MESSRS. MUNN & CO In connection with the publication of the Scientific American. continne to examine improvements, and to act as Solloltors of Patents for Inventors. In this line of business they have had forty-one years experience, and now nave unequated facilities for the preparatlOD of Patent Drawings, Specifications, and the prosecution of Applicationq for Patents in the United States. Canada. and Foreign Countries. ,Messrs Munn & Co. also attend to the .preparation.of Caveats. Copyrights for Books. IJabe18, Reissues. A88ignmentB. and Report.RUBBER on Infringements of Patents. Airbusiness intrusted to them ls. done with special'care and promptness, on very reuonable terms A pamphlet sent free of charge, on applicatIon. containing fuIl information about Patents and how to prooure themj directions concerning Labels, Copyrights, DeSigns, Patents, Appeals. Rnlssue8. Infringements, Assignments, Rejected Cases, Hints on the Sale of Patents, etc........ We aI80 send. ,freeol charge, a SynOPSIS of Foreign Patent Lairs, showing the cost and method of securing patents in all the principal eountrles of the world. MIJNIV & CO., Solicitors ol Patents, 361 Broadway, New Tork. BRANCH OFFICBS.-Mo. 622 and 824 F Street, Pacific Building, sear 7th Street, Washington, D. C.