Five parts of sifted whiting are mixed with a solution of one part of glue. When the whiting is worked up into a paste with the glue, a proportionate quantity of Venetian turpentine is added to it, by which the brittle-ness ot the paste is destroyed. In order to prevent its clinging to the hands while the Venetian turpentine is being worked into the paste, a small quantity of Linseed oil is added from time to time. The mass may also be colored by kneading in any color that may be desired. It may be pressed into shapes, and used for the productions of bas-reliefs and other figures such as animals, &c. It may also be worked by hand into models, during which operation the hands must be rubbed with linseed oil ; the mass must also be kept warm during the process. When it cools and dries, which takes place in a few hours, it becomes hard, and may then be employed for the multiplication of these forms.