MESSRS MUNN &CO. in connection witli the publi cation of tbe ScimNTiFic AMBKICAN, eontltine to ex-'amine.improvements, and to act aa Solicitore of Patents for Inventors. In'this line of business tbey bave bad imty~ meyeaa * p rim e.'and miw hme ntiputUt f tOttm forrthe prepantion of Patent ? 1??([8, 8? ?? ? 4??? , and tbe pro utioii of Afmllcations for Intents in tbe United n t B.Canada.andrirorelgnConntnes. Kessrs. Munn & Co. also attend totiie preparation of Caveats. Copyri ghts for Books, LabelB,-ReiS8qes, Assignments, and Be ports on Infringements of Patents. All business intrusted to them is done witb special care and promptness, on very roaeonable tenaa. A pamphlet sent free of charge, on application, con. talmng fall Information about Fatrats and bow to pro-core them! directions ooncemlrig Labels, Copyrights, Darigne, PWenIa, Appeals, Reissues, Inftingements, As- iRnmentB, Bejected Cases. Bints on the Sale of Par t Hits 'eta. We also send, free of charge, a Synopsis of Foreign Pa tent Laws, showing the tioat and method of seeming p tentsin all the principal oountrles of tbe world. ?t??? & COH Sollclton or Patenta, 361 Broadway, New York. BRANCH OFFICES.-No.623 Building, near 7th Street, Washington, D. C.