We have received a letter from A. H. E. W. Winans, taxidermists and eollectors in the varous branches of natural history, Warsaw, 111., which states that they keep a constant supply of beautiful mounted and stuffed specimens of the birds, mamrhels, and reptiles of North America, and will furnish orders for public or private collections. They will undertake to fill orders for any or all of the birds ot the Upper Mississippi, and do so as fast as they obtain the specimens. We direct at. tention to the profession of Messrs. Winans, because we think there are many of our readers who have a taste for objects ot natural history, and who would be glad to get some, but know not where to obtain them. We see it stated, in an exchange, that the laborers in England are worse paid and sub-sisted than they were two centuries ago. This is not true; they are better paid and have more comforts now than they ever had.