F. J. Palmer, ol Greenbush, Rensselaer Co., N. Y., has taken measures to secure a patent for an improved mode of regulating or adjusting Hie packing of piston heads, by which, when the packing gets loose within the cylinder It may be made to work steam tight without removingthe head ol the cylinder. The packing is adjusted and regulated by means of a cam which acts upon rods bearing upon springs, which rest against the packing, and force it outy causing it to press steam tight against the interior sides of the cylinder. By this mode of operation, the packing may be regulated or adjusted by inserting a key through an aperture in the cylinder head.said key fitting in the cam. By turning the key the cam is turned and the packing adjusted, after which the key is withdrawn, and the aperture in the cylinder head closed by a bolt The removal of the cylinder head, for the adjusting of the packing is thereby rendered unnecessary, and the packing, is made to work steam tight in a very simple and expeditious manner.