The “Alta California” states that specimens of beryl, ana1 topaz of remarkable value and beauty, consisting of emerald, both stones of the first water, have been found on Tuo-lumne river, and the present high price of this gem, being next in value to the diamond, will warrant extensive exploration in search of them. Tha contents of the Egyptian galleries of the Louvre, at Paris, have just been re-arranged, and a portion of the interesting discoveries made by M. Mariette, some time ago, in the Temple at Memphis (found under ground), has been added to them. An unknown comet has just paid us a visit It is a small one, and makes another of those mysterious heavanly wonders which puzzle and confound the reasoning of astronomers. Lieut. Maury recently lectured in Liverpool and explained his Wind and Current charts. He was highly complimented for his discoveries, scientific information, and modesty. Literary Notices THE SCALPEL—We have received the August number of this able monthly journal of health, edited by Dr. E. H. Dixon, New fork : it contains several very valuable papers on the structure and functions Of the nerves, is an elaborate and ably written article worthy or careful perusal. Parts 9 ana 10 of J. Payne Collier's edition of Shakspeare's Works, embracing several very impor- tant emendations, are received. This valuable and only true version of Shakspeare, is issued by J. S. Kedfleld, at 28 eta. per number: 16 parts complete the work. MEYEK'8 UNIVEBSUM—Vol. X, Parts 1 and 2. UNITED STATES ILLUSTRATED— Vol. 1, Parts 1 and 2. These popular illustrated serials are published by Herman J. Meyer, 184 William jst, New York.