We would call the attention of our readers to an article on another page, copied from the New York Herald of the 23d inst., concerning the movements of some of our wealthiest patentees to get their patents extended by Congress. Most of the applicants were refused extensions on application at the Patent Office, for the reason that they could not show that they had not already reaped a rich reward from their patents. Others have unsuccessfully besieged Congress, session after session, until their patents have long since expired, and now they have the audacity to ask Congress to renew them. Where are the Woodworth assignees ? Why are they not on hand to see if they cannot get Congress to revive the Planing Machine monopoly ? We shall watch these Congress vampires and the lobbyists they employ to operate the wires for them, and shall make a note from time to time of what is going on at the Capitol. We shall also have something to say on the new Patent bill, just presented by Mr. Taylor, M. C. of Brooklyn, N. Y., as soon as it is printed, giving an account of its origin, and pointing out some of its peculiarities.