The State of Ohio is eminently distinguished for agricultural enterprize and thrift.— This is owing to the good sense of her people, as manifested in her excellent " County Agricultural Societies," which are the best evidences of the good qualities of the " State Society." The next Annual Fair of the Green County Agricultural Society, will be held at Xenia Ohio, on the 14th and 15th of this month (Sept.) and many prizes will be a warded by the intelligent committees appointed. Among the premiums to be awarded, we notice, with no small degree of pleasure, sixty volumes of the Scientific American, to be given in sixty different prizes. This Agricultural Society awarded a number of prizes of our last volume, at its last annual Fair, and they have no doubt given great satisfaction, as the number of prizes are nearly double this year.— Agricultural and Mechanics' Associations cannot, we are sure, offer more suitable prizes, for many things, than a work like the Scientific American. Many of such associations now understand the true value of such prizes.— What is a diploma to any man in comparison with a scientific work ! Nothing but a toy. Those men who have offered such prizes as the Scientific American, evince a strong desire to spread abroad useful information, and have the real good sense to adopt one of the best possible modes of disseminating it. We Tcic-po3i*Frefet=evBry-SH-w4ri-a warded a volume ot the Scientific American, will be both pleased and profited.