A very neat little machine has recently been de vised, which may be attached to an ordinary faucet to generate electric current for electro-therapeutical pur poses, thus taking the place of the common medical coil with its troublesome batteries and interrupter. As the accompanying illustrations indicate, the device consists of a small water motor directly connected to a magneto. The casing of the water motor has been removed in one of the illustrations to show the water wheel, which is stamped out of metal and shaped to form a series of alternately disposed buckets. Thread ed into the casing above the wheel is a nozzle formed with a rubber cap, which may be fitted to a faucet, as shown in the other of the illustrations. By means of the nozzle the water is directed in a jet against the buckets of the wheel, rotating the latter at a high speed. The water wheel is secured to the armature shaft of the magneto which it drives, thus generating a rapidly alternating current, which is taken off a commutator by means of a brush. Connections are made with the brush plate and with the magneto frame to a pair of hand electrodes, which may be used in the ordinary way. The power generated by this little device is surprisingly high. The average city water pressure is amply sufficient to produce all the current which a person would care to take. Where the water pressure is very high, it will not be advisable to turn on the faucet to its fullest extent. A number of rubber cups are provided with each instrument, to permit of attaching the device to different sizes of faucets. In addition to the hand electrodes a brush is provided with wire bristles, which may be used in electrical treatment of the scalp. A pair of sponge electrodes are also furnished, which may be used in the treatment of the skin. By means of a pair of plates placed in op posite ends of the bathtub, one may take an electric bath. The quantity of electricity may be easily regu lated by turning the faucet. This appliance is con trolled by Mr. Francis E. Sheldon, 949 Broadway, New York, N. Y.