OF MUNN & CO., No. 37 Park Row, New York. For a period of nearly twenty-five years MUNN & Co. have occupied the position ofleading Solicitors of American andEuropean Patents, and during this extended experience of nearly a quarter of a.century, they have examined not less than fifty thousand alleged new inventions, and have prosecuted upward of thirty thousand applications for patents, and, in addition to this, they have made at the Patent Office over twenty thousand Preliminary Examinations into the novelty of inventioiis.with a careful report on the same. Thiswide experience has notbeen confined to any single class of inventions but has embraced the whole range of classification, such as Steam and Air Engines, Sewing Machines, Looms and Spinning Machinery, Textile Manufactures, Agriculture and Agricultural Implements, Builders* Hardware, Calorifics, Carriages, Chemical Processes, Civil Engineering, Brick Making, Compositions, Felting and Hat Making, Fine Arts, Fire-arms, Glass Manufacture, Grinding Mills, Harvesters, Household Furniture, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Illumination, Leather Manufactures, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy, Metal Working, Navigation, Paper Making, Philosophical Instruments, Presses, Printing and Stationery .Railroads and Cars, Sports, Games, and Toys, Stone Working, Surgical Apparatus, "Wearing Apparel, Wood Working. MUNN & Co. deem it safe to say that nearly one-third of the whole number of applications made for patents during the past fifteen years has passed through their Agency. CONSULTATIONS AND OPINIONS FREE Those whohavemade inventions and desire to consult with us are cordially invited to do so. We shall be happy to see them in person, at our office, or to advise them by letter. In all cases they may expect from us an honest opinion. For such consultation, opinion, and advice, we make no charge. A pen-and-ink sketch and a description of the invention should be sent. Write plainly, do not use pencil or pale ink. If a SPECIAL SEARCH at the Patent Office is required, which embraces a personal examination of all patented inventions and a report in writing, a fee of $5 is charged. This examination is only advised in doubtful cases. To Apply fora Patent, a model must be furnished, not over a foot in any dimension. Send model to Munn & Co., 87 Park Row, New Yor^, by express, charges paid, also a description of the improvement, and remit $16 to cover first Government fee, revenue and postage stamps. The model should be neatly made of any suitable materials, strongly fastened, without glue, and neatly painted. The name of the inventor should b e engraved o painted uponit. When the invention consists of an improvement upon some other machine, a full working model of the whole machine will not be necessary. But the model must be sufficiently perfect to show, with clearness, the nature and operation of the improvement. THE GREAT ADVANTAGES OF MUNN & CO.& S AGENCY are that their practice has been ten-fold greaterthan any other Agency in existence, with the additional advantage of having the assistance of the best professional skill in very department, and a Branch Office at Washington, which watches and supervises all their cases as they pass through official examination. If a case is rejected for any cause, or objections made to a claim, the reasons are inquired into and communicated to the applicant,withsketchee and explanations of the references; and should it appear that the reasons given are in -sufficient, the claims are prosecuted immediately and the rejection set aside and usually WITHOUT EXTRA CHARGE MUNN & Co. are determined to place within the reach of those who confi^ rtd them their business the highest professional skill and experience. Caveatsare desirable if an inventor is not fully prepared toapplyfor Patent. A Caveat affords protection for one year against the issue of a patent to another for the same invention. Caveat papers should be carefully prepared. Reissues.—A patent, when discovered to be defective, may be reissued by the surrender of the original patent and the filing of amended papers This proceeding shouldbe taken with great care. Designs, Trade Marks, and Compositions can be patented for a term of years; also new medicines or medical compounds, and useful mixtures of #11 kinds. When the invention consists of a medicine or compound, or a new article of manufacture, or anew composition, samples of the article must be furnished, neatly put up. Also, send us a full statement of the ingredients, proportions, mode of preparation, uses, and merits. EUROPEAN PATENTS American inventors should bear in mind that, as a general rule, any invention that is valuable to the patentee in this country is worth equally as much in England and some other foreign countries. Five Patents—American, English, French, Belgian and Prussian—will secure an inventor exclusive monoply to his discovery among ONE HTOTDEED AND THIRTY MILLIONS of tho most intelligent people in the world. The facilties of business and steam communication are such that patents can be obtained abroad by our citizens almost as easily as at home. MUNN & Co. have prepared and taken a larger number of European patents than any other American Agency. They have Agents of great experience in London, Paria, Berlin, and other cities. For instructions concerning Foreign Patents, Reissues, Interferences, Hints on Selling Patents, Rules and Proceedings at the Patent Office, the Patent Laws, etc., see our Instruction Book. Sent free by mail on application. Those who receive more than one copy thereof will oblige by presenting it to their friends. Address allcommuni ationsto MUNN & CO., No. 37 Park ROTT, New York City Office in Washington, corner of F and 7th streets.