A neat portable apparatus, that can be carried in the pocket, for placing caps on gun nipples, has been invented by Russel Frisbee, of Middletown, Conn., who has taken measures to secure a patent. It consists of an oblong metal case, containing a grooved recess in which the caps are placed, and having at the end, two springs so arranged as to prevent the caps from escaping from the case unless when required. On each spring, at the outer end is a concave-shaped lip, which Works through a small opening in the case, and is operated by the thumb, this is done by pressing against a button which forces down the springs, and permits the insertion of the cap on the nipple of the gun. The grooved recess or chamber already mentioned is supplied with caps between the upper and lower lip, and they are prevented from escaping into the other part of the case by a stop on the upper part of the chamber.