We find the following translation of an article in a German paper, in the " New York Agricultor," which contains an account of the preservation of grapes in Russia:— "A traveller who lived at St. Petersburgh during the winter season, states that he ate there the freshest and most beautiful grapes he had ever seen. To preserve them they should be cut before being entirely ripe. Do not handle the berries, reject all the damaged ones, then lay the grapes in a large stone jar holding about thirty gallons : the mouth should be narrow so that the grapes will not touch each other; fill the spaces between them with millet ; cover closely with a stone cover well fitted and cemented. Over this paste a thick paper, and let it be hermetically sealed so as to enitrely exclude the air. In this air-tight jar the grapes ripen fully, and acquire a flavor seldom attained by any other method and are preserved for two years in the best condition.