MB8SRS. MUNN &: CO.. in connection w^th the publication of the SnENTiFiC AMKBICAN. continue to ei-a.mine ImproTCments. and Ui act M Solicitors of Patents for Inventor-s. in thi^ line of buaioessthey hare had forty-one yean f^^^mce. and t^o^ fiav^e eZn^atq^^^foMiti^s f^^ prt'para^n of Patent. DrawinJls, Speciflcations, and the prosecution of Application'l for Patents in the United :-;,tates, Canada. and Kweisrn Countries. .Messrs Munn & Co. also attend to the preparation of Caveats. Copyrights for Books. I.,abui8. Keissues. A ssignments. and Kepons on Infrmgemenw of Patents. All business intrusted to th^ is done with special care and promptness, on very ^^nable te rm . A pamphlet sent free of ch^^ on ^hcaura. con-^mmgftin^nf^^^^[;';^: a:ODt I!.^ents and :,w procure them; directions concerning Labels, CcPYrig'hts. Designs. Patents. Appeals, Koikes, Infringemnts, AA-silrnments, Rejected Cases, Hints on the Sale of P.. etc. We alao send, /rM of e^^, a SynOj)l!u of Foreign Patent u... showing the coot and method of spring paMnts In ; n the principal countries of the world. KtJNM * CO., SoIieUon o1 Patenta, m B^adway. New York. BRANCH i^TOES.-No. 62 II 11 F Stret, P^