We learn from the London Times that extensive preparations are now being made foi laying the cable next year, and that the attempt will take place in the month of June. It seems that the very kind of machinery foi laying the cable which we recommended as essential to its success is being constructed, The Times says: — " But it is principally to the improvemeni of the paying-out machines that the efforts oi the company have been directed. Last yeai these machines, aided by considerable obstinacy and rashness, ruined the whole plan, and, the steed being thus effectually stolen for the present, the most tremendous precautions are now being taken to bolt the stable door. The machines are being made under the special id vice and directions of Mr. Penn, Mr. Field, Mr. Lloyd, and Mr. Everett, the Chief Engineer of the Niagara. Messrs. Easton and Amos have been intrusted with their manufacture, which insures all that skill and experience can effect in their solid construction, With the details of the plan upon which tlio are to be made we are not yet acquainted further than that they are especially contrived to guard against the strain on the cable caused by the sudden pitch of the vessel, and also that the brake in the wheels will be perfectly self-acting, and so made that it will be Impossible to place upon it more than about one-third of the strain which the cubic can safely be relied upon to bear." About 800 miles' length of new cable is tc be made, to make up for the 400 which was lost, and to give 400 additional to afford greater allowance for winding than was calculated for in the first attempt.