The annexed engravings are views of an improvement in regulating the blast in pipes, &c, invented by George Race, of North East, Duchess Co., N. Y., who has taken measures to secure a patent for the same. Figure 1 is a longitudinal section of part of a blast pipe, showing the improved regulator inside, and figure 2 is a transverse section of the pipe with an end view of the regulator. The same letters refer to like parts, -fin the manufacture of iron by the blast furnace, it is of the utmost importance that pressure of the blast should be as nearly uniform as possible, but the apparatus now in use tor regulating the pressure ot the blast does not produce the desired uniformity. The object of this invention is to produce a more uniform pressure. A is part of the blast pipe into which the blast enters at a, and from which it passes at 6, towards the tuyere; B is a movable cap for the introduction and withdrawal of the regulator, which is as follows :— C is a short tube which fits tightly in the blast pipe; it supports the valve socket, D, which is a tube ot smeli size as to allow of u considerable space between it and the blast 1 pipe. The valve socket may be of any suit-ble metal and form, but perhaps the square form allows of the best arrangement of shutters to vary the form of the passages. On op