MESSRS. EDITORS—mdash;With reference to your article on the subject of Mr. Goodyear's " ad vertisement," permit me to say, that there has not been any question of interference between Mr. G. and myself, on the subject of my pa-tent for ventilating railroad cars, on the con trary, Mr. Goodyear, just previous to his death offered me twenty thousand dollars for my patent. A few weeks since I caused an inter ference to be declared between Mr. Good-year's administrator and myself, for the pur pose of testing his right to the use of any kind of deflectors to a car window. Unfortunate ly for my position, the term " screens " was in my claim, and as Mr. Goodyear's patent claims the use of screens, and screening action only, the decision was against me. My pa pers, however, have been amended, and a dif ferent result will, be declared in due time. My claim is for windows adjusted so as to act as Reflectors, and my patent is the only one issued lor a deflecting process, and my patent remains intact. H. W. PAINE. New York. Feb 2nd 1853.