MESSRS. MUNN & CO.. in connection with the publication of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN. continue to examine improvements. and to act as Solicitors of Patents for Inventors. In this line of busmeas the, have ' had fartv-one vtan' eeperience. IlIld now Dave meguaied facUtUe for the preparation of Patent Drawlnllrs, Specifications, and the prosecution of Applications for Patents lo the United S, !Ed lin Countries.) anne: C). also attend to the pation of Caveats. Copyrights for wks. Labels, ues. Ameenta. and Beports on Infrinllrements of patents. All buliness ined to them is done with special e and promptness, on vert ruonable s A pamphlet sent of e& on apm1l, taung fill! information about Patents and how to procure them; Uons concemiII Labels. Copyrights, Designs, Patents, Appeals. Rnlssnes, Infrlngemmita, Assignments, Rejected Cases. Hinte on the Sale of Pa-etc. We also send, .fm of a SynoPSis of Foreign P.,. tent Laws, showing the and method of ng patents in all the principal countries of the world. nVNN ot: CO., Solleltora of Patema, . 381 Badway, New York. BRANCH OFI'ICBS.-No. 62 and 8H F S Pa.o Bullv. near 7th Street, Wuhi D. C.