial PubiiSher, 406 "Walstut st, ,11iladQ!llU", la. Patents Of practical importanceiut-ea and sold on commission. Address W. J.McAI,ISTKB & CO., 178 Broadway, New York, REFERENCES :—We, the uuderaigued.cheerfully recom-ineud W. J. McAlister & Co., as a straightforward and reliable firm: .1. Homicable Life Ins. Co., 516 Br'away,K.T. D. t Colborn, P'r. Wail st. ExchangeBank, iWiiU it. C, W. C, Drelier, 2i4Bowery. Geo. D. Arthur & Co., Bankers, 34 Wall street. T. E. Haws, of Beman & Haws, 175 Broadway. Geo. Kenney, Banker,; Wall street. B. 'Y. Klley.-'Jashler at H. B. Claflin & Co.'s, Ne-w York. Manufacturers. gPLENDID WATER POWER, A RARE chance js offered to manufacturers—located near h R.H. Thirteen mileB sonih Ronthabove-named railroad, is offered for sale the splendid water power owned by Juo. Baker & Co., comprising the une shoals on Big and Little Cedar Creeks. Those streams afford an abundance of water: to propel any amount of machinery, and are: never-failing, being made up of large mountain springs. The two creeks unite on tue premis-ea of Jno.Baker & Cocontaining 260 acres of land, on which arefinestone qua rriesfor building purposes, lime rock for making the best quality of lime. On Big Cedar Creek are two splendid shoals, affording a full of water that is noted as one among the beet sites in Georgia to erect a large cottoii factory; one of the sitesis within 150 yar s of the railroad, the other is about 350 yards. And on Little Cedar Creek there is now in operation a splendid flouring mill that has never lacked a full supply of water in times of the greatest droughts. This mill is within 250 yards of the railroad, where there is an established depot and switch, and in the midst of a fine mineral aud farming country, producing every variety of grain crop lantly -as well as cofton. "This country is noted for its fine climate, beautiful scenery, and excellent society, affording religious and educational advantages. Any company wishing to embark In manufacturing in its various branches by water power, would do wel! to come and examine this val uable property. For particulars mqube o as. .M, Harper, or Wade 8. Cotliran, t Ga orf6a JnH at CaveSjiing, Ga., who will show the prooerty to any party wislung to see and examine it. I will alao add, the lands attached to this mill property are finr. farming landd. , J. H. DENT, Coiii: Spring, Ga., can furnish lithoaphic maps.of the property to any one applying to either of the above. S~ TEAM AinWATER"GAGEST''s'riAM Whistles, Gage Cocks, and Engineers' Supplies. 16 U .1 DUS ASHCROFT, 50 .lohn St., few York. COLLEGIATE & Commercial Institute (Gen, Russell's School), New Haven, Conn. Winter term begins Jan.ll O Q A For First-class new 7-0ctave Pianos, $290 Sent on trial. U. S. PIANO CO,.New York. FOR SALE LOW—A No.6 Taft's Pat.Power Shears. 1n use but 8. few days. H, MoMDETEIE & CO., 8O Milk st.,Boston,Mass.