The annexed engraving represents the longitudinal sectioN of an improved Box and Axle, invented by Kingston Goddard, of Philadelphia; and patented in June last. A is the hub of the wheel; E E is a metal casingfitting tight inside; C C is the axle, with a groove, C, cut in its further end ; D D are separate halves of the box for the axle, which, when placed in the hub are joined together by a nut, F, which fits on a screw, each half of the box, D D, having part of the screw cut on its end. F is another screw fitting into the aperture, G, so that the axle can be oiled without taking off the wheel, it being only purpose of effecting this object. The advantage obtained by this new improvement is, that the axle works freely, independent of the box, and that no grease or oil exudes from the hub, as all leakage is prevented from the metal casing, BB, being made to fit tight. The other advantages are, that there can be no running of the wheel off the axle, as the latter is fastened tight in the box by means of the nut, E; to this may be added the ease with which a new box may be substituted whenthe old oneisworn out. Altogether it is a very useful invention, and will be appreciated as such by all who have much travelling on common roads. More information may be obtained by letter addressed to the patentee as above.