ISSUED FROM THE UNITED STAT^:S PATENT OFFICE FOB TOB WEEK EN^Q ^^^MBmS 27, 1860. [Reported Officially for the S^^xiFlo A^^^OAN.] V Pamphlets giving full particulars of the mode of applying for patents, size of model required, and much other information useful to inventors, may be had gratis by addressing MUNN & CO., Publishers of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York. 30, 708.--W. H. Adle, P. D. M il e s, an d George C u st er, of Norri sto w n, Pa., for an I m p rov ement in Corn P l an ters: We claim, first, The combination of the two fram^, A and D, standards, a a. shaft., m, and chains, o o. all being arranged substan-:^y ^d fov t^^^ ^-pose set forth. Second.We (^laim K ^trough. H. slides, c c, pitman J, onnecting rods, L L. automatic discharge sponts, R R, clutch oupling, r.. when the Avhole shall be consti'ucted and aiTanged substantially as and for the purpose set forth and described. 30,709.J. H. Anderson and E. H. Anderson, of Easton, Md., for an Improvement in Cultivators: Wc claim the combination of shoe, A, and toothed cylinder, E, constructed and an-anged to operate substantially as and for the purpose set forth. | 30,710.Henry Austin, of East Liberty, Ohio, for an ; Improv e ment in Water Carts: j 1 claim as a new agricultural impement a cask with journals, draught frame and wheels, the whole being constructed and arranged in the manner and for the purposes specified. 30,711. L. B. Benton, of Penn Yan, N. Y., for an I mprove ment in Cultivators: I claim the arrangement of the tooth, C, shares and landside, D. fi-ame, A, and bars, E, the whole being constructed as described for the purpose set forth. 30,7]2.Andrew Benkelmann, of Langford, N. Y., for an I m pr oveme n t in Plows: 1 claim con^cting the forward portira of the bottom, A, of the plow with the beam, by means of the adjustab^ coupling arms, CD, the arm, D, being secured to the beam by the face, c. and bolts, d d, as spe^^d, c^^ea^ the rear po^^^^^^f said bottom. A, with %m l^^m, by m^t^^s ofthe pivoted (connecting l^ii-, G, and handscrew. H, the connecti^ of the said bottom, with the handles being effected by the eye, n, and projection, o, or their equivalents, the whole arranged, combined, and operating substantially as set forth. 30,713.Benj. Bower, of Millersburg, Ohio, for an Improv ement in Corn Planters: 1 claim the ves^l, A, in combi^tien with the slide, F, levers, M and R, and connecting rods, I and P, or their equivalents, when these seveal parts are constructed, arranged, and operated as and for the purpose set forth. 30,714. John Boynton, of East Hartford, Conn., for an I m pro ve m ent in Breech-loading Firearms: 1 claim the rack, c, "pinion, D, mainspring, H. in combination actuated by the lever, B, in the manner as described. 30.715.E. W. Bridin g and F. G. Maxwell, of Balti-more, Md., for an Im p rov emen t in Horse Col la rs: We claim the new artic^ ormanufacture described, viz ., a horse collar, constructed of glazed canvas and leather, in the manner and foi' the purpose specified. 30,716. E. L. Brown, of Brooklyn, N. Y., for an Improved Regulator for Heating Apparatus: 1 claim the air vessel, H, with its stop cock. i, and regul^or, m , as combined and arran^d with the dampers, e and b, and the pipes, G and d for the purpose specified. 30,717.J. S. Brown, of Green Point, N. Y., for an I m prov ed Baby-jumper, Conch and Carriage: I claim. fii-st, The fi-ame for holdmg the baby, composed of foui-posts, A A A A, ^ttom and top, B and B', grooved and perforated sideboards, C C, for supporting i-espectively the b.ick, E, and table, D, aU arr.inged substantiaHy in the ma^er described. Second, I claim the spring arms, c c, and straps, f f, in combina-twn with the posts, A A A A, and peiforations, e e e, in the side-boai-ds, C C, as and for tlie purposes set forth. Third, I claim the post, F. arr^ged as set foi'th, and secured to the seat by a spring bolt, j, and tenou, i, as and for the purposes described. [This invention is termed a universal baby-tender, as it is intended to serve, by simple adjustments, as a baby-jumpera chair-seat, wherein a child may be placed in a recUning or sitting position, and a carriage wherein the child may be moved about as in the common cariiage, in all of which changes ample provisions are furnished for making the child comfortable and for supplying its wvants.] 30,718.C. H. Burbidge, of Middletown, Conn., for an I m prov eme n t in Cotton Scrapers: I cUim att.aching the scraping mng of a cotton scr^er to a suitable carriage or p^ f^^me by a hinged loint and a pivoted brace rod, K, so as to allow sad scraping wing to ri^ and fall with the uneven surface of the ridges, substantially as set forth. [This invention consists in attaching the scraping wing to the standard of a plow frame by a hinged joint, so that the wing will rise and fall and accommodate itself to the unevenness of the ridge, therebyscraping the lidge in 3. better and more thorough manner than can be done with scrapers heretofore used.] 30,719.Cyrus Chambers, Jr., of Philadelphia, Pa., for an Improvement in Machines for Folding Paper: I claim, fii-st, In folding a slit where an inset is to he cut off, placing the i nset by automatic mechanism on the outset and in proper positwn to receive the last fold. Second, Combimng in one machine the mechanism for cutting off the inset, placing it on the outset or main sheet in proper position, and foldine it therewith . Third, The combimHon wUh folding roUers of rotating cutters, when both are adjustable in the manner and for the purposes described. , Fourth, The supplemental stop, H', against Which the ins^ comes when made ad^stable will! lis .well as independeatly of the stop, " H, as and for the purpose.specilieU. 30,720. C. A. C lark, of Bloomfi eld, Iow a, for an Improve m e nt in Cultivators: I claim the arrangement of the ciank axle, D, gage or propelling wheels, F F', levei-. G, ^^^^^^ ^res, h'h^ ^^orwar^ diare^h h, ^ngitudin:' b^\,A a b cd, timsv^^se ;!rforated bQ.i?, c c, and handles, m m', all in the manuel' and for the purposes described. 30,721.J. W. C ol l i n s and R. Y. W il k i n so n, of C l i n -ton, La., for an Improvement in Cotton Scrapers: We daim the arrangement of the hoc wheel, E, and shaft, D, with the yielding bar Ii." and sp-ing, K, for the purple of automatically raising the boe wheel after ii has been depressed by the operator, substantially in tbe manner described. We also claim, in combination with a spring or yielding rotary hoe w^el for thinning cotton, the adjustable and non-y^lding mold plows secured to the rear supports of the machie, for the purpose of thinu^g and molding cotton at one oi)eration, substantially in the manner described. 30,722.John Collman and Harm Feenders, of Free-port, Ill., fo r an Im prov e m e nt in Glass Cuiters: We claim, first, The adjustable regulator, E, applied to the face of the bit, B, substantially at:; and for the purposes set forth. Se^nd, The combination of the cavity, b, spring, S, and pivot cra-ne^ion, a, betw^n the bit and handle, operating in the manner and for the purposes explained, ThiM, The described combination ofthe fixed jaw, F, sliding jaw, F', and set sciew, G, with the handle, A, of a glass cutting instrument for the object stated. 0,723.T. R. Cormick, of Cap-au-gris, Mo., for an Impro v e men t in Plows: I claim the combination and arrangement of the cro^ pi^e, w, tongue axle, z, wheels, x, pieces, c, ci-osspiece, w. pieces, k, cross-pieces, ll , helves, n and P, chains, S, plows, 0 Q Z Y, rod, v, levers, c e f, and seat, 1, substantially as described, for the purposes set foi^h. 30,724.C. F. Cory, of Le ban on, 11l., for an Im prove-ment in Furnaces : I claim the special c^sU-u^ion and an-angem^t of a furnace, having or more open fronts, e e f f, Fig. 1, and the cold air chamber, e 2 e 2, Flg. 2, with the perforated or ventilating fire back, g g, hot air chamber, I, and valve, K L, the diaphragm drop guard 01- ^^pe^on ^ Ii." the cut-off, n, and check wall, q, as fully-set foi^li and described. 30, 725.Trumen Estes, of North Bennington, Vt., for an I mprov e m e n t in Friction Brak es fo r B obbi ns: I claim a self-adjusting or regulating break, c, constructed and operatmg substanially 8S des^ib^ and represened, foi- giving an ed-ual and proper tension to threads or yarns that are being drawn 30,726.R. H. Ewing, of Clives, Ohio, for an Improvement in H il l sid e Plows I claim, in a hillside plow with two moldboards F F'. the manner of securmg and ofoper^ing the moldboards, viz., by means of arms, q q, catch, t, and groove in point, k, together with the lods, v, or ^eir equivalents, all arranged and operating substantially as and for the purposes set forth. 30,727.Samue l Fisher, of West Wind s or, N. J., for an Im prov e ment in Plows: I claim the combination of the pivoted beams, G, with the pivo^d plows supported by a pin, wh^ arranged to operate ^e manner and for the purpose set forth. and this I claim whether the plows be made adjustable, and be nised oi- lowered, or held by the devices de!"ci*ibed, or by others accomplishing a similar object by substantially the same means. 30.728. Peter Given and Eli Fore man, of Sumner Hill, Pa., for an Improvement in Rotary Harrows: We claim the construction of the fr-ame with the cross p^ces, H H F F, in com^^ti^^ ^h the sliding bands, G J, and the grooved rollei'^ KK K K^, c^^tr^ed a^esc^ed. 30.729. W. W. Graves, of Fort Adams, Miss., for an Im p r ove ment in Cotton Plows: I claim the scraping plate, F, when the sam is attached to the end of a long and nai-i-ow Inndside bu, E, and otherwise arranged 8o as to cu^nd throw the scrapings down into the center of the furrow, as setcfortlh [This invention consists in attaching to a projected landside bar on the landside of an ordinary light turn or shovel plow, It scraping wing, which is bolted and braced in such a position that its cutting edge will skim along the surface of the drill or ridge, cut off and thin out the young plants, and scrape the weeds down into the center of the furrow behind the plow.] 30, 730.J. J. Henry, of North White Creek, N. Y., for an Impro,-ement in Blind Fastenings: I claim the eccentric form of the socket, C, ns described, so that the mvements of the bar, B, after detaching the catch, may press the block, A, which carries tlie ctitch apart from the socket, C, substantially as set forth in the specification. 30,731.Frederick Heyer, of Richmond, Vii. , for an I m p ro y em en t in Sewing Machmes: I claim the pivoted leveJ'fl, R, operating in combination with the shuttle race, 0, substantially as and for the purposes set forthc 30,732.J, Holylnnd and J. C. Holyland, of Rochester, N. Y., for an Improved Crackei- Machine: We claim giving an intermittent motion to the pressure rollers, D D. by means of the clutch and levei-, H 0, con^cting rod, G, and crank, F. or their equivalents, substantially in the manner and for the purposes shown and dQSci'ibed. 30,733.Hosea Huntley and Wm. Caven, of Cincin-n at.i, Ohio, for an I m p rovemen t in Cooking Stoves: We claim the comMn^'o^vi^ ^ c^^al l^^^^^^^nal fire-box, C,of supp}y pa^a^^ E e% ai'i-anged ^o receive e;ternalmi-^n front and admit it to the fii at the rear, in the manner and for the purposes set forth. 30,734.H. M. J a cobs, of Hartfor d, Con n., for an Improv ed Machine for Burnishing: Spoons: I claim the airangem^toftlie horizontally sliding and vibrating shafts, K K, and the ti-ansvei-se traveling and recipro^tmg toothed ratch, F, to actuate the sairi^ in combmation, in tlie manner and for the purpose substantially as set forth and described. 30,735. C. L. Jones (assignor to himself and W. H. Tyree), of Ric hmon d, Va., for an Im proved Car-pen ter's Clamp : I claim the ai-i-^gement of a stationary jaw and jaw frame, B Bl B2 B2. and a sliding pi^e, A A2, provide with oblique sio?, A', in combinaion wUha detachable jaw, G, and a screw, C, all the parts co^tructed and operating substanUaliy us and for the purposes set forth. 30, 736.Samuel Ke en, of East Bridgewater, Mass., for an Improved Machine for Skiving Leather: .1 claim the applc.iti^ and an-aiigement of the redprocating feed segment, N 0 P, substantially as and for the purpose set forth, 30,737.H. J. Lake, of Conquest, N. Y., for an Improvement in Cultivators: I claim, in combin^ion with a cultivator, the swiveling of the thills ther^o, '-o that they may assume a horizontal position ^e cultivait is working on a hillside, for the purpose of relievi!? the horse from thepressu^ or gougmg of tli^hiBs on his sid^ and en^le the operator to better guide and direct tho cultivator, as et.t forth and described. 30, 738. -Joseph Leeds, of Philad elphia, Pa., for an Im provement in Hot Air Furnaces : I claim pro\?iding a sm' face of water over the lowest part or .floor of the warm air cham ber, and below the heater thereof, substantIally in the ma.nner descri bed and for the pnrpose specified. And ill combination therewith, I alt!o chim discharging spray or minute jet3 of water through the rising nil' in the wnrm air chamber, substantially as described and for the purpose specified. 30, 739.-Alonzo Livermore, of Tremont, Pa. , for an Improvement in C h utes for River or Canal Navi. gation : I claim, first, Dividing the u:ltural o? artifici!tl f?U to .be ove?come in a stream into 8evm'ul smaller falls, III cornblllntlOn WIth the lllterposing between smaller falls of a series of basiIlI!, pools or chamber ?, !mbBtantiaUy ar; del!cribed. I also claim, in combina.tion with a series of basin!!, pools or cham? bel'S that arc interposed between a series of falls, the current breakerR. H, for the purpooe set fort.h and explained. I also claim, in combination with a Beries of basins, pools or chnm. bel'S that are interposed between a series of falls, the lips, K K, for retarding the ingress and egress of the Wf\tcr to and fl'om said basills, pools or chambers, substautially as set forth. 30, 740 . -T. S. Lockhart and J. A. Lockhart, of Well i ngton, Mo . , fo r an I m prov emen t i n Plow s : I chim the arrangt'ment of n bent rod, C C ' C". 8erving as 0. stS\Ddard, 8. collar, I, fastened to the in?ide of the moldboard, J, and a curved brace, e, in combination with the perforations, H H, in the stalldard and the nuts, G G, substantiu.lly u.s and for the purpose!! Ilet forth. 30, 74 1 . -R. G. lVL'ltheny and L. R. Barnes, of De Knlb, Miss., for an Improvement in Plow s : We claim the arrangement of the bars, B B, connected with the :te:?;t?S?? t?? ;!dnb??,?,1 j? ;t???????? ?;?hh?!?.?,anj??t???li:???? the plows and 8Cl'ap(?rs re:?-pectively secureci to them, tbe hnndlell, C V, being attached to the barH, R, ana lu.ndsidcs, b b, and aU arranged as and for the purpose eet forth. [This invention relates to nn improvement in that class or plow" whic.h are designed for cultivating crops, more el!!pecially that of eottoll, and consists in a. peculiar arrangement of turning plows and eCl'apers, whereby the lauor of cultivating crops which are grown in drills is much reduced and the work 'Performed in a perfect mauner.] 30, 742. -'I'. J. IHayaIl, of Roxb ury, Mass., for an Improvement in O rdn a.n ce : First, In combiufl.tion with the swillginl! (rame supporti ng the can_ non, as described, I clai m transverse braces provided with Buitnble bearings for 130 holding the shaft operating the automatic machinery referred to, att thnt its 'proper r elation to sai d machinery shall not be disturbed by any movemeut imparted to the cannon, substantially as set forth. Second, I rlaim the arrang?ment of the three levere, g h i, relatively to each other, in combination with the studded flhaft. e, imparting to, and the spring clutch. j, receiving from .said level'8 the r:???\? ;?:? ?ds?:l::l?'::;'ed! 8;';bs???!i!\1?V??I??!C1?i??' ;?d ?? ??h? rmrposes sct {OIth. 'rhird1 I claim arl'an?in g upon one and the same crank p.haft at either sHle of the un.rrcl, connecting rods fo r operatin? the devicelll for nntomaticlllly londing and 8wl\.bbing the chambers of the breech, essentially a? Bet forth. de;i?l?'?h, f?l?l?t??O??ti??w;ge???:Vi??d ?rE1il???i?:f tf;!e ??::?h? firing nnn thllmbiuS' it? chamber? with l'epped to one common cam 8haft, substantIally as described, so that the !:laid devicE'S shall uU be opf'l'ated by said cam shaft in perfect unison and with unfailing accurncy, Ha set forth. Fifth, I claim the :tl"l'l1.ngement of pprings of equal power and cap:tblc of comprepsion nnd tension at either end ot" the platform, whereby the gun? in recoiling? will be ncted upon equally and sirnul? tanoollsly at e[lch ext.remit} of the carriage nnd be accurately resct in position for the next discharge. 30, 743.-C. 'V. McClancth an, of Victoria, Texas, for an Im provem ent in Cotton Secd Plan ters : I claim the combination and Rl'rnngement of the reciprocnting fltirrel\ J t t, rotary distributor, I r, crnnk arms, c K L, pitmans, 1\1 N, pin, d, slotted gniie plAte, Ul n, hopper, A? drill tooth, F, and coverel'l:1, H, 8ubstantially in the manner nud for the purpose de . scribed. 30, 744.-W. J. McCoy, of Cartersville, Ga., for an Improvement in C u l t ivators : I clnim the arrangemeRt. of the reversible beam, A, f;:tock, n. with its braceR, E C, plows. F, cutter, K, l::mdside, j, standar(l. h, han? dIes, D, and springE, H, substantially as and for the pUrpOE(;S set forth. 30, 74.? . -Nelson Messenger, of Newark, Ill. , for an Im provement i n Culti vators : I claim the arrangement of the horizontnl boss, G G, with the ri??(t;irh ?i;: ???dr;l?(l:,' ?:?.? i\?ffi?ll? eth!l hl;l??, I(j:t!??l?t?aicl]?d?nt?; fltandal'dfl. F, being braced by rod.-.l, a, and the bars, G, braced by the rode, D, as and for the purpose set forth. [The object of this invention is to obtain n simple nnd efficient cultivator of li?ht draft-One that may be manipulated with facility -so as to be under the complete control of the drivel' or attendant, and leave the ground not only in a loos(', light state, permeable by air and water, but also in a st:lte fayorable for the subsequent cultivation of the crop.] 30, 746 . -W. L. Mi lholen, of C enter, Ala . , for an Improvemen t in Cotton Scrape rs : I claim the arrangement of the bea.m, 1.. bra?e?, 5 5, bolt?, 6 6, arm?, 7 and 8, nut8? 10 and 11, Ehares, 4 4, lllngc Jolllt, 9, standard, 3, handle, 2, as described, for the purpose specified. 30, 747.-R. C. M i lliu g s , of Charleston, S. C., for an Im p r oved Thill Coupl ing: I claim having the ? goose neck, n E? bent or curvf.a so as to ex_ tend around the ,axle, A, nt its back, and form It hook to catch :?b!?:!t:!l?;t?;e?jr foc?1?1? of the breaking of the coupling or cUp, [The object of this invention is to guard t'l.gainst accidents attending the breakingor giving way of the coupling or cli? a contingency of ft'equent occurrence, ana one in which the driver has hitherto had but an imperfect control over the animal attached to the thiIls. 'rhis invention consists in having the ?? goose neck" of the coupling made in the form 01 a scroll, so as to encompass or extend around the axle and form a hook to catch against the same in tho event of the breaking of the coupling or the clip, the ?" goose neck" forming a temporary connection and preventing the immediate detachment of the thill from the axle.] 30, 748. -M. H. Moora ann. A1cxandcl' Satterwhite, of Rome , Ga. , for an I m pro veme nt in ClIl ti YfIt.o r s : 'Ve claim th? arrangement of the b:1r8? D D DEE, beam, A, and feet, F? with tho b-11'S, G', at.tnched-the two latter parts being secured to the bars, E E, as and for the purpuse set fortll. [Tl?is inverrtion relates to a new and improved arrangement of means whereby two plows may be readily adjusted nen.rer together or fnrther apart, as circnmstancr.s may rcqu\re, and also au adju!!t?d thl\\ t?), Play havoc a;greutCl".or le.? hJC1inatt'W, t'o vary the1r de?\h in 111e e1l:1'tb', as ntO:Y lie desited.J supported opera; 30, 749-James Morrison, of C l i n ton, Maine, for an . I m provem ent in See d i n g Ma.chines : I the vibrating Fpout OJ' trough, I, fltntionary screen, H, hopper, .E, and shoe, F, arranged for joint operation, essentially us and for the l1Ul'pose set forth. [This invention relates to an itnpl'ovoment In that class of seeding machines in which the seed is sown broadcast. The invention consists in the employment or use of a vlbrating spont or trough, a etatienary screen, a hopper and a sboe, whereby the desired \York may be performed in a very efficient manner.) 30, 750. -J. N. Neff, of Strasburg, Pa., for an Improvement in Hay and Straw Cutters : I claim the reciprocating Vshaped knife, C. in connection 'with the feed rollers, H I, arranged to nperate conjointly, as t!hown, to wit: the roller, I, being fitted in loaded hal's, J J, anll the roller, H, nctllftteo throngh the medium of the pawl, 1\1, lever, N, rod, 0, and eccentric, P, as and tor the purpose ?t forth. [This invention consists in a novel and improved alTangement of a reciprocating knife and feed mechanism, and also m using, In con_ nection therewitl1, a grinding or red1)cing apparatus, all being so arranged that straw, ha:r, st.alks and other substances maybe reduced to the required degree of fineness in an expeditious and perfect manner.] 30, 75 1 . -John Nei dieh and E. R. Girvin, of Lancaster coun ty, Pa . , for an Im prov em ent in Cultivators : We claim the gage or guide rod, K, with the sliding and binding platell, H? fct or binding f1Cl"?W, I. ill combinlltion wit.h the shovels, F, and their projecting screw endet, f, secured on eaid plates by the Iluts, h, for adjustmf nt, when made 8ubsantiully in the manner llrnd for the purpose specified. 30, 752.- 0scllr P"ddock, of Watertown, N. Y. , for an I m provem ent in Hot Air Fllrn aces : I claim the combination of weighted al'm? K, cOl1tlecting: rods, G nnd J, and vulves, () "':', nrrange(l in the relation to each other nn(i to the door, B. herein set forth, and operating llubstantially in tbe manner and for the purposes described. 30, 753. -Will iam Pauli, of Alexandria, Va., for an Improvemcn t i n Hea ters for Hailroad Cars : 1 claim the Rl'rangf'!ment of n heat-er provided with an upper chamber, c, above the fire box, A? side chambet\ B? smoke pipe. E, tubes, F? when employed with tubes, D D, provided with nppE'r and lower registers and reds, b b. operatiug Bubstantially in the lllanIlel' and for the purpose 01 heating railroad curs. 30, 754.-Sewell Pearson , of Boston, Mass., for an Improved Sofa and Bedstead : !I claim the Rrrangement of the hinged arms, D D, baCk board, H, hinged back. E, Rnd part, B, with t.he part, A, mattres?, g', and springs, d d', all as and described, for the purposes f!et forth. [This invention consists in constructing the frame of the sGfa in two separate parts, so that there will be a bench with four legs or feet, and a frame or eeat portion having arms and a back Buitably cush? ioned and ornamented. The two parts bcing hinged together form n SOIf!. with a seu.t divided horizontally and hinged together along the back edges. "The whole i? arranged and constructed in such a mannaI', and sO furnished with springs, that each half of the sofa will hnve separate springs which, when the sofa is converted into a bed' will form an excellent spring bed bottom.] 30, 755 . - C h arles Perlcy, of New York City, for an Improv e m e n t in Hawse P i pes : I claim the movable cap or shutter applied to tne inner end of the hawser pipe and clamped thereto, for the uurIJo?eB and as soecificd. 30, 756.-J. P. Pettit, of Cold Spring, Ky. , for an Improvem ent in Plows.: I claim the combinntion of the single conical, flaring roller, E, colter, C, sole, D, cnrved brace, F, and b:l.l\ G the said -parts being ('.onstl'tlcted and arranged in the manner aUll for the purposes set forth . 30, 757. -H. D . J. Pratt, of Washington , D. C . , for an Improved Marinc Propeller : I claim, first, The cntwatel', A? and heel, 11, or either of them. conF-tl'ucted and applie(l, suustantially in the manner f1et forth, 8S a support to the propelling nppftratus. Second, In combination with a propeller hung and opernted as deBcribed, the stationary vanes, I, whether placed on the sides or bottom of the vesdel, or at one or both ends of the propeller, or within a CY???.?l? 8Gi???1?t?nt??t?a?:??l?h!l?et??i????.? s::l???e:ti undulating form the "pl'ominence? of which paBf'l between prominences of corresponding form on the edges of'the prupellcl' vanes, as shown. 30, 75 S .-H. C . Ravenscraft., of Kingwood, Va . , for an Improvement rn C ultiv ators : I claim the middle portion, A, in combtnation with the onter sliding rings, D and E, arranged and operating as above set forth. 30, 759 . -Francis Ray m o n d , of Sau d u sky, Ohio, for an Improvement in Rotary Harrows : I claim the finger, P, an(l roller, R, in combination with the ad? iustable box, Is, when these several paTts are arranged and operate eu bstantially as set forth. 30, 760.-J. S. Recder, of Can ton , Ohio, for an Improve men t i n Breech-loading and Magazine Fire- supported arm s : I claim, first. Broadl\'", the vibrating Chatgel', K, for the purp08e o ????ri d??t?W ???'??ff!:l ? ??d?? r?? t?:?1?c?'q?'i valents, rOl' the pur. pose o f retaining the powder in the vibra.ting charger and in the ma. gazine while the powder is being carried to the chambered breech. 10????: lo??r;?!?Nt??o?g?ci???0?h :?ib??i??C?iI!?g:r? t1{, lfu??Y:? 1mpurpose stAted. Fourth, The magazine, D, in combination with the vibrating char- gel', K, for the. purpose stated. po???t?tafeld:e, b, III combination with piston, r, as and fOl; the pur Sixth? The combination of the ha.mmer, 6, with chambered breech , S ?Se????h:oTf)?e go?bi???i;?t?1' chamberc d breech , J, with barrel, Cl and vibrating charg-er, K, as and for the purposes described. Eighth, The vibrating cut-off, R? or its (?qllivnlent., in combination opera; ? !?s??????red breech, J, and ball magazine, E, as and fo r the purtion Nint.h, The eombinnUon of lever, 2, projection, 2 ', ,.,.ith fIIpring crltch, j, nn rl cnrved projection, 4, as und for the pnrposes described. Tenth, The eombination of trig?er prot.ector, G, with chambered breec11, J, fig nnd for the purposes described. an?I???:??r;(ll br???\?i.t.ft???n1" t??.);?j Jl;r;? !?st??J:l?f?? e?:atcfl, D? . f th bl h d d th th T welfth , The combinnt.lOn 0 . e rcmovn e an guar ,Wi e trigger protector, 0, as stated. 30, 761.-tT. \\'. R.ichflrd?on, of South B rai n tree, Mass., for an Impt"Oved Mach ine for Cutting Leather : 1 claim my said improvr:il 1'at.her-cntting machine or al'ran?ement of thErwind its 1;:1.t.cllet .. rphtin1ng fllwinf'!"? connecting rope or l'fl]1es,ond n?w.!, .wi th tli . t,able., ?.h? .. ca'Ii.1ie, !ale knlti frfll/e' th).;. rRld 1ll8 rod, c''''t,rU;Iiw .... pDli:eJl 1I.Illa.l1e t'b ?r.te suliatanually ali and fur th?ll1ffPT!!1i Clfietl. 30, 762.-A. W . L. Rivers, of Midway, S. C . , for an I m provemen t in Plow? ; I clnim the combination of the bolt, d, !lotted metal plat('? P, lY ed ge, i, and eye. h,-the whole being arran ged as described, for the purposes s-pecified. 30, 763.-Noah Rogers, of Thomas county, Ga., for an Im provemen t i n Cotton C u ltivators : I claim the arrangement of the handles, C, st.!l.ndnrd, D, with slnt ? f, rllng, h, link? j? pin, i. standard, D, ndjnfltable braces, g and F, moldboard, fI, wingfl, K and 1, and movable piece?, J and J-tllC whole operating as Bet forth. 30, 764.-George Scott., of Steube nville, Ohi o, for an Improved Machine for Rais i n g and Knead ing Dough : I claim, first, A"'st-ationrry shaft, C, lmving arms or knive?? D D, and a deflecting tfimch or platr, E, }ll'ojecting from it, in combination with n revolving dough reservoir, II, Bubst.antially as and for the purposf's set forth. Second, The combmation of t.he hot wnter or vapor rc?ervoil', J J,. dough reservoir. II, tInneh, E, kneading arms or knives, D D, substantially as and for the purpOHS set forth. 30, 765. -Christian Sh arps, of Philadel pll i a, Pa. , for an Im pro v c men t in the Revoh- ing Blocks or Hevolv i ng Firc-arms : I claim t.he breech block, B, (lnd det.achable cap, A, when the latter is 80 adapted to the former thut when the twonrc fitted together they shall become temporal' ly a IJel'mUuent portion of each other, as and for the purpose Bet forth. 30, 766. -Frcdel"ick Sigri st, of Napa coun ty, Cal . , for lin . Im provcd C l evis : I claim making that end of the clc-v-Is, A which is to receive the perferated end of the bolt, B, with a hole, b, closed at the bottom, at d, for the purpose described. 30, 767.-Joseh Slocu m , of Sy racu se N. Y . . for an lmproveme n t in Cultivating Harrows : I claim a cultivating hurrow composed of the two frames, C D, furn ished with f!uitable teeth or )lImY. the side pieces of which frames are hinged at their ends and can be 8pl'end or contracted at their rem' ends, and which nre 1..mitecl by a center beam, A I B, composed partinlly of wood and }):trtially of an arched iron bar, and supported on :1. pair of wlwellii-the whole lJe ing arranged to ollerate ill the manner ano for the purpose set forth and represented. 30, 76S.-Arnton Smith , o f Girard, Ill., for an Improye m en t i ll Sced Dril l s : In combination with thc sred tubcs, J J J, and plows K K K, I claim the arran;emeut of the rolling cutters, P P P, and springe:, o 0 0, ,yhell u?pd in conncction with the sliding bar, M, bolt rods, U, and t:lcvator, R, ill the manner 8ubstantially as aud 10lthe pur? pose set forth. 30, 769. -Isaac S m i t h , of Albany, N, Y . . for an Improvcment i n Stove Grates : I claim the combination of the grate, bed plnte nnd hinge, a8 de. scribed, for the purposes set forth. 30, 770.-D. E. Som es, of B i d dcford, Maine, for an Improvement in the Construction of B ui ldi ngs for Packin g Meats: I claim constrllcting a building whos.e walls Rnd roofs inclnde hollow ail' space?, arrunged substantiaUy ill the manner and for the purpose sct forth. 30, 'i 7 1 . -L . S tevcns; of Dover, Ky. , for an Improvemeut i u Cultivators : .1 claim the adjustable revolviug toot-ned shafts, E E, in connec? tion with the adjustable plow, L, all being ltn-anged essentially as and for the purpose set forth. [This invention consists in the use of re,'olving toothecl shaft.s and a shure arranged in a novel way, EO as to be adjustable nod np? plied to a frame ?'rovided with B driving "'hed, from which the toothed shafts nrc driven, all the l1urts bciug fO nrrnnged that an crops grown in hills or drills may be cultivated : that i,., to say, hnve the gronnd between them pulverized and the w.;ede cradicnted in a thorough and efficient manncl?,l 30, 7 72 . -N. P. Strat.ton , of Nash ua, N. II., for an Imp roved Method of W i n d i n g 'Va t c h es : I claim, first, The windin? lJarl'rl, n, with the winding nr11or, C, attached t11oroto, in connect-wn with the retaining rat.ell, D, f'})ring, S, main sear whet'l, E. and stationary hub. c j the outcr end of the main spring, D, b{?ing attached to the bnrrel, l1, aud the innl'1' end, s., to the stationary hub, (', or its equivalent. Second, I claim Iltt.aeiJing the huh, c, or ite equivnlent, to tllO frame of the watch, in combination ,yith the winding bUTel, main. taining rntch nnd main f!"ear whed. Tbird, I claim tlip HIJplicfttion of the mnint.nining power directly to the winding barrel, Bllbstnntially i ll the manuel' epecified. 30, 773.-II. G. Strect, o f Lihert?, Miss. , for an Improvemen t in Cotton C u l tivators : I claim the nl'l'angf'ment of the beam, A? llltlldleB? C C, e:tnndal'ds? B and E. bar, D, shore or point, b, and scmpel'? F? with its CUl've? f, the ,yhole being constructed in the mnnnel' and for the purposes de. scribed. 30, 774 .-G. C. Tn ft, of Worcester, Moos . , for an Impro v e m e n t in Drill Frames : I claim, n? nn improved art.icle of monnfncture, n portable dl'ill frame in which parts, A n e G G, urc B 11 cast in one piece, in com" binutioll with coring out the part.::" A and U. 30, 775. -J. G. Tay lor, of I'h i l n rlelphin, Pn. , for an Improved B renRt Coll ar fur Hor,cs : I claim n. breast collar hav ing the }1l'o.if'cting met.allic nrcl) o r bow, A, articulated or jointed to the tUgfl, B B, substantiully in the m an ner described llnd for the purposes set forth. 30, 776. -D. E. Teal, of Norwic h , N. Y., (or an 1mpurpose provem ent in Apparatu ses for Draw i n g 'Va ter: I claim the employment of the brake and pl'nri lifter, F G, in combination with the crank, D, J'atchet.? C, and drum, Bt fiS ahown and described, for the purposes Eet forth. [This invention relates to a combined stop and brake mechanism, applied ?o the. windlass in such ?. manner tbat both may be ?c.uated by mnmpnlatlOg the crank, or WIthout taking the Imnd therefro m. The object of the invention is to facilitate and expedite the opera; purtion ot the ordinary well windlass, and enable the operator to have perfect control ovcr the ascent and de sceu t of t.h e bucket.] 30, 777.-Charles Thurber, of B rookl yn, N. Y., for an Impl"O vement in Crtllii!raph s: I claim tIle combinntion of the mpnn s, or the rqnlvnlent th ereof, for giving the tablet n movement i!l t.he direction of ?hc !i?e s t? be written, with the mea ns. or c qmvn.1 ent ?]lf)oreof. tor ?!lVlll g It a movem ent at right angles thereto, tmbst.anhally as and for the PUl'- pOlea.?? ?I?i ?? t.he tracpr and pen, with t.1Hdr connect.i ng mpchnnism, substantlallv '" described. in combinaUon with tho ink cup and gum'ti plat.f'," lmving- a hole into which the tracer i? to be insert.ed, 88 8 guide to insure the entrnncp of the -pen in t.l,le mk cup and to pro? t?. t th.? ?t f ?lle ?. n, Rnb?tllJl ti.llY. a' dl li.b!d. . . ... 'l IllSS. e .) " .llIUIiJ)l em\;f n:afue"l1\d tlleir c?n. nettlrig 1, tiall'y 1ls d'tl!fCl'i , ctnfi"'ll'lffing the \Ilk 382 cup with the movable plate on which the point of the tr.icor by a frec lever, nr the equivalent thereof, to enable the writer to regulate the dip of lUe pen in the ink^ aa desc^-ibed. I also cla ini connecting and combining the pen with the mechanism opei-ated by the tracer, by means ot a rocking or vibrating arm and interposed! spring. substantially as and for the purpose de-Bcribed. And. tinaUy, I claim connecting the writing and t^ inking apparatus ^vith the frame on which the tablet moves, by meana of a swiveling or turning frame, substantially as described and for the pui--pose set forth. 30,778. J. B. Van Deusen, of New York City, for an Improvement in Sounding Apparatuse.s: I claim combining the screw, F, with the registering ami indicating mcchauiam that, during tho descent of the apparatus through the water, the said screw is kept in gear with the mechanism by the resistance of the water to its descent, biit that when t^ie .apparatus tonclws bottom the said screw drops out of gear, and that as the apparatus is drawn up the said screw is ^pt out of gear with the said mechanism, .and permitted to re\'olve freely wit.hout affecting the said mechanism. substantially sis described. engraving of this invention will appear in the SCIENTIFIC AMEEIOAN next week.] 30,779.S R. Warner, of London, Ohio, for an Improvement in Seeding Machines: I claim the arrangement of the frames, A and B. the one hingi^d uDon top of the other, the see'! boxes, F, the seed slides. I, the discharge spouts, G, the valvc, Q, the levers, M and N, and the plow^, S S, the sc\'eral parts being constructed and arranged as and for the pm'pose specified. 30,780. 0, H. Woedworth, of Upper Marlborough, Md., for an Improvement in Fences: I claim uniting t^ie panels of portable fences by means of the reversed wedge-shaped or Rltei'iiate scurf joints, in conneetioii witli thejiiws of the bracket or brace, to securely hold the joints, A, together, substantially as described. 30, 781.S. E. Woodworth and J. S. Wethered, of San Francisco, Cal., for an Improved Amalgamator: Wc claim, first. The combination of steam pipes, k, with the hollow shafts, I, of the scrapers, S. and drag frames, C, of amalgama-ing and separating pans, for the purpose of introducing steam into said pans, allthe parts constructed and operating in the maiiuei' described. Second, The ari-angement of a swinging frame, H, adiusting wedges, R, and ball joints, G, in combination with the pan, E, of an aniiilgamating and separating apparatus, all the parts constructed and operating in the manner described. Third, The sliding sleeves, e', of the side discharge- Dipes:, e, of the pan, E, in combination ivith swinging pans, B B, so that the said sleeves may be moved back out of the way of the edges of pa:is, B B, when the latter or eitiier of them are to be tilted, the whole constructed as described. 30,782.John Wright, of Sheffield, England, for an Improvement m Rolling Steel and Iron Wire: I claim the employment, substantially as described, in the heating and rolling of wire or other long lengths of steel and iron, oPa box or chiumber, B, and a bobbin or reel, A, combined substantially ag set forth. 30.783.J. N. Wyckoff, of Brooklyn, N. Y., and T. M. Fell, of Melvip Mines, Va., for an Improved Amalgamator: 'Ve claim the application of steam internally in jets through stirrers 01' frames, G G, placed in a vessel, B, containing the pulp and mercury, substantially as and for the purpose set forth. [This invention consists in admitting tlteam within a close vessel and in jets through stirrers or agitators, tho steam being admitteil directly into the pulp and merciiry, and serving to aid amalgamation both by heat and a mechanical action.] 30,784.G. f!. Bovey, of Chillicothe, Ohio, assignor to himself and D, C. Ruggles, of Cincinnati, Ohio, for nil Improvement in Farm Gates: I do not chim broadly Uie use of the levers ned rack and pin inn for o^rating the gate, but. I claim their an-an^'Pmcnt when used iii connection with the catch, m, and b:l.r, c, fni- holdingthe gate firmly when open, all as st t forth, for the pui-poses described. 30,785.Wm. S. Bullen (assignor to himself and S. A. Clark), of Indianaipolis, Ind., for an Improved Machine for Creasing Leather: I claim t.he combination and arrangement of a lieries of creating disks, E, upon and with spool or thimble, I. when these are made to revolve upon the axle, J, substantially as and for thepurposes designated. 30,786 J. R. Byler, of vSailisbury, Pa., assignor to hiitn^ir find H. W. BLick, of Lancaster county, Pa , fijv uii Improvement in Rakes for Reaping Machines; I claim, fii-at-. The combined vertical and horizontal tripper, D C, and E, in combination with the peculiarly slotted shifting lever, H, foi- operating the up and down motion ot the rakp. Second, I also claim the sliding-and turning rocker shaft, B 2.. in combination with the crosshead base, S, and independent crunk lever, O, and connecting rod, N, together with the grooved guidG:,t, F F, und clippsr ridge, f. combined and arranged substantially as Bet forth, for the purpo:Hi specified. 30,787.F. D. Hayward (assignor to himself and D. B. Hayward), of Maiden, Mass., for an Improvement in the Mode of Holding Sockets of Molds during Vulcanization of Caoutchouc: I cltiim the method described of holding the metal socket or other iii-ticle nround which the nibber is to be molded and vulcanized securely in the mold, as set forth. 30,788.Richard Martin (asssignor to himself and Alexander Priestly), of Philadelpliia, Pa., for an Improvement in Machines for Damping Paper: T claim the revolving ROLLHR, D, having a series of longitudinal ribs, x, with intervening flutes or grooves, in c^^mbination with a trough, B, and the roUera, G and (), the whole being arranged sab-stantiallyas set forth, and applied to the clamping ot' paper as sp(-eified. ^0,780.~Ja!nos Temple, of Bellefonte, Pa., assignov to Joseph Kyser, of Philadelphia, Pa., for an Improvement il). Harrows: I claim, in combination with t.he adjustable supporting wheels or pollers, E, the hinged levers, F F, for adjusting the hight of the hai-i-ow teeth, aud raismg and lowen'ng either end of the harrow to pasis o.bstmctions, ^bs^ntiaUy in the manner and for the purpose de-BcribGd. BQ^^gO.Wrn. T.J. Williams (assignor to himself and T. ? J. Connor), of New York City, for an Improve-tnerit in Machines for Bundling Kindling Wood: - .1 cb''!'vfi';3t, A wood carrier, A, formed with several receptacles, ijito wluch the wood is packed as set forth, and fvom which it is de" '/iveoi to be ompreasad t nto a bundle, 1 cUlmths tfUda. ttftqdO'fcoaeUvep wood Iftto ih Third, I claim the opening, d', at the end of the trough, b, for the purposes set forth. Fourth, I claim the inclined side, e, at the end of the trough, for the purposGH .and as specified. Fiftli, I claim the shield, 2, attached to the follower, f, for the purposes set forth. Sixth, I claim the jaw, i, formed and acting 03 set forth, to receive, hold and twist the wire that surrounds the bundle, as specified. H. H. Robertson, of Kingston, Mo.. for an Improvement in Plows. Pfitented July 10, 1860: I claim the arrangement of a hingNi frame, consisting of a succession of angles, A Ai A2 AS A4 A3, in comblnatiuii with the beams, J, of an number of plow?, all collf^tructed and operating substantiallj' as set forth.