MESSRS KSSH.S. MUNN&CO., in connection with the publi cation of the Scientific American-, continue to ex amine i improvements, and to act as Solicitors of Patents for Inventors. In this line of business they have had forty-owe years' e.rperUnce. and now have unequaled .facilities for the preparation of Patent Drawings, Specifications, and the prosecution of ApplicatioDs for Patents in the United Sfates. Canada. and Foreign Countries. Messrs, unn&Co. also attend to the preparation of Caveats. Copyrights for Books, Labels, Reissues, Assignments. and Reports on Infringements of Patents. A II business intrusted to them is done with special care and promptness, on very reasonable terms. A pamphlet sent free of charge, on application, con taining full information about Patents and how to pro cure thera; directions- concerning Labels, Copyrights, Designs, Patents, Appeals, Reissues, Infringements, As signments,. Rejected Cases. Hints on the Sale of Pa tents. etc. We also send, free oj charge, a Synopsis of Foreign Pa tent Laws, showing the cost and method of securing patents in all the principal countries of the world. MUNN CO., Solic 1 tors of” Patents, 3R1 Broadway. New York. BRANCH OFFICES.—No. 622 and 6U F Street, Pa Cific BuilQi_J'. near 7th Street, Washington, D. C. STEAM ENGINES Upright and Horizontal, Stationary, Portable and Semi-Portable. S to 16 Horse Power. Illustrated Pamphlet Free. Addresa James Leffel&Co. SPRINGFIELD, OHIO, or 110 Liberty St., New York james b. eads.—an account of the life and labors of this eminent engineer. With a portrait. Contained in scientific American Supple ment, No. 59\i. Price 10 cents. To be had at this office and from all newsdealers. Catalogue free. Address Typewriter Department, POPI MFG. CO., Makers of Co I u iiibia Cycles, Boston, New York, Chicago. Fffll STEAM AND HOT WATER FOR WARMING RE S ID ENOES ,STORES , HOTELS , BU S I NESS BLOCKS, SCHOOLS ANDPUBLIC BUILDINGS BY STEAM OR ACT WATER CIRCU- L ATI ON. POSITIVELY NON E XP LOS1 VE . ECON OMICAL MAGAZINE FEED. SEND FOR NEW ILLUSTRATED DESCRIPTIVE. CATALOGUE. 9PIERCE,BUTLER &. PIERCE M F G CO. ®SYRACUSE, NEW YORK, U.S.A. J O N” S:7 Asbestos Sectional Pipe Covering A Non Conducting Covering for Steam and Hot Water Pipes, etc. READll,Y ATTACHED OR REMOVED B\, ANY ONE. Asbestos Boiler Coverings. We are prepared to take contracts for appl yi n g Steam Pipe and Boiler Coverings in any part of the United States. H. “W. Joh.:n.s 3VEanu^c^rmg Compa:n.y, sole MANUFACTURERS OF H. W. J oh n s' Asbestos Millboard, Sheathing.., Building Felts, Fire-Proof Paints, Liquid l.J aiut s, Asbestos Roofing, etc. 87 Maiden Lane, New York.CHICAGO. PHILADELPHIA. LONDON. the fred'k crane chemical Co SHORT HILLS, N. J.-BOX9IA-' zapons, brush&dip. lacquers.varnish. SHELLACS.BLACKS.BRlLLlANT&dead. j APANS,AIR DRY1NG.ENAMELS,TRANSPARENT, FOR metal AND WOOD.PROOF against acids AND alkalies.—write for catalogue.— POP safety valve WATER RELIEF VALVE IMPROVED STEAM GAGE sSTEAM ENGINE INDIOATOR Single Bel1 Chime Whittle, and al I Instruments used in connection with Steam, Air and Water. .sole Agents for Clark's Linen tire Hose. new york.LONDON. CROSBY STEAM GAGE&VALVE CO, ^^.•fo'.1^: home-ma l)e IncU bator.—practi- eaj directions for the manufatf ure of an effective incu bator that nas been careful ytesteJ and found toper- form all that may be reasonably expected ; with direc tions ror operating. With 4 figures. Con tamed in Sci entific Amkhican Supplemknt. No. fi30. Price 10 cents. To be had at this office and from all newsdealers. armor plate.—an elaborate and interesting historical account of the manufacture of armor plate and of the tests that have been made of the various kinds. Illustrated with31 engravings. Con- tamed in Scientific American Suppled nt, Nos. 7 13. 714, and 715. Price lOcents each. To be had at this office and from allnewsdealers. 2 to 40 H•'• The MOTOR of 19th CENTURY. Can be used Any Place, to do A ny Work, and by Any One. No Boiler! No Fire! No Steam! No Ashes! No Gauges! No Engineer! A per fectly safe Motor for all places and purposes. Cost of operation about one cent an hour to each indicated horse power. For circulars, etc .. address h:™..,...Hoi^im,, Charter Gas Engine Co. Simplify, Safety. P, O. Box 148.Sterling, Ill. THREE ELEVATORS A Day is the output of OTIS BROTHERS&CO.'S Passenger and Freight Elevator Works, General Office, 38 Park Row, New York. THE OTIS ELEVATOR THE BEST FOR READY- REFERENCE. TM[ I NTCDN ATIHNAI PVPI DDCnik is a compile, comprehensive, readv- iHt INItnNA I IUNAL UlbLUrtUIA reference cyclopedia, published four years ago, at the lowest cogt consistent with good paper, good type, good binding, and good editing, and is better to-day because of careful revision. No other Cyclopedia approaching It in stze-15 volumes, with titles—is sold at so low a price; and no other so generally contains the latest information and statistics. Yet its cost is moderate, and terms of payment easy—if you wish. Delivered free of expense. Correspondence solicited. Salesmen wanted. Address, SUBSCRIPTION DEPARTMENT, DODD, MEAD&COMPANY, Publishers, 753&755 Broadway, New York. ESTABLISHED HALF A CENTURY. Hoskins' Patent Hydro-Carbon BLOW-PIPE AND ASSAY FURNACES. No dust. No ashes. Cheap, effective, economical, port able, and aui omatic. Send for Price List. W. Hoskins, 81 S. Clark St., Room 50, Chicago, II1. VELOCITY OF ICE BOATS. A COLLEC. tion of interesting letters to the editor of the Scientific American on the question of toe speed of ice boats, de-. monstratinghow and why it is that these craft sail faster than the wind which propels them. Illustrated With 10 explanatory diagrams. Contained in ScientifiO American Supplement, No. 214. Price 10 cents. To he had at this office and from all newsdealers. PAWO Wanted 50,00 Sawyers SA^US ww Oand Lumbermen toOll ww ^fe A send us their full address for a copy of Em- ^T^ erson's Book of “'A WS. We are first A to introduce Natural Gas for heating and W temperingwith wonderful effect up on improving their quality and toughness, WW enabling us to reduce prices. A ddress— S EMERSON, SMITH&CO. (Ltd.), O Beaver Fnlls, Pn.S 95 MILK ST., BOSTON, MASS. This Company owns the Letters Patent granted to Alexander Graham Bell, March 7th, 1876, No. 174,4G5. and January 30th, 1877. ' No. 186.787. The transmission of Speech by all known forms of Electric Speaking Telephones in fringes the right secured to this Company by the above patents, and renders each individual user of telephones not furnish ed by it or i Is I icensees responsible for such unlawful use. and all the consequences thereof. and liable to suit therefor. PRINTING INKS. rpHE “Scientific American” is printed with CHAS. T BOTSU JOHNSON&CO. '8 ^TC. Tenth and Lom bard Ste.. Phila.. and !7 Rose St., opp. ^ane St., N. Y.