Issued by the United States Patent Office. FOR THE WEEK ENDING DEC. 7, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: On eRcn caveat .................................................................$10 On fillng each application for a Patent (seventeen years)...................$15 On issnma: each original Paten t ............................ ...................20 On appeal to Commissioner of Patents ........................................ $20 On application for Reis8ue......................................,..............$30 On appllcation for Extension of Patent ......................................$50 On ffinting th1 Jsion::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::$50 On tiling a isclaimer.:........................................................$10 On an application for D e s ign (three and a half years) ...................... $)0 On an application for Design (seven years")..................................$15 On an appli c ation for Design (fourteen years) ........................... '.' " $30 In I1ddltion to which there are some small revenuestamp taxes, ReSIdents of Canada and Nova 8cotia pay $SOO on application. Forcopyoj Olaim of any Patent is8ued within OO year8 ....................... $1 A sketch from the model or d,-awing, relating to such portion Q( a machine a8 the Gle#m covers,from................................................. $1 upward, but U8'ltally at the price above-named. Thefull Specification of any patent is8ued since Nov. 20, 1866, at which time the Patent Oijice commenced printing them..............................$121 Ojicial Gopi .. of Drawing80f any pat en t i8sued s,nce 1830. we can supply at a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount q labor involved and a the number of v iew s. Full in/,orra tiun, a8 to price of drawings, in each ca8e. ra'v be had by oddress ing Patent Solic;tor.. No. 37 Park-Row. New York. 97,470.-Lubricator.-David Adamson, New York City. 97,471.-Baling Press.-J. L. Albertson, New London, Conn. Antedated Nov. 25.1869. 97,472.-Safety ValYe.-Henry Ashfield. Chicago. Ill. 97.473.-Steam Generator Smoke Stack.-W. F. Beecher, ' Morrist0wn, N. y. Antedated Nov. 24,1869. 97,474.-Snow Plow,-Gottlieb Beer, Grafton, Wis. 97 ' 475.-Construction of Preserving-Houses.-Harrl. son Blackburn, Bedford county, Pa. Antedated, Nov . 20, 1869. 97,47t.-PI,aning Machine.-.T B. Brown (assignor to himself and N. F. Libby), Lowell. Mass. 97 477.-Stove Grate.-Edward Card. Pawtucket, R. 1. 97478.-Boot Jacko-Wheeler Case, Russia, assignor to him- 'self and J. h. Read, Jr., Utica, N. Y. Antedated Nov. 27. 1869. 97,479.-BugOy 'l'op.-A. M. Cory, New Pro-sidenee, N. J. Antedated Nov. 20, 1869. 97,480.-Pushing Jack for Railroad Cars.-R. A. Cowell (assignor to himself and e. n. Keys), Cleveland, Ohio. 97,481.---Sewing Machine 'l'able.-Henry Cowgill, Fredo- 'nia, Del., rdministrator of the estate of J. i. C, Cowgill, deceased. 97,482.Basin Trap.-H. H. Crigie, New York city. Antedated Nov. 25, 1869. 97,4t3.-Post Office Letter Box.-B. C. Davis, Bingham- 'ton. N. Y. Antedated Nov. 22.1869. 97,484.-CJ,apboard Machine.-C. S. Davis, Orono, assignor to himself and T. N. E:ery, Bangor, Me. !7,485.-Safety V alve.-Walter Dawson, Scranton. Pa. 97,486.-Co mp ou nd for L ining 'rex tile Hose.-.Julius 'Dollmann and F. 'v. Claeese ns, Boston, Mass. 97,1J7.-Hoisting Apparatus.-William Dyatt, New York city. !7,488.-0re Concentrator and S:parator.-James Ed- 'gar. New York city. 97,4S!:.-' levator.-'Villiam Edson (assignor to E. H. Ash-croft), Boston, Mass. 97,4!O.-Sulky Plow.-C. A. Edwards, Chatfield, Minn. 97,491. -Saw-Set.-A. R. Fenner, Cold Brook. N. Y. 97',492.-Wind WIIeel.-Leonard Fischer. Sonora, Cal. !7,493.--Fruit Box.-J. H. Fisher, Chicago, Ill. 97,494.-Machine for Polishing Stone.-Calvin H. Fitch, Syracuse, N. Y. 97,4U5.-Deodorizing Apparatus for Water Closets.- b. A. g. Fnller, West Roxhury, Mass. 97,496.-LiOhtning Hod and Conductor.-Theodotus Gar. lck. Cleveland, Ohio. 97,497.-Pnocess oj)' :Vyeing Black.-James Gee, West New Brighton, n. y. 97,49S.-Latch.-Rudolph Geselbracht and Frederick Frey, Galena, Ill. 97.4!)9.-Borlng MacIIine.-F. M. Gibson, Chelsea, Mass. Di.iOO.-Gang Pww.-D. H. Gleeson (assignor to himself and Denn i s Gannon), San Leandro, Cal . v'i,501.-Well Auger.-J. Y. Goode. Water Valloy, Miss. .J7.502.-Sash Holder.-A. F. Gregory and C. II. EnSIgn, Bridgeport, Conn. 97,50a.-Coal Ash Sifter.-Abram Hagadorn, Canajoharie, N. Y. 97,504.-Ditching MacIIine.-H. L. Hall, Buffalo, N. Y. 07' 505.-Electro-Magnetic Hailroa d STgna J,.-T . S. Hall, Stamford. assigno, to Hall's Patent Electric Railway Switch and Drawbridge COmp!flY, New Haven, Conn. 97,506.-Boring Machine.-Joseph Hampson, Newburg l N. Y. 97,507.-Tweer.-J. F. Harly. Kipton Station, Ohio. f7,508.-GaTIden Plow and Marker.-Henry Haynsworth . 97,Sum.rteam GVnerator Smoke Stacks.-William Hold. craft and David McI.. aughlin. Philadelphia, Pa, Antedaten Nov. 20. 1869 97,510.-Machine for Testing Springs.-George Hopsen, 97,511.-CLoT C lES DRyer and Stove-PIpe SIelf.-G. E. 97,5Ho2.l.ehot Aro BWJiT Machine,E, A, Hydc, Ann A1 97,51 3 . -Alarm Lock.-B. F. Irvine and T. A. Hitchcockj North La Crosse. 'Vis. Antedated Nov. 27, 1869. 97,514.-Windon Blind.A. A. Jaqup (aSiignor to HIMSELF and DAVID Parker), New York City. !7,515.-Sadiron Heater-James Jenkmson, Willams burgh, n. y. Antedated Dec. 4,1869. 97,516.Chamber Pail.J. S. Jenn. ngs, Brooklyn, N. Y. 97,517.-Gas Burner.- . L. Jukes (assignor to himself, F. McLewee, P. I.Putnam, and Bronson Murray), New York city 97,518.-SIwing MaOhine for Sewing Shoes.-Jeremiah Keith, Brooklrn, n. y. 97,5CI.Detachable Tipping BaiI,.-.. Kerth, Brooklyn, 97,520.-thakeH foH Th Hashing Machines.-M. A. Keller, Llttlestown, Pa. 97,521.-SpHing Bed.-S. P. Kittle, Newark, N. J. 07,522.-Folding Box Spring Mattress.-Sam. P. Kittle, Brooklyn, n. Y. 97,523:-Combined Shovel A nd ' ongs.-enry Kliperd an d Benjamin Ne,buIY, Clarksville, OhIO. Antedated Nov. 30, 1869. 97,524.-Mode of Attaching Skats to Carriages.Chas. Iebs, West sr.gfie ld, Mass. 97,525 . .A;ta6hif g Calks to Horseshoes.-Perley Laflin, 'anen, assignor to h imself and Z. E. Cary, w e st Brookfield, Mass. 97,526.-Knitting MaOhine Needle.-J. H. Lane and C. D. House, Lake Village, N. H. 97,527.- M achjne for Drilling and Preparing Watch Cases foU SPRINGING.Jacques Laurent. New Yor]r city. 97,528.Mode oE' Preparing PapeH J'or Printing Post age aNd Revenue S'amps .-Samuel Lenher and H. H. S p encer, Pliladelphia, Pa. 97,520.-Base BuHning Stove.-G. \. Lewm. , Worcester, Mass. 97.530. - BrodOast Seeder.J. S. LeWI. S, Elkport, Iowa. 97.531. - Grain Binder.-S. D. Locke, Janesville, Wis. 97,532.Grain BindeH. - S. D. Lo c ke, JaneSVIlle, WIS. 97,533-Grain Binder. - S. D. Locke, Janesville, Wis. 97,534. - Grain Binder.S. D. Locke, Janesville, "'is. 97,535.G rain Binder.S. D . L ock e , J ane8v-i1 l' e, Wis. 97,536.Grain Binder.-S. D. Locke, Janesville, \IS. 97,537.Metallic Cartridge.-John Logan and D. W. Eldredge, Boston, Mas,. 97,538.-l0rtable Fence.-Arthur Love, Saxonburg, Pa. Antedated Nov. 22, 1869. 97,539.Sawing MaOhinl-Patrick Magee (assignor to Fe- lix I'hibodaux). AssumptIOn parish, La. 97,540.-Coollr for Beer and other Liquids.-John J. Marki, Richmond, Ind. 97,541.Machine for W iring B lind R ods and S lats.- Godlip Ileyel (assignor to himself and Jacob Wagner), Cleveland Ohio. 97,542.Galmen Implement.-Henry Miller, Roadside, Va: 97"543.-C ombined II ay R akl and T ed der.-'J 0 h n C. M'lls, Palmyra. N. y. 97,544.-Tuck-creaskr PoH Sewing Machine.-Jolm I. Mooncy. San FranCISCO. Cal. 97,545.Folding 13eds'fead.-.ohn Muller,PhiladelphIa,Pa. 97,543.Rotary StlCam EngU g.H.Olney (assignor to himRelf, Robert a. Dclong, and LUCIuS R. Townsond). lalone, n. Y. 97,547.-Sheet-metaI, Kly.-Emery Par k er, New B rit a i n , Conn. 97,548."W i nd ow a nd Door Cap Molding.-J oseph Parkin and Jam es H. Smith , Clev eland, O hio. 97,M9.-Device for Forming Bolllrs.-George S. Pierce, Wilkesbal're, lm]. 97,550.Permutation Lock.-Oli v er E. Pillard (assignor to Frederick H. North),New Iitain. Conn. 97,551.Machinery for Making Piano.forte Cases. Sawyer Porter (assignor to himself and Levi W. Porter), Leominster MaRS. 97,552.-Railway CaH Wlell and Axle.-Perley Putnam, Laconia, n. H. 97,553.-Machine foH Preparing Paving Blocks.-Wm. o. Robb!ns and C h arl e s w. Stolord, New York Clty. Antedated November 30,1860. 97,554.Mach"ry for Preparing Wooden Bl09ks for Pavement.William O. Robbins and ( .harles w. Stafford, New York city. 97,555:-Compound for DestHoying Inslcts.-N. T. P. Robertson and Thomas Niles, Fairbury, 111. 07,556.-HaHvester.-A. Sheline and E. Burke, ldon, Ohio. 97,557.Suslenders.-Abraham Shenfield, New York city: 97,558.-Boot Conformator.Samuel \V. Shorey, Gales-burg, Il. 97,559.-Colbi:ed Ummlla and Cane.-Addlson Smith, Perrrsburg, OhiO. 97,56O.-Safety Lamp.-Cyrus Smith. Hermo:l, Me. :7,561.-ManuPactuUe of Car'rridge Shells. - Dexter Smith, Springfield, O a8'. 97,562.Garmen" Suspender. - E. N . Snow, Chicopee, 97,56..- T I ck l'aner 0 r Mowing Machine.P ratt A . Spicer, Marshall, Mich. 97,564.- Piston Packing.Edward Sullivan.P.ttsburgh, Pa. 97,5'!5.Churning MaOhin..-D. G. Taylor, Campbells- v ille.Ky. 97,566.- Explosive Compound fon L. de in FireaIIs, basting, e'c.-Thomas Taylor, Waslngton, d. 9. 97,507.Gunpowder.Thomas Ta y lor, Wash. ngton, D. C. 97,568.-Uombination Padlock.-M. P. Thatcher, Pontiac, assignor to .ulius: A. Foster, Adrian,pich. 97,569.-Check HoolL-George Theobalt, Spr .ngfield, Mass. 97,570.-Ven'ilatoH.-Wm. F. ' horns, New York cit]. 97,571.-Instrument for Descri m ing Spmal Lines. Lewis w. Truesdell, Owego, n. Y. Ante I ated November 30. 1869. 97,572.-Trunk Hasp.-Cornelius ralsh, Newark, N. J. 97,573.-Cultivator.-Hiram J. \attlcs, Hockford, Ill. 97,n- 74 . -SU 0ingle.Mar tI' n W esson, S prI'ng fie ld , M ass. 97,575.S ur aft Coupling.-Seth \heeler, Albany, N Y. 97,576.-Ventilator.Ch arI es F. Wh or t , S t: L OU1's' M 0. 97,577.-Railway Track Cleaner.M. F. WICk. ersham, Springfield, Ill. 97,578.Trace-lock for Whiffletree.Samuel P. WI.I-hams, Rutland. Vt. 97,579.-Sea' for CIIaiHs, Sofas, etc.-Frederick vVittram, San 'r an c i sc o, Cal. 97,580.-Generating HydHogln and HydroOarbon Gas. ~Tospph S. Wood (assignor to h'mseU and John J . Carb erry) , PIII'la d eIphia, Pa. 97,581.- LoOk .-T homas B. \orre l l and 'r homas \alker, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor s to Thomas B . Worrell. 97,582.-ManufaOtuHe of Stell.-.ohn Amsterdam, New York dty. 9 7,583.-D inkn CUP.-Bcrnhard Adler (assignor to himsel t and '. N. Drcscllcl), New York city. 97,584.-GHain SepaHa'oI.-J. R. Allen, Edinburg, Ind. Antedated November 27, 1860. 97,585.-Packing for St(ffing Boxes.-\m. \. Allmand, East b o oto n . 1ass. 97,58 i.-Driving Mechanism IWH Sewing MacIines.- games b. Ayer, E11zbeth, N. J. 97,58: -HoHsl Collar.-\V. M. Baker, GreenwIch StatIn, Ohio. 97,538 oZBFruit Jar.Thomas J . B arg . s an d J 0h n C. Un derwood, Richmond, Ind. 97,5O-J.Spring for Horse CollaHs.-Benjamin J. Barton and Roswell J. S ta nl e y , Washington, Iowa. 97,590.-HoLLow Auge1k-H. T. Beam, Joseph C Freeman, and D. B. Mills, Palestine, Ill. 97,591-o n 1 W UAH l.-E. R. Beardsley, Aroma, Ill. 97,592.Horse Colll .-A . i,eckwith, New Orleans, La. 97.593.RailIy Rail.Henry Belfield, Philadclphh, Pa. 97,n 94 '- A larm F auclt.-Th omas M. B1' ddl e, F ort W ayne. 97, 5 d i-' .- S TEAn G age Cock. - S umue 1 Bl ackman, h,ead .ng, 97,596.-Machine for Preparing Tobacco Stem6.-Nich 01a8 H. Bon.felt, New York city. 97,597.PYcess of Treating Asphaltum to Obtan CoWes ANte DYES.Julius Bronner 3.n Hermann Gutzkow, Frankfort, on4he..MoJn, Prussia. : 97,598.-Dumping Wagon.-J. G. Burwell and J. J. Walls, Crystal Springs, Miss. ': 97,5!9.-Corn Harvester-John F. Byland, Walton, Ky. 97,600.-Apparatus for Dressing Flour.-Henri Cabanes, Bordeaux, France. 97,6 01.RailroD '' icket.-C. A. Chamberlin, Pit t sbur 'O' h , P a. 97,602.-Device for Turning Logs in Saw Mill.-Bela L. Churchill and George z. Vandersli('n, Philipsburg, Pa. 97,60 3.- \o oden 'rr unk. -V. J. Clark, W. F. Doggett, and S. M. Burr, Columb us, Ohio. 97,(04.-Dish-washeH.-Fr'1ces E. Clarke (aSSIgnor to Thos. D.Clarke), FlInt, Mhcb. 97,605.Folding Chicken Coop.-George Edward Cleeton, New Haven, Conn. 97,606.-DitOling MacIine. - William Cline, Jr., Clayton, Inr. 9'1,607.-PIWOess for Decorative Oil Painting.-Paul Cousi' d and Pl' erre 0ury, ParI's, france, aSS . gnors, f or one th11'd , t0 N. Wa8hauCI, New York CIty. 9,,698.-Ra ilway Car. WTalworth D. Crane, New York city. 97,(09:-Plow.-Ch!rles Crow (assignor to himself and Willlamson D. Kerr), Covington, Ind. 97,610.-Water Wheel tcroll Chute.Homer H. Cum- Hungs, Enfield, N. H. I 97,611.-Machine for Sewing the Soll and Upper of Boots and Shoes.-Jolm Cullan, MooresLown. N. J. 97,612.Musical Game.-George V. D a wson (aSSIgnor to WILlS m. Sm It h) , New Haven, Conn. 97,613.-ApparatuB for n hating Cnoup and other Diseases.-G!lbert Declat, Paris, France. 97,614.-achinl foH Ironing and l tiffening Linen and othfe tbrics.-JUleS Decoudul, ParIS, France. Patented in France, May 16,1868. 97,615.-MetalliO Cartridge.-A. C. Depew and J. Slatch. er, Bridgeport, Conn. 97,6 1 6.-'obaOOo MaOhine. - J. H. Dickason. Hannibal, Mo 97,617.Comb1 0d Call Bell and Table Caster-H. A. Dierkes, New l:orkClty. 97,918.-Carriage JaOk.-W. S. Douglass (assignor to W. O. Douglass and A. S. Doug l ass ) , Richmond, Vt. 97,619. - Bedstead.-D. E. Dugan, SprinOville, Pa. 97,620.Car Coupling.-Joseph Dunott (assignor to himselt and Geo. Gibson) ' Philadelpbia, Pa. 97,621. - Sawing Machine.'Samuel Fletcher, Hollis, N . R . 97,622.A xle for C arHiages. - S amue1 F 'orrester, Allegheny, p. 97 ,623.- Carriag e Axle. - Samuel Forre ster, Al l egh e ny, P a. 97,62 4 .Knife Handle. James D. F r a r y' , N ew Br.'ain, Conn. 97,625.MaOhine fo r Jointing Staves.-L . H . Fulda and Martin Fuld a, San Franc'sco, C a1 . 97, \{6. -Sawing Machine. - S amue 1 A . Gardner, Round Hill, pa. 97,6 2.-G'as-burner Re g ulator.-R 0b ert GI. ll, New York city. 97,628.Corrugated Reflector.Bernard Goetz, PhI. ladelphia, Pa. 97,629.-Attachment for Fastlning Overlapping Parts of Garments.-B. J. Greeley, Boston, Mass. 97,630.Potato Digger.-Wm. Green, Holly, Mich. Antedated Nov. 27,1809. 97,6ll.Cotton and Hay Prlss.-Robert Greene, Green-vine, n. c. 97,632.-M C de of Generating Illuminating Gas.-Alexander Haor, Philadelphia, 1'a. 97,633.Pump.Michael Ianstine, Waynesborough, Pa. !7,634. - Por''able FurnaOe. - John H. Harper, Pittsburgh. Pa. 97,635.-Grappling Hook. - Henry H. Hatheway, Clock- ville, n. Y. 97,636.-SpaItk AHrester.-\. E. Haycs, Durand, Wis. 97,637 -Fastening for NecktiK-larr y M. Heineman ' San Franclsco, Oal. 97,638.-Machine for Tlmm i ng tIe Heels of Boots and S TI oes.-C. H. Helms, Poughkeepsie, k. y. 97,639.Water Closet.-J. B. Hobson and J. Middleton, Jr., San Francisco, Cal. 97,640.-Saw Mill.-J. R. Hoffman, Fort Wayne, Ind. !7,641.-SadiHfn HoldeH.-Egmont Inger, N ew York city. 97,642.-BriOk Molds.-Stephen Inman, Rockford, Ill. 97,64 3 .-F a stening for CoHsets.-Ludwi g Jarchow, New York Olty. 97,644.-Coffee R oaster.-J 0h n J a)" , Jonesborough, Ind. !7,645. - Car SpHing.-C. T. Jeffries, Philadelphia, Pa. 97,646.Gang Plow.-Byron J enn. ngs (aSSIgnor to hI. mself and Henry w., Gilroy, Cal. Anted.tee Dec. l,1869. 97,647.-ArtifiOial L l g.O . B. Jewett, Lacoma, N. H. !7,l48.-Sash Balance.-Chas. Kanzler and Albert N ega, St. Louis, Mo. 97,619.-Stay for 'nunks.-Chas. Kellermann and P. W. Stauff, Chicago, 111. 97,650.-GUain Dryer.-S. C. Kenaga, Kankakee, Ill. Antedated Nov. 27, 1869 ; !7,651.-0iling CarHiage and C ar Axles.-Wm. Kenw o r- thy a n d J. H. Pollitt, Buchanan. Pa. 97,652.-Gas BuHnen.-A. M. Laev I son, QUl. lCY, Ill. 97,653.-Shot Cartridge.-Chas. \m. Lan.aster" London, Eagland. 97,654.-AttaOhing K nobs to Doors.-Chas. F. Langford, Brooklyn,N. Y. 97,655.-Centrifugal Pump. - N. H. Lebby, Charle s ton S. C. 97,656.-Tool Holder for Grindstones.-Phlhp Leonard, Sharon, Pa. 97 .6i7 .-Mo'de of Preven ting Corrosion in Pipes' Bolts " and Similar Article8 of IRon in Sea 1 ater.-Reubcn Lighthall, Brooklyn, N. y. 9 7,658.Water \heel . A" W. Lloyd , North Ad am s , 97,659.-ArtifiOial Nipple. H. D. Lockwood ' Charles. town, Mass. 97,660.-Cooking Stove.-Zephaniah Lockwood, Sarato g a Sp rlng s , N. Y. 97,661. - Sle d Brake.-C. M. Lutkm, Alstead, N. H. 97,662.Cockeye for Harness. - Thomas J. Magruder, Marion, Ohio. 97,663.-Bush HanImer.-J. VV. Maloy, Boston, Mass. 97,664.-Mac h ine for Grinding Needles.-Clark Marsh (assignor to Wheeler 'ilson Manufacturing Compan y ), Bridgeport, Conn. 97,665.-\ ater Wheel.-H. P. McCleave, Tomales, Cal. !7,666.-Vagon StandaHd.-Jas. McCullough. Quincy, Ind. Antedated D ec . 4,1869. 97,667.-Cutter for Card setting laOhine.-D. leFar. land, Worcester, Mass. 97,668.Drain'pipe MaOhine.-Peter McIntyre, Norwich, Conn. 07,669. - Fruit Can.-A. J. McMillen, Ravenswood, \est Va. 97,670.Pump.-C. L. Merrill, Watertown, N. Y. 97,671.-Abrading and Polishing VVheel.-E. C. Merrill, Charleston, Vt. 97,672.-Pat'E for Laying Out Garments.-Wm. M. MIChael, Indlana.Pa. 97,673.-MaOhin e for Operating Pumps.-R. E. Moore, Nayaso g, Texas. 97,674.Churn.-Ezra Morgan, F reneh Creek , N . Y . 97,675.-Clamp foh Embossing Harness Loops.-O. H. Mol r.s. New Haven, 0onn. 97,676-en.W. A. Mol s e, Phll ad e I phia, P a . 97 ,677.Hay Tedd"E"u' ,-M. D . Myers ( asl"lig nor, 0f one f ourth, to n. W. Gates), Frankfort, N. y. 97,678.-Heating AttaOhment foI Cooking Stoves.-R. w. [eyerrs (assig nor to himself, G eo. Gardiner, Wm. Gardiner, and O. L. Ga rdiner), G len Garrdner Statio n, N. J. 97,G79.-Mechanisl for Operating the ShuttJe Boxes in Looms.Archibald Nicamo (assignor to blmself.and :homas Moran), Philadelphia, Fa. ' 97,680.-HaRrow CTOR:-Frederick Nistz , Brooklyn.X. y 97,681.-Interchangeable Boot aKd Snoe Heel.-.Tohn Norburn, Pitt8burgh, Pa., ass i gno m to J. c. Woodhead and j. Holmes, trustees for Umve ; sal Manufaeturing Co. 97,682.Machine for Washing Wool.Emile Nougaret, Newark, N.J. Antedated Dec. l,1869. 97,68 3 .-Velocipede.-Rene OlIVIer, Par. s, Franen. 97,684.-Centrifugal Machinl for lxtHac'ln Honey from the Com b .- H. O. Peabody, B o ston , MaRS. 97,685.Spring.Wm. Pearson, \mdsor Locks, Conn. 97,686.-Piano'orte Action.-A. \V. PerI)', H1. Joleph, Jo 97,687.-Fled Cu''ter.-Hans Peterson, Red Wing, Minn. 97,688.-Apparatus for Cllaning BammI,s.-Inmmiuel Pfeiier (aSSignor, for one half, to H. M. Braem), New York city. 97,68 9.-Ventil a t o r.-W. L. Phillips, N ormal, 111. 97' 690.Draft Regula;or fo: Plows.Martin 1nn am an (assignor to himself and Elizabeth Kessler), Tipton, Ind. 97,691-achi:e for Swaging Threads on S crl, ws.- T. T. Prosser, ChI c ago. 1,1. 97,692.-ManufaOtuHl of Soap.Wm. p. Puuh, High Point, N. C . 97,69'. -f un H ari oon.- J . P . r echten, Ne' Y or { ci t J . 97,694.Privy Seat.Frank Heed, Fitchburg, IU8S. Ant,edated :ov. 30, 1869. 97, 6 95.-Piston Va lvh.-A. f. Hee ee! , Normal, ! d. 97,696.-Tubular Hefriglrator.-Adam held, Buffalo N. y. 97,697. - La:d Roller.-Herm!n Ret z l aff, St. L. om. s, Mo. 97,698.At:iosphebic and Condensing HydrauI,Jc Exgine.-a. j. Reynoldt, Chic a go, Ill. 97,69!.-Flexible Pn'l C01p,ing.-Quartus Hice, N cyadu, Cal. 97,700.-M a chin g J'or Making BucI{l,es.-Julius Robbins, Auburn, N. y. 97,701,-Knife Sh.;peneh.-z, C. and H. A. HohblOs, Washington, D. c. 97,702.Tobacco Elevator.G. Rob.nson, Lou : sVJ. i,ie, Ky . 97.70 3 .-MaOhine for Rolling, Pressing, and Cutti:g Tobacco.G. Robinson, Louisville, Ky. 97,704.-Trace luokle.-Wm. A. Rohm. sol, Grand Rapids, Mich., assignor to o. B. North Co. 97,705.Coil Spring a-d its At'acUmgnts.-'Imothy Rose, Cortland, and P. S. Buell, Windsor. n. y. 97,706.Spring Bld Bottom.-lra M. Hussell, LeWIston, Me. 97,707.-Apparatus fon Laying Ou'f Staih Railf.-A. Schollars, Leavenl\"ol'th, Kansas. 97,908.-HorRe Hay Hake.-vm. Sharkey, ChI. CO, Cal. 97,709.-Process for ManufactulUng Chelse.-Mary A. Sheaf - er, Elizabethtown,Pa. 97,710. - Book Holder.-Hamilton Sherman, 0averly, Pa. 97,711.Pla'e JO Holdi ng tIle Lids of Trunks in Place.J. '. Shubert and l,Dval Douglas, New Haven, Conn. 97, for Wood Working.J. Simpson'Cieveland, Ohlo. 97,713.-Key Guard.-P. G. Smi t h \ssignor to himsell and Hobert DOlahue), Brooklyn, x. y. 97,714.Bridge.R. W. Smith, Toledo, Ohio. 97.71 5 .-Ha m mer.-s. b. Sm ith ' New Haven, c on. 97, 716 .-B oot and Shoe H. iml. t h , N"wpo!! r. i. 97,717.Sight for FirK:.-C. K Sneilcr, I!altimore, Md. 97,718.Manufacture of Iron and S teel.-H. Spel1cer and L. k. Saylor, Philadelphia, Pa. 97,719.Toy Harpoon Gun.-Ebenezer Sperry, St. Louis, Mo. 97,720.Spring Bld Bottom.Jost Stengel, Croton, Mich. l7,721.-Pleating !achinl. - Simon Sterns, : ew York CIty. 97,722.Bedstead Fastening.William Stevens,Tarentulll, Pa. 97,723.-Tool Rest for Lathes.-j. G. Stowe, Providence, 97,724.-Hay LoadeH.-W. I. Straub, Dam'.IIlc, Pa. 97,725.-\ashing Machine.T. II. Tatlow, Jr., Newark, Mo. 97,726.Hanging Vindow Shades.-j. 1. Tay, O a kl a nd, Cal. 97,7 2 7.-Means for Hangng Wd:dow Shades.J. 1. Tay and L. L. sa;yer, Oakland, Cal. 97,728-read S liOeh.-Joseph ''aylo, I U dson, X. J. 97,729.Grain Drill.-J . H' Thomas and p. P. Mast,Sp.'np-- fleld, Ohio. 97,730.Railway Car BUake.-J. B. Van nnw.. Nashville, Tenn. antedated Nov. 80,1869. 97,731.Cooking Stove.Nicholas f. Vedder, 'roy, K. Y. Antedated Nov. 30, 1869.J 97,732.-Coal Stove.-S. D. Vose, Milwaukee, \Vi,. 97,733.-Fastlning for TEaveling Bag.-C. Walsh ,md Josiah Walsh, Newark, N. J., a SSIgnors to C. Walsh. 97,734.-Breech-Loading FiHe1Hm.-Wm. G. ,ard, New York city. 97,735.Pen.Addison g. \aterhouse, San Frnlc]sco, Cal. Antedated Nov. 25, 1869. 97,736.-Clotles DryeH 'or S'l'ovJ Pipes.-L. B. \Vaterman (assignor toL. B. Kelly), Chicago, Ill. 97,737.-Boiler :eed and Wa'ler HeatlH.-H. \Vi.,rley, New Albany, Ind. 97,738. - I ce Crelper.-A. \ilke. Brunswick, Germany. 97,739.Corn Plan'er.-f. l. Wilkens. St. Mary's, Ohio. Antedated Dec. 4, 1869. 97,740.-Tire Heater.-Isaish M. Williams, Clinton county, Ohio. 97,741.-Mechanism fon Driving Sewing Machines.-J.H. Wilson, Philadelphia, Pa., and J. C. Outwater, Newark, k. j. 97,742.Mole Killer.Joseph Wilson, Little Falls, N. J. 97,743.Cidlr Mill.-L - r W1 son, Springfield, OhIO. 97,744- A pparatus for Treatin' Diseases by Mechani- '. cal Movement.r. L. Vod, New York ciiy. 97:745.-Gate.-J. A. Wood ane E. Y. "Marbaker,Crosswicks n. j. 97,746.Plow.-Alex. Wll ght, AlleQhcny CIty, Pa. 97,747.-Game Trap.-E. M. Day, Elkhart. Ill. 97,'48.-Gas Machine.T . G. Spring el, C'1m t on, I owa. 97,749.-Mac hine fo M ak Il\"g Ca n dIE MoI, Ds .k- ]ObCS Burlingame, Garrat tsville, l. y., assignor to lIimself and .T. E. Pilking-ton, Waslnngton, d. c. 97,750.-Roop Skm'f.-Gottfried Bierilf. New York city. heissues. 89,669.-Feed-Cutting Attachmgnt to Thhasjung la chines.-Dated May 4, lSGg; rei S Ue 3,7"6.-0. W. Lee, Sandy, Ohio. 24,'72.-Powder Keg.-Dated July 12, 185! ; reis )ue 1,383, datedJanW;J 6,1863; re'ssue 1,757.Charles Green, 1m. 8con, t., ndnry tu Pont, E. i. Du Pont. L. Dn Pont, and Eugene Du Pont, Wilmington, Del., anrt c h arle s Pratt, New Yorl city, a ssignee s of ,arles Wilson, Charles Green, and Wm. Wilson . .Tr. 96,278.-BrJdge.-Dated Oct. 26,1869; reissue 3,75S.-Smith, Iatrobe 00 .. Baltimore, Md., assignees of f. H. Smith. DESIGNS. 3,779.-CloOk Case Fnont.-F. Kroeber, New York city. 3,780.-Pendulm-Clock Case Front.-F. Kroeber, New York city. 3.781.-Collar.-E. E. Mack, Albany, N. Y. 3,782.-FlooI OUJ Cloth Pattern. - James Patterson, Rlizaheth, a:signor to Richard h. Reeve and Benjamin C. Reeve, CDmde n, n. ,j. 3,783.- HaJ:ness Buckle. - D. Schoonmaker, Springfield, Mass.