MESSRS.MUNN & Co., in connection with the publication of the Scientific American, continue to examine improvements and to act as Solicitors of Patents for Inventors. In that a line of business they have had ftnty years experience. and now haveunequaltd facUities for the prep. aratlon of Patent Drawings, Specifications. and the prosecution of Applications for Patents In the United ,states. Gan!Wa. and ]j'orelgn Countries. Munn & Co. also attend to the preparation of Caveats. Copyrights for Books. Labels. Reissues. Assignments. and Reports on Infringements of Patents. All business intrusted to them Is done with speCial care and promptness. on very reasonable terms. A pamPllet sent free of charge. on application. containing full Information abont Patents and how to procure them ; directions concerning Labels, Copyrights. Des\gn. Patents. Appeals, Reissues. Infringements. Assignments, Rejected Cases. llints on the Sale of Pa- tents, etc. . . t.eWnte. L aals-wo ss. esnhdo.w;trBeing otfh cfuJrgee cost. aa Snydn ompestish oodf Foofr esiegcnu rPinag- patents In all the prl??cipal countries of the world. lU:1JNN ok CO., Solicitors of Patellts, 361 Broadway. New York. ty adlnstoll, D. C.