MESSRS. MUNN & CO.. in connection with the publication ot the SciENTiric H American, continue to examine Improve-ments, and to act as Solicitors ot Patentp for Inventora. In this line of business tbey have had fartvJKf- vmrs-e.iveriencp. and now have uiifiinntfd faciHtien for tbe preparation of Patent Drawings, Specifications, and the roaecution of Applications for Patents in the United States, Canada, and Foreign conntrles. Messrs. Munn ft Co. also attend to the preparation of caveata, Copy-rinhta for Books, Labels, Reissues, AfflUmmento, and ueports on Infringements of Patents. All business intrusted to them 18 done witb special care and promptness on very reasonable terms. A pamphlet sent free of charge, on application, con-titiuing full information about Patents and how to pro-care themj directions concerning Labels, Oopyrisihta, Designs, Patents, Appeals, Reissues, Infringements, Assignments, Bejected Cases, Hints on the sale of patents, etc. Wealsosend, free of cmroe. a Synopsisof Foreign Pa-tsnt Laws, sbowiDg tbe cost and metbod of secnrins patents In all tbe principal countries of the world. inUNN CO., Solicitors ofPntents, 361 Broadway, New York. BBAHCH 0FFICE.--Nos. 823 and 624 F Street, Pa. dfls BnlMing, near Ith Smet, WashinstoD, D. C.