It is principally the Christian inhabitants of the low countries of tile Balkan, between Se-limno and Carioya, "8 far as Philippopolis, who occupy themsehes with the culture of the " Rosa centifolia provincialis." In good seasons about 400,000 meticals (one metical equals 1 drachms) are obtained in this tract of country. 400 roses form about 1 oka, 8 okas furnish about 1 metical of oil; In bad seasons only from one hundred to two hun-dred thousand meticals of oil are obtained. The process followed, contrary to so many statements, is simply a distillation of the roses with water ; this is performed in copper retorts, which contain about 30 okas of water and the same quantity of roses. The oil obtained varies in its properties; many places furnish an oil which solidifies more readily than others. Theformeris more sougEtaflr' in commerce, but the more fluid SffI has the finer odor. The oil is put into copper vessels, called " kunkunnas," which contain J00-1000 meticals; these, when filled, are soldered up. The rose-water, which is obtained atthe same time, serves as a cosmetic, &c.