Gail Borden, Jr., formerly of Texas, but now of this city, to whom was granted a Council Medal at the World's Fair of 1851, for his celebrated meat biscuit, has taken measures to secure a patent for some exceedingly valuable improvements in preparing and concentrating sweet milk in such a manner that incipient deecomposition is completely prevented, and a concentrated extract produced either in cakes, or in a more fluid state, which will keep sweet in any climate for months and perhaps for years. We have kept a quantity of this milk for three months, and although it has stood in a tolerably warm place, it is as sweet to day as when we received it. Mr. Borden, by the same improvements, extracts and concentrates coffee, tea, and other useful dietary matters, and produces those extracts in such a form that the strength of a pound oi coffee can be carried in a vessel no larger than a small tea cup, and it will keep fresh in any climate, and for a number of years. We have given samples of the coffee, prepared by Mr. Borden repeated trials during the past four months, and cannot but speak in the most favorable terms respecting its good qualities, and the real benefits which we anticipate from its introduction into public use. For persons going on sea voyages, or on long overland journeys, a few small tin can-nisters will be sufficient to equip them for partaking, with a little warm water, of a good milk and coffee beverage, properly sweetened, in the midst of the ocean, or in the depths of the forrest. For domestic use it will be the means of saving much in families, especially in warm weather, and at no time need there be any necessity for a person taking a cup of milk-less coffee, even after a thunder storm, or a week of hot weather, with the thermometer daily at 97 in the shade, as it has been in this city during the past week. The means by which Mr. Borden prepares his extracts are new, ingenious, and philosophical, but as measures are adopted ior securing patents abroad, we cannot describe them at present, suffice it to say that although milk and other vegetable extracts have been made heretofore, the new process is entirely different and very superior. The milk prepared by the improved process of Mr. Borden, even alter it is months old, will, when dissolved in warm water and left to cool, produce a beautiful and sweet covering of cream. The cof fee and tea have all their aroma preserved, and retain all their peculiar qualities. In large dairies at a distance from cities, large quantities of sweet milk can be prepared by Mr. Borden's apparatus, and sent down to be sold in every grocery, and it may yet become as common to ask for a cake of milk as it 13 now to nsk for a quart. The mode of preparing these extracts is economical, safe, and certain, and we believe it is one of the best and most useful improvements that has ever been discovered.