We have received a letter from J. W. Myers, of Kewaskum, Wis., in which he says, " having frequent claims presented to us for using and building Parker's re-action water wheels, and being at a loss what course to take, or what situation the patent is in, any information you can give us on the subject will confer a favor." We do not know what claims have been presented, nor by whom, consequently we can say nothing about them. If any person were to present a claim against us for the use of the Parker Wheel, we would ask, before witnesses, for the authority on which the claims were based, and decide accordingly. Some agents for Parker's wheel—we do not say all—have neither acted honorable to Mr. Parker,'nor to those from whom they sought to collect money for alleged infringements. Zebulon Parker is a poor man, and from his nature, the very reverse of a driving, money making one, and has never derived sufficient compensation for his water wheel improvements. To Ihose who wish for more information res- pecting his patents—the first and principal one has expired—it may be an advantage to know where Mr. Parker lives; his residence is at La Harpe, Hancock, Co., III.