RUSSIA SHEET IRONmdash;A memorial has been presented to the Senate, by B. F. Gould, of Conn., alleging that he has discovered the means of manutacturing American fine sheet-iron, fully equal to the best Russia sheet-iron, and praying for the patronage and protection ot the Government ; which was referred to the Committee of Finance. ETHER CONTROVERSY.mdash;A memorial has been presented to the Senate, by the heirs and friends of Dr. Horace Wells, of Hartford, Ct., for compensation, arising from the discovery of anaesthetic agents in Surgery, by Dr. H. Wells. On the presentation ol this petition it elicited a debate of considerable length, wherein it came out that, at the last session of Congress, the matter was referred to a select committee of the House. The majority made a report in favor of Dr. Morton's claims, and the minority against them. No testimony was taken in favor of Dr. Wells' claims. The reports were not presented, but somehow the favorable one was obtained by Dr. Morton, who got it published, The whole case will now undergo a thorough investigation. We hope that every item of testimony on behalf of all the claimants,mdash;viz,, Dr. Jackson, Mr. Morton, and Dr. Wells' heirs, will be presented, and weighed with the strictest impartiality.