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Neurolinguistic programming has become a favored pop psychology technique because it is easy to follow. But does it work?
Mind Control

Many people outside the business community are leery about NLP. It is not uncommon to hear comments such as “It's some sort of mind control, right?” NLP supporters scoff at the notion that the exercises are simply instruments of manipulation. They say the techniques are transparent and that people come to sessions looking for personal change, a situation that cannot be called manipulation in the sense of devious mind control. Interestingly, NLP is gaining ground among physicians who are involved in wellness training, to help them communicate better with their patients and to work more effectively with patient groups with specific ailments, such as asthma.

And what about Tom? Will he become an ardent advocate of NLP? That will probably depend on how his presentation goes. If he aces it, he is likely to seek the services of his coach again for other difficult problems. And then neurolinguistic programming will perhaps become firmly anchored in his brain.

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