MESSRS. MUNN & CO., In connection with the publication of the Scintific American, continue to examine improvements, and to act as Solicitors of Patents for Inventors. In this line of business they have bad forty-one years Experience . and now have unequaled facilities for the preparation of Patent Drawings, Specifications, and the prosecution of Applications for Patents in the United States. Canada. and Foreign Countries. Messrs. Munn & Co also to the preparation of Cavests Copyrights for Books, Labels. Reissue:. Assignments, and Reports on Infringements of Patents. AH business intrusted to them is done with special care and promptness, on very reasonable terms. a pamphlet sent free of charge, on application, containing full Information bout Patents and bow to pro-cnre them; directions concerning Labels, Copyrights, Designs. Patents, Appeals, Reissued, Infringements, Assignment!: Rejected Cases. Hints on the&ale of Patents, etc. We also send. free of charge, a Synopsis of Foreign Patent Laws, showing the cost and metbod of securing patents In all tbe principal countries of the world, MlJNN &: CO.,' Solicitor* of Patent., 361 Broadway, New York. 1 BRANCH OH'FlCB3,No.5 and 61i F Street. P.. Ciflc Bnllding. near Streets Washington, D. C.