Dr. Schofield, in a letter to the " Daily Times," asserts that 1000 lbs. ot opium are sold by retail, weekly, in New lork This amounts to 53,000 lbs. per annum, and does not embrace the quantities that may be purchased wholesale by some of those who daily use it He states"thata its use is fearfully on the increase in this city, and it is constantly receiving recruits from the alcoholic ranks as a ! cheapmeansolproducingintoxication. Opium 1 inebriation is productive of the greatest evils, it is a fearful species of drunkenness. It drow ns care f or a w hile, and is therefore v ery seductive in its influence, but it bringeth forth tears, disease, and death. It is to be regretted that its use should be on the increase among us; something should at once be done to meet and arrest the evil