George B. Davenport, of North Attleboro, Bristol Co., Mass., has taken measures to secure a patent for improvements in a machine f or cutting pasteboard f or boxes. It is intended chiefly for the use of paper-box makers, whose work it facilitates, by enabling them to make the slight incisions necessary for the bending of the sides, by the same operation which cuts off the strip of pasteboard from the roll. Adopting the mode of cutting the strips of pasteboard by revolving cutters, the patentee has improved the machine by fixing on the she ft carrying the upper cutter, a pair of adjustable circular markers or incisors. By fixing these at any desired width, which is done by set screws, it is evident that, on setting the machine to work whilst the strip ot pasteboard is being cut in the ordinary manner, the two markers will partially cut the material so as to allow it to torm the sides, thus dispensing with the necessity of two separate operations. Should the box be of a square form, one adjustment only is necessary for the slide gauge, but if the shape is oblong it must be fixed twice. The second improvement in this machine has for its aim the cutting of circular pieces of pasteboard for the covers and bottoms of cylindrical boxes. This is effected by having a bar sliding in a groove on the bed-pi ate ; in this bar is fixed a plate capable of moving to-and-fro, so as to approach or recede from the cutters. A small point is fixed in the plate, to serve as a centre on which to turn the pasteboard ; this is done by the operator with one hand whilst working the cutters with the other. The machine is likewise adapted for making lozenge-shaped and other varieties of boxes.