A new college has been incorporated by the Legislature of Pennsylvania, whose objects meet with our hearty approbation, and we hope and trust that it may soon be firmly established. It is designed to teach mathematics and civil engineering; mechanical philosophy and the principles of machines; ? metallurgy, and every branch of chemistry, together with mining, engineering, mineralogy and geology. The Trustees ot this Institution have not ask"ed for State aid to establish and support it, they rely upon the generous assistance ot the people of Pennsylvania in particular, and if they do not come to its aid they will be recreant to their own interests. The State ol Pennsylvania is rich in mines and minerals, and a thorough knowledge ol all that relates to subjects connected with engineering, minerals, and chemistry, should be taught her youth. It is expected that the college will open in the month of September next with a full faculty; a well supplied analyical laboratory, sections and models of mines and machinery, a geological and mineralogical cabinet, field operations, and architectural and mechanical drawing, to afford ample facilities for thorough and practical instruction. Students will be enabled to pursue one or more studies for a year, term, or less period, and after examination, will be granted certificates of capacity accordingly. Candidates for Degrees will be examinefl on all the branches, but may pursue the studies a longer or shorter time, according to industry and ability. Particular information about fees, c, may be obtained by youug men who would desire to attend said college, or by fathers who may desire to send their sons there, by communications addressed to John Mclntyre, Esq., Walnut street, above Sixth, Philadelphia.