MESSRS. MUNN & CO., in connection with the publication of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, continue to examine improvements, and to act as Solicitors of Patents for Inventors. In this line of business they have had forty-one years' experience, apd now have unequaled facilities for.the preparation of Patent Drawings, Specifications, and the prosecution of Applications for Patents in the United States,Canada, and Foreign Countries.. Messrs. M unn & Co. also attend to the preparation of Caveats. Copyrights for Books, Isabels, Reissues, Assignments, and Reports on Infringements of Patenta. All business intrusted to' them is done with special care and promptness, on very reasonable terms. A pamphlet sent free of chante, on application, containing full information about Patents and how to procure them; directions concerning Labels, Copyrights, Designs, Patent, Appeals, Reissues, Infringements, As. stirnments, Rejected Gases. Hints on the Sale of Patents, etc. We also. send, free of charge, a Synopsis of Foreign Pa- tent Laws, showing the cost and method of becuring patents In all the principal countries of the world. MUNN & CO., Solicitors of Patent, 881 Broadway, New York.