For the Week Ending July 6, 1869. Reported Officially for the Scientific American. SCHEDULE OF PATENT OFFICE FEES: On each caveat.................................................................$10 On filing each application for a Patent (seventeen years)...................$15 On issuing each orisinal Patent............................................... On appeal to Canmissioner of Patents.........................................20 On application for Keissue.....................................................$80 On application for Extension of Patent......................................$50 On granting the Extension.....................................................$50 On filing a Disclaimer..........................................................$10 On an application for Design (three and a half years)......................$10 On an application for Design (seven years)..................................$16 On an application for Design (fourteen years)...............................$30 In addition to which there are some small revenue-stamp taxes. Residents ol Canada and Nova Scotia pay $500 on application. For Cfipy of Claim of any Patent issued within 30 years.......................$1 A nkecJi from the model or drawing, relating to such portion of a machine as the Claim covers.from.................................................$1 upward, but usually at the price above-named. Thefu Specification of any patent issued since Nov. 20,1866, at which time the Patent ffle commenced printing them..............................$1*25 Official Copies of Dravnngsof any patent issted since 1836, we can supply at a reasonable cost, the price depending upon the amount of labor involved and the number of views. Fall information, as to price ot drawings, in each case, may be had by addressing , J !/. jjjjjNN cW.. Paient Solicitors, No. 37 Park Bow, New York. 92,138.—SEWING MACHINE.—John Q. Adams, North Brook- field, Mass.; 92,139.—HAEEOW AND MAEKBE COMBINED.—Wm. Addleton, Mottville,N. Y. ' 92,140.—HOESB RAKE.—F. M. Allerton, Alliance, Ohio. 92,141.—PAPBE CLIP.—W. A. Amburg, Chicago, 111. 92,142.—SHIELD FOE PEOTBCTING HOESBS FROM SUNSTEOKB. —John Anderson, Brooklyn, N. Y. 92,143.—PLOW.—W J. Arrington, Jefferson county, Ga. 92,144.—CoTTON-SBBD PLANTBE AND DRILL.—W. J. Arrington, Jefferson county, Ga. 92,145.—METHOD OF BENDING CHAIE RIMS, ETC.—S. M. Barrett, Cincinnati, Ohio. 92,146.—KNITTING MACHINE.—Dana Bickford, Boston, Mass. 92,147.—HAND DATING STAMPS.—Edward Bierstadt (assignor to himself and J. M. Tower), Jersey City, N. J. 92,148.—AXLE GAGE.—Joseph Birkett, Tazewell county. 111. 92,149.—CAED CLOTHING.—A. P. Bishop and John H. Aiken, Norwalk, Conn., and John M. Pendleton and A. W. Gates, New York city. 92,150.—HINGE.—Etienne Boileau and Charles Mesnier, St. Louis, Mo. 92,151.—KNOB LATCH.—A. T. Brooks (assignor to Russell Erwin Manufacturing Co.), New Britain, Conn. 92,152.—KNOB LATCH.—A. T. Brooks (assignor to Russell Erwin Manufacturing Co.), New Britain, Conn. 93,153.—KTTOB LATCH.—A. T. Brooks (assignor to Russell Erwin Manufacturing Co.), New Britain, Conn. 92,154.—ScEUBBiNG BEUSH.—G. W. Brown, Providence, R. I, 92,155.—TWO-WAY RAIN-WATEE CONDUCTOR.—F. M. Bnckles (assignor to himself and J. A. Stuckey), Altona. 111. 92,156.—HORSE RAKE.-Daniel Bull, Amboy, 111. 92,157.—CAEBIAGE JACK.—J. 0. Burch, Buffalo, N. Y. 92,158.—TEUSS.—John Burnham, Batavia, 111. 92,159.—COEN PLANTEE.—Walter Caldwell, Bryan, Ohio. 92,160.—WHEAT DRILL.—R. W. Campbell, Spurgeon, Ind. i 92,161.—MACHINERY FOE MANUFACTUEINGCOMPOSITE PAPEE. —Wellington Campbell, Millburn, N. J. 92,162.—BAND CUTTER FOE THEASIIING MACHINES.—Sanford Cartmel, Henry, 111. 92,163.—SAFETY ATTACHMENT FOE BEBASTPINS.—Frederick Catlin, New York city. 92,164.—CHUEN.—J. I. Cheatham, Athens, assignor to C. A. Mitchell and K. W. Smith, Greensborough, Ga. 92,165.—MILKING STOOL.—D. D. Chittenden, Baldwinsville, N.Y. 92,166.—HAY SPEEADEE.—D. B. Clement, Brighton, Mass.,as-sinor to himself and D. H. Nash, New York city. 92,167.—CiECULAE KNITTING MACHINE.—C. G. Cole, Bennington, Vt., assignor to Dana Bickford, Boston, Mass. 92,168.—WAGON BEAKE.—L. T. Conant, New Lisbon, Ohio. 92,169.—BEICK MACHINE.—Jacob Cooke, Muncy, Pa. 92,170.—OIL AND TALLOW CUP.—R. A. Copeland, Brooklyn, N. Y. Antedated June 22,1869. 92,171.—COMBINED SEED PLANTEE, DEOPPEB, AND CULTIVA- TOE.—C. M. Cornell, Ionia, Mich. 92,172.—COAL STOVE.—David B. Cox and Albert Brown, Troy, N. Y. 92,173.—PLATE FOE PAELOE STOVES.—Joseph Cox, Philadelphia, Pa. 92,174.—BASKET RACK FOE RAILEOAD CAES.—W.G. Creamer, Brooklyn, N. Y. 92,175.—HoESE HAY FOEK.—W. E. Derrick (assignor to himself and G. B. Garrison), Jordan, N. Y. 92,176.—METHOD OF OBTAINING BENZOLE AND ITS HOMO- LOGTLES FROM COAL GAS.—Fritz Engclhom, August Clemm, Heinrich Ca-ro, Carl Clemm, Mannheim, Germany. 92,177.—LuMBEE SLED.—Geo. Engle, Patch Grove, Wis. 92,178.—CONSTEUCTION OF SAFES.—John Farrel, New York city. 93,179.—MODE OF CLEANING SHEEP AND OTHEE SKINS FOR; TANNING.—August Fan and Eugene Fan, Castres, France. 92,180.—PACKING PUMP PISTONS.—E.T. Pord,Stillwater,N.Y. 92,181.—MACHINE FOR MANUFACTURING BRUSHES.—W. A, Foskett and H. B. Tyler, New Haven, Conn. 92,182.—RAILWAY CAR SPRING.—Perry G. Gardiner, New ork city. 92,183.—RAILWAY CAR SPRING.—Perry G. Gardiner, New York city. 92,184.—COMBINED CORN DROPPER AND CULTIVATOE.—P. P. Gardner, Stoneborough, Pa. 92,185.—MACHINE FOR MAKING EYELETS.—Thos. Garrick, Providence, K. I. 92,186.—COMBINED SEEDER, ROLLER, AND CULTIVATOE.—W. S. Grover, Oconomowoc, Wis. 92,187.—MACHINEEY FOE BENDING WOOD.—James Hann, Frenchtown, N. J. 92,188.—HARNESS.—G. M. Harnisch, Chicago, 111. 92,189.—SKEWER EOR SPEEDER BOBBINS. — Cyrus Harris, River Point, R. L 92,190.—SELF-CLOSING COCK FOR WATER CLOSETS.—Chas. Harrison, New York city. 92,191.—SAW MILL.—J. R. Hoffman, Fort Wayne, Ind. 92,192.—MECHANICAL MOVEMENT.—Jas. M. Johnson, North- cutt's store, Ky. 92,193.—LOCOMOTIVE STEAM ENGINE.—G. G. Jones, Rushsyl- vania, Ohio. 92,194.—SPRINKLING CAN.—H. Kaiser and A. Kaiser, Columbus, Ohio. 91,195.—SHREDDING AUGER FOR BAEEBLS.—Archibald Kel- ley, Sliarpslinrg, Pa. Antedated June 19,1869. 92,196.—KNIFE-HANDLE BOLSTER.—W. P. Lathrop, West Winsted, Conn. 92,197.—NATIGATOES' BEAEING INDICATOR.—J. D. Leach (assignor to himself, Sabin Hatchings, and Se-vell Leach), Penobscot Me. 92,198.—TEANSPLANTING AND WEEDING MACHINE.—A. E. Lyman, Northampton, Mass. 92,199.—METALLIC GEOMMBT.—John Mair (assignor to himself and H.W. Cramer). Philadelphia, Pa. Antedated June 22 1869. 92,200.—CoEN PLANTER.-Wm. IL McCormick, Munice, Ind. 92,201. — CHEESE PRESS. — Samuel B. McCoUough, Rock Spring, Md., and John E. West, Lancaster county. Pa.; said West assigns to said McCoUough. 92,202.—PEUNING SIIEAE.—S. A. McParlane, Grand Rapids, Mich. 92,203.—METALLIC FLOWER STAND AND HOLDER.—Henry Miller, Cranston, assignor to himself and G.O.Miller, Johnston, E.I. Antedated Jan. 6,1869. 92,204.—SHIP'S BERTH.—Joshua Monroe, New York city. 92,205.—METALLIC DOOR OR SHUTTER.—A B. Mullett and Bartholomew Oertly, Washington, D. C. 92,206.—CLOTHES LINE HOLDER.—Harrison Ogborn, Rich mond, assignor to Samuel Watson, Lewisvillc, Ind. 92,207.—IRONING TABLE.—Wm. P. Patton, Harrisburgh, Pa. Antedated June 26,1869. 92,208.—COTTON GIN.—W. F. Pratt (assignor to the E. Carver Co.), East Bridgewater, Mass. 92,209.—MEDICAL COMPOUND.—Mary H. Ramsaur, Lincoln-ton, N. c. 92,210.—MACHINE FOR DRYING YARN, ETC.—George Richardson, Lowell, Mass. 92,211.—BOILER FLUE BRUSH.—P. H. Ryan, Cincinnati, Ohio. 92,212.—FURNACE FOR GENERATING STEAM GAS.—J. Milton Sanders, New York city. 92,213.—WASHING MACHINE.—M. J. Sanford, Fredonia, N.Y. 92,214.—POST AUGER.—S. S. Sherman and J. G. Sherman, McHenry, 111. 92,215.—APPARATUS FOR FILTERING LKUIDS UNDERPRESS- tiBE.—T. R. Sinclaire, New York city. 92,216.—ROOFING.—C. T. Smith, Nyack, N. Y. 92,217.—POCKET CUTLERY.—D. E. Smith, Bronxville, N. Y. 92,218.—YARN ETENER.—G. S. Smith, Bozrahville, Conn. 92,219.—RAILWAY CAR TRUCK.-W. M. Smith, Augusta, Ga. 92,220.—PROCESS OF TREATING CAST IRON FOR THE MANU- rAOTTjBE Ol- HOKSESHOES AND OTHEK ABTICLES.—James E. Speer, Pittsburgh, Pa. Antedated June 26,1869. 92,221.—MODE OF TREATING PIG IRON FOR MAKING STEEL AND MALLEABLE CAST IRON.—Jas. R, Speer, Pittsburgh, Pa. Antedated June 26,1869. 92,222.—VATER METER.—Monroe Stannard (assignor to Pratt, Whitney Co.),Hartford, Conn. 92,223.—COOKING STOTE.—G. W. Swett, Troy, N. Y. 92,224.—EXCAVATOR.—J. W. Swickard, Galva, assignor to himself and W. H. Howell, Altona, 111. 92,225.—MANUFAcruRE OF TARPAULINS.—N. C. Szerelmey, Belgrave road, Pimlico. assignor to W. H. Valpy, No. 8 Craig's Court Charing Cross, England. Patented in England, Jan. 2J, 1869. 92,226.—CARPET SWEEPER.—Q. F. Taylor, New York city. 92,227.—RETAINER FOR TOBACCO PRESSES.—Enoch Thomas, Craigsville, Va. 92,228.—REFLECTING GALVANOMETER.—William Thomson, Glasgow College. Scotland. 92,229.—PROCESS OF TREATING VEGETABLE SUBSTANCES TO OB'I-AIN FIBEE.—B. C. Tilghman, Philadelphia, Pa. 92,230.—RAILWAY CAR BRAKE.-Frederick Townsend, Albany, 92,231.—BALANCE PISTON VALVE FOR STEAM ENGINES.—C. W. Tremain, Chicago, 111. 92,232.—WASHING MACHINE.—D. J. True and E Fairfield, Portland, Me. 92,233.- CLOD BREAKER AND PULVERIZER.-J. B. Turner, Jacksonville, 111., assignor to himself and Bronson Murray, New York city. 92,234.—SEEDER.—M. L. Utter, Rockford, 111. 92,235.—FRUIT PICKER.—S. W. Valentine, Bristol, Conn. 92,236.—RUBBER SPRING.—George Weaver and H. N. Allen (assignors to themselves and E. R. Cheney), Boston, Mass. 92,337.—Low-WATER INDICATOR FOB BOILERS.—P. D. Wesson Providence, assignor to himself and James Phillips, Central Falls, 92,238.—CARRIAGE HUB.—J. W. Weston, New York city. 92,239.—WINDOW AWNINQ.—James B. Wheeden, Baltimore, Md. ' 92,240.—APPLE PAREB.—G. H. Wilde, Aurora, 111. 92,241.—NUT-LOCKING WASHER.—Wm. H. Wilhams, Canton, Ohio. ' ' 92,242.—TRUING GRINDSTONES.—C. E. Wilson, Boston, Mass. Antedated June 19, 1869. 92,243.—TOY VELOCIPEDE.—IL C. Alexander, New York city. 92,244.—TEACHER'S TOY.—E. F. Anderson, Mansfield, Conn. 92,245.—THRASHING MACHINE.-H. K. Averill, New Oregon, Iowa. 92,246.—PRESERVING ANIMAL AND VEGETABLE SUSTENANCES ON SHIP-BOABD.—J. F. Baldwin, Provincetown, Mass. 92,247.—BILLIARD COUNTER.—Harvey Ball, Walpole, N. H. 92,248.—MEDICAL COMPOUND FOE TREATING HOG CHOLERA. —S. S. Barger, Golconda, 111. 92,249.—CAB COUPLING.—R. F. Baughn, Lexington, Miss. 92,250.—HOISTING APPABATUS.—John Beattie (assignor to Wm. Baker), Chicago, 111. 92,251—PAPER FILE OR BINDER.—B. J. Beck, Brooklyn, 92,252.—TURBINE WATER WHEEL.—S. A. Bell, Newtown, 0. 92,253.—FIRE PLATE FOR STOVES.—Etienne Boileau, St.Louis, Mo. 92,254.—EYELET-MAKING MACHINE.-H. C. Bradford, Providence, K. I. 92,255.—LIFTING JACK.—Wm. Brady and C. H. Brady (assignors to themselves and H. A. Brady), Mount Joy, Pa. 92,256.—LAMP CHIMNEY.—Homer Brooke, New York city. 92,257.—APPARATUS FOR OPERATING SCKAPBBS,—James F. Brooks,Stafford Springs, Conn. 92,258.—PROCESS FOR SOLDERING THE JOINTS AND SEAMS OF METALLIC VESSELS.—S. D. Brooks, Baltimore, Md. 92,259.—DIE FOR MAKING HORSESHOE TOE-CALKS.—P. F. Burke, Worcester, assignor to Thomas Dooley, Boston, Mass. 92,260.—ELECTRO-MAGNETIC ALARM.-John G. Butler, New York city. 92,361.—CODNTERSINK.—R. P. Buttles, Mansfield, Pa. 92,262.—COMBINED DRILL AND SEEDER.—John E. Buxton, Owatonna, Minn. 92,263.—POWER PRESS.-Daniel Campbell, Elizabeth, N. J., assignor to CharlesParker.Meriden, Conn. 92,264.—HAND STAMP.—E. D. Chamberlain, New York city. 92,265.—ATMOSPHERIC CAR BRAKE.—William L. Chambers, Pleasant Unity, Pa. 92,266.—SAW-PILING MACHINE.—C. P. Case, Troy, Pa. 92,267.—RAILWAY CAR SPRING.—J. W. Cochran, New York city. 93,268.—MACHINE FOR BENDING AND HARDENING SPRINGS, -. A. Coggeshall, Bridgeport, Conn., assignor to himself, R. T. Clarke, andS.T,Niokerson. ; 92,269.—WATERPROOF FABRIC FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF ; HATS AND OTHEB ABTICLES.—D. A. Conner (assignor to himself. Chas I Boder, and K.E.Wirsching),Milford, Conn. 92,270.—BRICK MACHINE.—A. E. Cooke, Philadelphia, Pa. 92,271.—GAFF CHOCK FOR VESSELS.—J. C. Cottingham, Philadelphia,Pa. Antedated June 24,1869. 92,272.—COOKING STOVE.—D. B. COX, Troy, N. Y. 92.273.—VELOCIPEDE.—B. P. Crandall, New York city. 92,274.—PRESERVING FURS, CLOTHES, AND THE LUCE ARTICLES EBOW INJTJBY BY MoTiis, ETC.-Jasoh Crane, Bloomfield, N. J. 92,275.—AUTOMATIC SIGNAL Box FOR FIRE-ALARM TELB- GBAPHs.—M. G. Crane, Newton, and Edwin Rogers, Boston, Mass. 92,276.—LITHOGRAPHIC PRESS.-John Crawley, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to V. E. Manger, New York city. 92,277.—PLOW.—A. G. Cummins and J. R. Cummins, McKin-ney, Texas. 92,278.—MEDICINE SPOON AND BOTTLE STOPPER COMBINED'.- —Susan C. Currie, New York city, 92,279.—POTATO WASHER.—L J. Currier and Joseph Hawse". Wolcott, vt. ' 62 93,380.—DOOR LATCH.—JOS. 0. Curryer and Wm. C. Young, Thorntown, Ind. 93,381.—SAUSAE STUPPER.—Henry Curtner, Anna, Ohio. 93,383.—HoT-AiR PDRNACB.—M. A. Gushing, Aurora, 111. 93,383.—LUBRICATOR.—H. A. Daniels, Thomaston, Conn. 93,384.—TELERAPH SOUNDER.—W. E. Davis, Jersey City, N.J. 93,285.—TELERAPH KEY.—W. E. Davis, Jersey City, N. J. 93,386.—ROTARY STEAM ENINE.—J. F. DeNavarro (assignor to Emery Rotary Machine Company), New York city. 93,3 iT.—MEASURING FAUCET.—J. F. DeNavarro (assignor to Emery Rotary Machine Company), New York city. 93,388.—SCROLL SAWING MACHINE.—W. H. Dobson (assignor to himself, and Homer BeldinE), Medina, N. Y. 93,389.—SHAPT COUPLING.—W. B. Dunmng, Geneva, N. Y. 93,390.—MATCH SAPE.—J. W. Durham, Ripley, Tenn. 93,391.—AUTOMATIC TONG.—R. M. Eastman (assignor to himself and F. L. Boyd), Boston, Mass. 93,393.—COMPOSITION FOR STAINING GLASS.—H. V. Edmond, Norwich, Conn. 93,393.—RAILWAY-CAR COUPLING.—John Elbertson, Kirks- ville.Mo. 93,394.—HARVESTER.—Geo. S. Ellard, Westerly, R. I. 93,395.—CORN HUSKER.—Elihu Field, Geneseo, 111. 93,396.—MARLINE SPIKE.—Fred. Fisher, Rockland, Me. 93,397.—CORN PLANTER.—Robert Forman, Normal, 111. 93,398.—INDIA-RUBBER TOOTH BRUSH.—Samuel W. Francis, New York city. 93,399.—TELEGRAPH INSULATOR.—J. W. Fry, Elizabeth, N. J. 93,300.—KNITTING MACHINE.—Fred. Gardner, Hamilton, Canada. 93,301.—PHYSIOLOGICAL BATTERY.—A. C. Garratt, Boston, Mass. *3,303.—ARMOR-PLATING POR VESSELS.—Domenico Giambas- tiani, Wasliington, D. C. 93,303.—PAPIEE MACHE COMPOUND.—G. F. Goetze, New York citv. 93,804.—POTATO DIGGER.—I. C. Groom, Albany, N. Y. 93,305.—LET-OPP MECHANISM POR LOOMS.—Wm. Hall, North Adams, Mass. 93,006.—APPARATUS POR PROPELLING CARRIAGES.—Thos. A. Harea, New York city. 93,307.—LuBRiCATOK.—A. W. Harris, Providence, R. I. 93,308.—CHURN.—B. N. Harris, Talbotton, Ga. 93,309.—CLEANING AND POLISHING ATTACHMENT TO SHEET METAL EoLLS.—J. B. Hastings (assignor to himself and L. T. Dean), Ironton, Ohio. 93,310.—RAILWAY RAIL SPLICE.—W. E. Henry, Joliet, 111. 93,311.—WINDMILL.—Jas. M. Hill and Hen'y C. Hill, Fairfield Post Office. 111. 93,313.—ROPE MOLDING MACHINE.—Noah W. House, Adrian, Mich. 93,313.—INJECTOR.—Christian Hughes, Niles, Ohio. 93,314.—RAILWACAR TRUCK.—G. H.Jones (assignor to himself and H. L. Wise), Grand Rapids, Mich. 93,315.—DOG MUZZLE.—Hermann Kaempf, Newark, N. J. 93,316.—OIL-CAN PROM PAPER STUPP.—E. G. Kelley, New York city. 93,317.—GAS GENERATOR.—Pat. Kelly, Dayton, Ohio. 33,318.—CLOD-FENDER POR PLOWS.—R. A. Kelly, Hope, Ind. 93,319.—SHAPT COUPLING.—Wm. Kennedy, New London,Pa. 92,320.—HARROW.—Jay Knickerbocker, Dunning, Pa. 93,831.—FUNNEL.—H. F. Lawrence, Vallejo, Cal. 93,332.—GAS HEATER.—H. Y. Lazear and J. L. Sharp, New York city. 92,333.—MACHINE POR WASHING DISHES, KNIVES AND FORKS, ETC.—C. M. Leland, Central City, Colorado Territory. 93,B34.—PORTABLE AND CONVERTIBLE COPPER DAM.—Sam. Lewis, Williamsburgh.N. Y. 93,325.—ICE PLANER.—Samuel Lewis, Williamsburg, N. Y. 93,336.—CLOVER AND FLAX THRASHING MACHINE.—Sam. H. Liutan, Burrows, Ind. 93,3;37.—REVOLVING SCREEN POR CLEANING GRAIN.—Dan'l Loeffel, Mount Vernon. Ind. 93,338.—DEVICE POR HOLDING THREAD WHILE DOPPING IN Spl5riflN MACHINE.—T. L.ders, Olney, 111. 93,339.—GATE.—CHristain Mack, Leipsic, Ohio. 93,330.—MAGIC LANTERN.—L. J. Marcy, Newport, R. I. 93,331.—VISE.—A. Z. Mason, Adrian, Mich. 93,333.—PROCESS AND APPARATUS POR MANUPACTURING COMPOSITION PIPES, TUBES, BABBELS, ETC.—J.K. Mayo, Williamsburgh, 93,333.—DEVICE PGR DETACHING HORSES PROM CARRIAGES. C. McElroy, New Baltimore, Mich. 93,334.—FENCE.—Jas. McKee, Mount Vernon, Ohio. 93,335.—CAK BRAKE AND STARTBR.—J. M. McMaster, Rochester. N. Y. 93,336.—RULING PEN.—Rob't McVeen, Cleveland, Ohio. 93,337.—NiCKLE-LiNED CULINARY VESSELS.—S. C. Moore, Boston, Mass. 93,338.—PIPE LEAK STOPPER.—Stephen Moore (assignor to himself and Homer Rogers). Sudbury, Mass. 93,339.—HORSE RAKE.—C. H. MTosey, Mansfield, Ohio. 93,340.—HAT VENTILATOR.—Geo. Munro, Philadelphia, Pa. 93,341.—CHIMNEY.—Wm. Musbash, and C. R. Smith, Middle-town, N.Y'. 93,843.—STRAW CUTTER.—F. B. Newton, Bouckville, N. Y. 93,343.—DEVICE POR SECURING COVERS TO JARS POR TRANS- POETATION.—M. H. Nichols, Hancock, N. Y, 92,344.—LOCKING WARDROBE HOOK.—Oscar Nicholson, New New York city. 93,345.—MODE OF HARDENING AND WORKING " RANSOME CoNCBETE STONE."—Richard Norris, Jr., Baltimore, Md. 93,34-).—ILLUMINATOR POR STOVES, RANGES, ETC.—Benj. Nott, Albany, N. Y. 93,347.—BAG FILLER.—A. J. Olney, Van Buren, Ind. 93,348.—BEEHIVE.—J. A. Paddock, and J. S. Estep, Cass county, 111. 93,349.—PLATE POR PLOWSHARE BLANKS.—Wm. Parlin, Canton, 111. 93,350.—CULTIVATOR.—D. H. Paul, De Witt, Iowa. 93,351.—GRATE BAR.—B. F. Penny, and Jas. Jones, Rochester. N. y. 93,353.—REVERSIBLE STOVEPIPE SHELP.—John Perham, Be-loit, Wis. 93,353.—RUBBER OR GUTTA-PERCHA HOSE.—E. L. Perry, and Chae. Manheim, New York city. 93,354.—REVERSIBLE KNOB LATCH.—F. P. Pfieghar, New Haven, Conn. 93,355.—METHOD OP MAKING HORSESHOE NAILS.—A. M. Pol-Bey, Boston, Mass., assignor to F. H. Fuller. 93,356.—STAIRS.—Niels Poulson, New York city. 93,357.—STEAM WATER-ELEVATOR,—W. E. Prall, Washington, D.C, assignor to himself, and A. C. Rand, New York city. 3,358.-ARTIFICIAL STONE.—A. Quesnot. Bloomington, 111. 92,359.—FARM FENCE.—C. W. Reeder, Trenton, Mo. 93,360.—CHURNING MACHINE.—W. A. Rhoades, Lincolnville, Pa. 93,3'il.—HEAD FOR SCREWS.—T. C, Richards, New York city. 93,363.—YARD MARK AND KNIPB.—E. D. Richirdson.Chardon, Ohio. 93,363.—OSCILLATING STBAM-ENGINE.—F. C. Richer, Gilmer, Texas. 93,364.—PORTABLE BATH TUB.—J. P. Rider, Brooklyn, N. Y. 93,365.—RAILWAY CAR COUPLING.—Jas. Riley, Chicago, 111. 93,366.—TOY GAME.—Chas. Robinson, Cambridge, Mass. 3,367.—WEATHER STRIP.—H. A. Robison, Cleveland, Ohio. 83,368.—APPARATUS FOR CUTTING AND SHEARING METAL,.— Thomas A.. Robinson, Boston, Mass. 92,389.—MILL-PICE HANDLK.—Nathan Rose, Belmont, N. Y. 93,370.—PICKS.—Nathan Rose, Belmon", N. Y. 92,371.—PLOW.—Geo. W. Rusuell, Rockford, 111, 92,373.—WHIP.—Anthony Scharff, Philadelphia, Pa-93,373.—PUMF.—Christian Schmidt, Rock Island, 111. 93,374.—FLUTING MACHINE.—Carl Schortau (assignor to himself and A. L.Bogait), New York city. 83,375.—SPBINO BED BOTTOM.—D. A. Scott, Cincinnati, Ohio. 92,376.—BEVERAGE.—Samuel B. Shaw, West Randolph, Mass. 92,377.—FLY-STRING CUTTER AND ROUNDER.—S. W. Sheller, Mount Carroll, 111. 92,378.—OILING DEVICE.—Andrew M. Shoenfelt and Joseph M. Shoenfelt, Waterside, Pa. 92,379.—ROCKING CHAIR.—Charles Singer, South Bend, Ind 92,380.—INVALID BELSTBAD.—Franklin H. Smith and Wm. F. Wood, North Hebron, N. Y. 92,381.—PROCESS OF MAKING SUCTION RUBBER HOSE.—Geo. C. Smith, Matteawan, N. Y. 92,382.—MULE FOR SPINNING.—John Burns Smith, Cohoes, N. Y. 92,383.—RAILWAY CAR COUPLING.—J. C. Smith, Stoughstown, Pa. 92,384.—WATERGATE.—Vernon E. Smith, Lancaster, N. H. 92,385.—GRAIN CLEANER.—Wm. B. Smith (assignor to himself, Keid Wallace, and Cyrus Flnley), Clayton, 111. 92,386.—RAILWAY CAR COUPLING.—D. G. W. Snyder, Wil- liamsport, Md. 92,387.—RAILWAY CAR REPLACER.—Enos Snyder, Providence, Pa. 92,388.—DEVICE FOR TURNING AND LOADING LOGS.—Samuel Snyder, Delaware, Ohio. 92,289.—COTTON SEED PLANTER.—A. V. M. Sprague andR. F. Osgood, Rochester,N. Y. 92,390.—CONCRETE PAVEMENT.—Harvey B. Steele, Winchester, Conn. 92,391.—APPARATUS FOR GENERATING AND CARBURETING GAS FOB LIHTIN RAILROAD CABS.—John H. Stiner, St. Louis, Mo. 92,392.—HARVESTER DROPPER.—George Stevenson, Zions- ville,lnd. 92,393.—BREECH-LOADING FIREARM. — John T. Stoakes, Champlain, N. Y. Antedated June 39,1869. 92,394.—COMPOUND FOR CURE OP DROPSY.—John R. Strickland, Sayville, N. Y. 92,395.—BORING TOOL. — Charles Carrol Strong, Defiance, Ohio. 92,396.—FOLDING MATTRESS.—M. Sulzbacher, New York citp. 92,397.—RAILWAY.—Wm. Allen Sutton, New York city, and Eugene Crowell, San Francisco. Cal. 92,398.—GUN CAP.—John Talbott, Albany, Ga. 92,399.-e-LuBRiCATOR.—Hugh Thomas, New York city. 92,400.—CLOTHES RACK.—Hugh Thomas and Robert Wallace, New YorlTcity. 92,401.—SEED SOWER.-J. G. Thompson, Stockton, N. Y. 92,402.—POTATO DIGGER AND PICKER.—Wm. J. Thompson, Normal, 111. 92,403.—COATING HOOP-SKIRT WIRE.—Wm. Henry Towers, Boston. Mass. 92,404.—STOVE DRUM.—Marshall Turly and J. D. Bayliss, Council Bluffs, Iowa. 92,405.—MANUFACTURE OF HYDRATE OP MAGNESIA.—Carl Wandel, Waldau, near Bernburg, North German Confederation, assignor to P. O. Mattlilessen and W. A. Wieohers, New York city. 92,406.—MANUFACTURE OP GRANULATED SUGAR.—Carl Wandel, Waidau, near Bernburg, North German Confederation, assignor to F. O. Matthiessen and W. A. Wiechers, New York city. 92,407.— n iNDOW SASH BALANCE.—R. A. Warner, Columbus, Ga. 92,408.—PLOW.—George Watt, Richmond, Va. 92,409.—CLEVIS ATTACHMENT FOR PLOWS.—George Watt, Richmond, Va. 92,410.—CORN SHELLER. — Theophilus Weaver, Harrisburg, Pa. 92,411.—CHURN.—Daniel Widmaye, Lansing, Mich. 92,412.—VELOCIPEDE.—Albert Oliver Willcox, Jr., Port Richmond, N.Y. 92,313.—REVOLVING DINING TABLE.—R. Wilson, Rees Corners, Md. 93,814.—LOCK FOR HANDCUFFS.—James A. Wisner and Mon- son Hoyt, East Saginaw, Mich. REISSUES. 83,078.—VISE.—Dated September 15. 1868; reissue 3,530.— Thomas L. Baylies and Edwin Crawley, Richmond, Ind. 11,608.—MANUFACTURE OP IKJ IA-RUBBER—Dated August 29,1854; extcndedaeven years; reissue :,531.—James S. Curew, Norwich, Conn., assignee of Caleb Swan, executor of Daniel Hay ward, deceased. 55,067.—RAILWAY CAR BRAKE.-Dated May 39, 1806; reissue 3,533.-John Davis, Alleghe y City, Pa. 9,947.—MACHINE FOB PEGGING BOOTS AND SHOES.—Dated AOEust 16, 1853; antedated February 18,1853 : extended seven years; reissue 3,533.-Alpheus C. Gallahue, Riverdale, N. Y. 87,075.—PROCESS OP REPAIRING CRUCIBLES.—Dated February 16,1869; reissue 3,534.—Wm. P. Sherman, Bucksport, Me. 76,993.—SAFETY VALVE.—Dated April 31,1868; reissue 3,585. -Albert G. Buzby. Philadelphia, Pa. 83,367.—STRIKING MIICHANISM FOR CLOCKS.—Dated September is, 1868; reissue 3 636.-Joiin B. Mayer, Niagara Falls, and Tobias Witmcr, WilUarasville, N. Y., assignees of John B.Mayer. 19,443.—HARVESTER.—Dated February 33,1858; reissue 3,537. —Division A.—C. H. McCormlck, Chicago, 111., assignee, by mesne assignments, of Hamilton A. Parkhurst. 19,443.—HARVESTER.—Dated February 33, 1858; reissue 3,538. —Division B.—C. H. McCormlck, Chicago, 111., assignee, by mesne assignments, of Hamilton A. Parkhurst. 49,799.—PLOW.—Dated September 5,1865; reissue 3,539.— Division A.—Wm. S.Spratt, West Manchester, Pa. 75,656.—MANUFACTURE OP CRUSHED SUGAR.—Dated March 17,1868; reissue 3,540.—Claus Spreckels, San Francisco, Cal. 83,191.—CULTIVATOR—Dated September 15, 1868; reissue 3,541.—J. A. Woodward, S. S. Woodward, and Thomas Mason, Sandwich, 111. 39,510.—IRON RAILWAY CAR.—Dated August 7, 1860; reissue 1,825 : dated July , 1883; reissue 3,543.—Division A.—Richard Montgomery, New York city. 39,510.—FLOOR FOR CARS AND BUILDINGS.—Dated August 7, I860: reissue 1,825, dated July 28, 1862; reissue 3,543.—DivlBion B.—Richard Montgomery, Ne.v York city. 66,338.—NUT MACHINE.—Dated July 3, 1867; reissue 3,544.— David Howell, Louisville, Ky. DESIGNS. 8,567.—PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAIT HOLDER.—Hans Bach, Paterson, N. J. 8,568.—TRADE MARK.—Henry Brunner, Baltimore, Md. 8,569,—TOP OF AN OIL CAN.—T. W. Burger, New York city. 3,570.—CAST IRON SETTEE.—David W. Downs and Franklin p. Ran d, North Providence, R. I. 3,571.—WINDOW FASTENING.—George Byron Kirkham, Ne-w York city. 3,573.—TABLE KNIFE.—B. Raven, Pleasantville, Pa. 3,573.—BARN DOOR HANGER OR ROLLER.—Henry M. Ritter (assignor to M. Greenwood and Company), Cincinnati, Ohio. 3,574.—SASH WEIGHT.—Julius Benedict, Brooklyn, N. Y. 3,575.—SCARF PATTERN,—Conyers Button, Philadelphia, Pa. 3,576.—AIR-CHAMBER FOR PARLOR STOVES.—M. B. Hudson, Canandalgua, N. Y. 3,577.—COOK STOVE.—Isaac B. Resor (assignor to W. Resor Co.), Cincinnati, Ohio. _ EXTENSIONS. MACHINE FOR MITRING PRINTERS' RULES.—Wm. McDonald, Morrisanla, N.Y.—Letters Patent No. 13,197, dated July 3,1855; felssue No. 2,899, dated March 17,1868. Inventlonis Patented In Xlngland toy Americans. [Compiled from the " Journal of the Commissioners of Patents."] pnovisiONAL PROTECTION FOR SIX MONTHS. Ij-fOl.-BEPLAOBB FOB BAII/WAT LOCOMOTIVES, AND OTHEII ROLLING STOCK THBOWN OFF THE RAILB.—-Robert DstiQ,t. Jod, New BrunewiCk. June 10, 1869, 1,803,—INSTBUMNTB FOK DKSsiKa STONE,—1. E. Sswton, TVaterbury, Conn. June 11,1869, 1,891.—SFHMABIHE DEII/MN ApFASATtr9,-gamuel Lewis and William McFarlaae, Brooklyn, N. Y. June 11,169. 1,81.-STEAM GAOE.—J. H. Miller, Clevelaad, Ohio. June 13,199, 1,814.—SEWINO MACHINE.—Daniel Mills, Brooklyn, N. Y. June, 14, 1869. 1,820.—ATTACHMENT FOB ASD MODE OF ACTUATING SHIPS' PMP —Almon Boff, Southport, Conn, Juno 14,1869. 1,823.—MACHINE FOB SEWING BooTa SD SSOBS.—Daniel MlIlB, Brooklyn, N.T. Jona 14,1869, 1,828.—WOOD PLANEB.—John Richards, Philadelphia, Pa. June 15,1869. 1,830.—BAND-SAWING MACHINEBY.—John Richards, Philadelphia, Pa. June 16,1869. 1,839.—HOLDBACKS FOK CAKKIAGES.—J. B.Mackinnon and A. B. Halllwell, Cleveland, Ohio. June 15, 1869. 1,857.—AFPABATUS FOB THE MANFACTUBE OF PAPEB.—James Turner, Robert Turner, Archibald Turner, M. C. Turner, T. C. Turner, and Georgo M. Turner, New York City. June 16,1869. 1,858.—VEN'IILATING APPABATUS.—Sylvester Harnden, Reading, Mass. June 16,1869. AFPABATUS FOE COUNTING THE STITCHES MADE BY A SEWING MACHINE. —Gordon McKay, Boston, Mass. June 16,1869. 1,863.—PROCESS FOB PREPARING SULPHATES AND OBTAINING FINE SILVER THEBEFBOM.—Frederick Gutzkow, San Francisco, Cal. June 17,1869. 1,869.—CULINARY UTENSIL.—Sylvester Bowers, Pen Yan, N. Y. June 17, 1860. 1,879.—PER3IANENT WAT OF RAILWAYS.-Benjamin Robinson, Boston, Mass. Junel8,186B. 1,884.—COMPOUNDS FOR RENDERING FABRICS WATEK-REPELLENT.—R. 0. Lowrey, Salem, N. Y. June 19,18S9.