MESSRS. MUNN & CO., in connection with the pubU-cation of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN. continue to ex-mine improvements. and to act as Solicitors of Patents liDe of busie"" they have had forty-one ys eaperience. and now nave unwiled faciliUea for e prpamtwn of Patent Drawings. Specitications, and the procitn of Applatns lor Pants in e United riUs, Canada,,and-Forei Countries. MMMM Mann Co. also attend to the preparation of Caveats. Copyrights for R, Asind on InfrinRements of-Patents. All business int.ruste to is done with apecia.! care and promptness, onvery Monabf A pamphlet sent. tree of charl!, on application. con-tainiuK full raiation about Patents and how to procure them; rns ;(ir Iab pgx, ns, PatMts, Appeals. Reissues. Infringemnts, AB-sents, Rted Cases, Hints on the Sale of tenta, etc. We also send,/reeo/ crge, a Synops14of Foreign Pa. tentws, showing the cost and method of sng patents in all the prmcal wntrs otthe vorM. - .tJNN &-VO., Solicitor. ot PalenU, - . . '. - . JI6l B1"O!"bvay. NeW York. BRANCH .0FI'IOIl8.-NIl. 622 and fIN F Street, Pa- O Bnllding, n .... .'lt h Street, Waah1ngton, D. C.