A new and valuable modification of pump valves has been invented by Calvin and Geo. W. Woodward, of New York, which was patented this week. It consists in having the valve seats formed of brass or composition tubing fitted in circular holes made through the body of the pump, and having valves made in the form of a segment of a tube, and fitted within the tubing ; the ends or axes of the valves being fitted in circular heads which are secured over the ends of the tubing'by means of bolts. The advantages of this system are, that the tubes serve as bushesfor the passages, and when the valve seats become worn, the tubes may be readily removed and replaced by new ones. The valves may also be constructed wjth greater facility and fitted perfectly on their seats without difficulty, for as they are segments of a tube they can be turned in a lathe, and the work consequently may be done very accurately. The ordinary valves require considerable labor in order to fit them perfectly, and expert or skilful work-men are required to ensure the work being f properly done.