The following curious statement about port wine is taken irom a late English journal:— “A pipe of port wine is sometimes compounded in London of fifty gallons of cider, sixty gallons Cape Por.tac, paying a duty of only 2s. 9d , five to ten gallons of British brandy, and cider added to keep the cask full, till all the ingredients, are well blended together. Eight pipes of port wine, ot one hundred and filteen gallons each, which can be sold for 70 a pipe, are manufactured at an expense of 401, out of the following materials:—two pipes ot Beni Carlos, at 38 a pipe; two hundred and thirty gallons of Figueras, costing 60; a pipe and a half of Cape Pontac, costing 48; a pipe and a half of good port, 109 ; a pipe of common port 68 ; twenty gal Ions ot mountain, 11 8s. 7d.; washings of brandy casks, elderberries, salt of tartar, gum dragon. &c, in proportion, costing in all 401, including the payment of duties tor eisbt pipes of dly paid port wine, which are then worth 560 The revenue and the wine drinkers are both defrauded by such concoctions. Gold has been discovered in a cliff in Pine Creek, Va.