MESSRS. MUNN & CO.. in connection ' with the publication of the Scientific American, continue to examine improve-ments, and to act as Solicitors of Patentf for Inventors. In this line of business they have bad fortv-tre vrarr exverifnce, and now have nneqiuilM f eilitieji for the preparation of Patent Dntwlngg, Speoiilcations, and the nmeoation of Applications for Patents in tbe United States, Canada, and Foreign Countries. Messrs. Munn A Co. also attend to the jewaration of Caveats, Copy-rlEhts for Books, Labels, Seiseiies, Assignments, and iteport on Infringements of Patents. All business Intrusted to them is done with special care and promptness, on vary reasonable terms. A pamphlet sent free of charge, on application, containing, foil information about Patents and how to pro-cme them : dlreetlons oonoeming Labels, GopTriglita, Beetgna, n* PP"? ' elssnes, Infrtngements, AsBignments. Bejeeted Cases. Hints on the sale of Patents, etc. Wo also send, fru 0 horj , a Synopsis of Foreign Pa-*mt LawsT faMti tbe oo t and method of secnHng Patents in sKthe inlnclpal oountries of the world. MDNK fc CO., Salieltora af Pateate, 301 Broadway, New York. BRANCH OFFICES.-- Nos.623 and 624 F street,Pacific building,near 7th Street, Washington. D.C