Messrs. Munn & Co., in connection with the publication of the Scientific American, continne to examine Improvements, and tc, act ae Solicitors of Patents fOl Inventors. In this line of busines" they have had over thiRty tears1 expeDience, and now have unequaled facUlties for tbE Preparation of Patent Drawings, Specifications, and the Prosecution of Applications for Patents in the United Ststes, Canada. and Foreign Countries, Messrs. Munn & Co. also attend to the preparation of Caveats, Registration of Labels; Copyrights for Books, Lahels, Reissues. Assignments, and Reports on Infringements of Patent.. All business intrusted to them is done with special care and promptness, on very moderate term. We send, free of charge. on application, a pamphlet contsining fnrther information about Patents, and how to procure them; directions concerning Labels, Copy rights, Designs. Patents. Appeals, Reissues, Infringements, Assignments, Rejected Cases, Hints on the Sale of Parents, ete. Foreign Patents.We also send,/re/charge, a Synopsis 01 Foreigi; Patent Laws. showing the cost and method of securing patents in all the principal countries of the world. American inventors should bear in mind that, as a general rule, any invention that is valuable to the patentee, in this country is worth equally as much in England and some other foreign countries. Five patentsembracing Canadian. English. German, French. and Belgianwill secure to. an inventor the exclnsive monopoly to his discovery among about on hundred and FIFTY MILLIONS of the most intelligent people in the world. The facilities of husiness and steam communication are such that patents can be obtsined abroad by our citizens almost as easily as at home. The expense to apply for an English pafent is 75; German, 100; French, 100; Belgian, 100; Canadian, 50. Copies of Pafents.Persons desiring any patent issued from 1836 to November 20, 1866, can he supplied with official copies at reasonable cost, the price de_ pending npon the extent of drawings and length ot specification?. Any patent issued since November 20,1866, at which time the Patent Office commenced printing the draw ings and specifications, may be had by remitting to this office 25 cents. A copy of the claims of any patent issued since 1836 wili be furnished for 25 cents. When ordering copies, pteMe to remit for the same as above. and state name of patentee, title of invention, and date of patent. A pamphlet, contsining full directions for obtsining United Ststes patents, sent free. A handsomely bound Reference ':Book, gilt edges, contains 140 pages and many engravings and tables important to every patentee and mechanic, and is a useful handbook of refer-ence for everybody. Price 25 cents, mailed free. Address MUNN St. GO,, publisher. SClENTIFlC AMERICAN, )1 Broaday, New York. BRANCH OFFICE-Oorner of J and 7th Streett, Washington, D. O.