MESSRS MUNN &CO .. in connec tion with the Jll lb lication of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, con ti n ue 1.0 exam i ne I m provements, an d to act as !:; o l i ci tors of Patents for lnventors. In this l i n e of busincs. they I l a ve had tllil'ty-eighl years' expel'ience, and now have ' nequaZed facilities for tbe prepamtion of Pal cn I. Dra w i ngs. Speci licaUons. and the prosecn tion of Appl i ca.tiOllS for Patents in the U n i tcd Rtates, Cf,nada, and }'oreign Countries. Messrs. MlIlln &( '0 . also attend 10 the preparation of Caveats, Copyrights for Books. Labels, Reisslles, Assignmcnts, and Reports all In f r i n geme n t s of Pa ten t,s. AJl business .. n tl'l1 sted to t hem if' d o n e with special carr and prompt ness, on very l'rasonable t('l'm... A pamphlet sent frcc of c harge, 011 apptication, con taining fuJl informat.ion nbont Paten ts and how t. o procure them ; directiollR cmlcern ing Labels. Copyrights, Designs. Pa lents. Appea1s. Re issues, Ir. fl'iugelllcJ1ls. As signmcnts, Rejected ('ases, Hints on Ibe Sale of Patents, etc. We al..o send. free Q.r char(Je. a SynopsiS of FOl'e i gn Patent Laws. showing th e cost and mmhod of securing paten ts in all the pri n c i pal countr i e s of the world. ..g..S..I..s{...... e....' :..;s.." fol' '' $700 pump, MUNN &CO., Solicitors or Pat e nt s , S;..fB ..i ..:;....eft)!'..Jgf.t. rr\....s Si..troC..7..: 261 Broadway, New York. 20,000 gallons 8er hour. St"te for wbat l BRANCn OFFIC E.-