EVOLUTIONARY UNIVERSE--"We have reviewed the questions that dominated the thinking of cosmologists during the first half of this century: the conception of a four-dimensional space-time continuum, of curved space, of an expanding universe and of a cosmos which is either finite or infinite. Now we must consider the major present issue in cosmology: Is the universe in truth evolving, or is it in a steady state of equilibrium that has always existed and will go on through eternity? Most cosmologists take the evolutionary view. --George Gamow"

STEADY-STATE UNIVERSE--"The theory of a steady-state universe leads to many startling conclusions: that the universe had no beginning and will have no end, that space as well as time is infinite, that matter is continually being created throughout space--to mention a few. Human nature being what it is, there has been a tendency to become involved in emotional attitudes toward these concepts, instead of confining the discussion to purely scientific criteria. If the writer, along with critics, has transgressed in this respect, he promises to give some redress in this article. The steady-state theory holds that the large-scale features of the universe do not change with time. Only the galaxies and clusters of galaxies change. --Fred Hoyle"