THIRTY CENTS per line for each and every insertion, payable in advance. To enable all to understand how to calculate the amount they must send when they wish advertisements published, we will explain that ten words average one line. Engravings will not be admitted into our advertising columns ; and, as heretofore, the publishers reserve to themselves the right to reject any advertisement sent for publication. PATENT LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES, with other information of importance to Inventors, Patentees la press, and" will be issued in a few day, a work of over 100 pages, containing the Patent Laws of the United States, with all the information furnished from the Patent Oilice relative to the mode of applying for patents, forma of specifications, caveata, re-issues. nddition;il improvements, assignments, &c. ; the rules for taking testimony in cases of interference aud extensions, with suggestions of importance regarding the rights of patentees, how to mark their Siitentecl machines, the penalty for neglecting to put on tue correct ate, and other information of importance to every inventor, patentee OF assignee in the United States. The work will also contain an epitome of the laws of foreign countries with directions how to secure inventions abroad. This hand-book lias bean carefully prepared by the editors of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, and ifla believed will contain more information of practical importance to persons who wish to secui-e patent*, or who own patents, or work under a license, than any publication of a like nature which hag ever been published. Price, single copies, 20 cents : six copies for $1 ; fifty copies $7. Address MUNN & CO., Publishers of the Scientific American, No. 37 Park-row, New York City. C"~~5AL OILS.A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON coal, petroleum, and other distilled oils. By Abraham Gesuer. 8vo.; fully illustrated ; cloth $1.50. ENGINEERING. Engineering Precedents for Steam Machinery, embracing the performances of Steamships, Experiments with Propelling Instrument*. Condensers, Boilers, &c. Two volumes, 8vo.; fully illustrated; cloth $;.75. Vol. III., treating on Steam Jackets, ia in course of preparation. Seat freebv nrl on recoint of the. amount. 25 4 " No. 44o'Broadway, New^York. CL. GODDAKD, AGENT, NO. 3 BOWLING Green, New York. Only manufacturer of thefSteel Rin g and Solid Packing Burring Machines and Feed Rolls lor Wool Cards, &c. 25 26* YATES' IMPROVED PATENT MACHINE FOR Sawing Shingles or Heading. E. A. JUDD, Proprietor, Chittenango, Madison county, N. Y. W. H. YATES, A^e.nt, Rochester, Mich. 25 5* EPRITCHARD, LATE FOREMAN OF S. DOWN, invites the attention of capitalists and those interested in tlie manufacture of gas meters, with a view to an engagement. Has a thorough knowledge, of the business. Good reference given. Address No. 304 Ninth-avenue, New York. 1* 4fcl PCfk PER DAY T0 ACTIVE YOUNG MEN. JJ> JL *J\J Send stamp to E. D. FISHER, No. 331 Greenwich street, New York. 1* MACHINERY.S- C. HILLS. NO. 12 PLATT streets, New York, dealer in Steam-engines, Boilers, Planers Lathes, Chuck, Drills, Pumps; Mortising. Tenoning and Sash Machine, Woodworth's and Daniel's Planers, Dick's Punches,Presses and Sheai-s; Cob and Corn Mills; Harrison's Grist Mills; Johnson's Shingle Mills; Belting, Oil fcc. 2 e3w TRAVELING AGENTS WANTEDTO SELL A 1 ne^v and valuable machine, nn r.mnmisairm ov salarr. For terms, address, with stamp, J. W. HARRIS fc CO., Boston, Mass. 25 4* MEND YOUR OWN TINWAREAS EVERY one, can do (even tho ladies tliennnlves) when furnished with Root's Improved Portable Soldering Implements. Also, suitable for mending brass and copper kettles aud broken metals of any kind, with a neatness and dispatch tlint any tinsmith might; envy. Full instructions iven for mending rings. &c. Implements and material1', with full printed inshninHon?, mailed to nny address (postpaid) on receipt of 31 f*Q*it3 ," four p^kngps for $1. Agents wanted. Addreas A. I. ROOT fc CO., Manufacturera, Medina, Ohio. 1* GTFFARD'S BOILER INJECTORFOR SUP-giving water to boilers by direct pressure of steam without the intervention of anv mnchinery. The attention of engineers and others interested U invitad to tbe=^ ncwlv invent instnimerits, now on exhibition and for sale by CHARLES W. COPELAND, No. 122 Broadway, New York. 24 13 PORTER'S IMPROVED GOVERNOR. The reputation of these governors is well established. Parties troubled with unsteady power may seud for them in entire confidence. They never fail. The numerous valvea in nse are all equally good, if well made: the form of the opening is immaterial. The governors are warranted to work pei-lectly with any and all valves, which move lrewly und close tukrabiy tight. A style is made expressly adapted to waterwheels, to which they will give u perfectly uniform motion, under any variation of resit-i-ince. I have long done with troubling my customers for certificates ; but am able to refer to a large number of parties now using this governor iii a majority ot the States of the Union. I will send a governor to any responsible party for trial. If it does not operate perfectly it may be returned. A liberal discount to the trade, whose orders will always be promptly filled. CHARLES T. POUTER, iS'o. 235 West Thirteenth-street, corner of Ninth-avenue, New York City. 5(\(\(\ AGENTS WANTEDTO SELL FIVE "xJ'U' new inventionsone verv recent, aud of great value to families. All pay great profits to ngents. Send four stamps and get 80 pages particulars. KF111I1M BROWN, Lowell, Mass. 17 13* HOUSEHOLD ARTICLE FOR EVERYDAY usePatent for aale.A self-soapinj- Scrubbing liath or Nail Brush. Cixa begot up cheap; an excellent opportunity to nidke money. Patent granted May 2,I860. Address WM. TUCH, BoxN'o. 773 New YeikFoat Office. W CHARLES A. SEELY, CHEMIST, NO. 424 Broadway, New .yorK;.-T-Analyses of ores, minerals, articles of commerce, &c. Advice and instruction in cheinicaL processes generally; advice on chemical patents. 2 a* NEW SHINGLE MACHINETHAT WILL RIVE and Shave 24,000Shingles in A day."fcL pule by 1 tf S. C. HILLS, No. l'fF&t-ateet, -New York. HA/TOEN SANDERS & CO. No. 30G PEARL-street, New York, nmirofcture every variety of brass work for portable steam ' engines, whife'tlea valves, oil cups, gage cocki, &c. 21 12* WANTEDTWO POWER PRESSES OF ME-diumaizc, without back gear. PLANT'S MAN'FG CO., 24 33* New Haven, Conn. GREAT CURIOSITY.PARTICULARS SENT free. Asenta wanted. SHAW & CLARK, t> 24* Biddeford, Maine. BOILERS FORMAI*?,.NEW AND SECOND-hand Boilers, e.sUt description s nnd completed; also, Boilers in exchange. Imj^ft of or address "VVM. FINNEY & CO., No. 167 Water-street, Brooklyn, L. I. 23 4* fl ROVER & BAKER'S SEWING MACHINES VX do all kinds of sewing with two spool without rewinding and with the only finished and elast'c double lock-stitch which cannot be harmed by washing and ironing. " We have hud one oi Grover & Baker's machines in use in our family for some time past, and it is considered the most useful article in the house, next to tlia cradle,nnd no less indispensable than that."SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN. No. 495 Broadway, New York. Send for circular. WA 6. ALCOTT'S CONCENTRIC LATHES FOR Broom, Hoe and Rake Handles, Chair Rounds, &cprice $25, and all other kinds of wood-working machinery for sale by 1 lmtf S. C. HILLS, No. 12 Platt-street, New York. COLD IRON BAR CUTTERS.NO MACHINE Shop, largft or small, should be without them. For circulars address URKSSON &, HUBBARD, No. 1,51)9 Pennsylvania-avenue Philadelphia, Pa. 22 5* GUILD & GARRISON'S STEAM PUMPS FOR all kinrj,i of independent Steam Pumping, for sale at 55 ard 57 b'irst-fltreet, WiUianisburirh. L. I., and 74 Teekman-street, New \ ork, 1 26 GUILD, GARRISON & CO. WARREN'S TURBINE WATER WHEEL (WAR-ren & Damon's patent), manufactured by the Amencnn Water Wheel Company, Boston. Manufacturers and all those who have bpen sadly disappointed ill wheels by listening tothechiirming songof "high per centnge," &c, and who would adopt wheels that will give the best practical result when tested by the spindle and loom, willdo well to investigate this turbine. About hree hundrpd factories are now propelled by these wheels in ihe United States, surpassiug, in economv, convenience and efficiency, "ninety per cent wheels" (so called), aud all wheels which ir. has tnken the pl^ce of. These prominent advantages nre acltnmvlndsed by the leading manufacturers in the country. Send for pamphlet (44 pages), ron-tainins pnera,vines, &c, complete. Inrlnae two stamps. Address ALONZO WARREN, agent, No. 31 Kxchange-street, Boston, Mass. 23 6* SAVE YOUR STEAM.LAPHAM'S STEAM traps are perfectly reliable, for si 11 purposes nn\ under nil do-prces of pressure. Sent to jv^ponpibi pnvtins on trial. For circulars or traps, address C. A. DUHGIN. No. 335 Broadway, New York. 22 4* ^HESTER GUILT) & SONS, MANUFACTURERS KJ of BEL TING LEATHER, 16 Blackstone-street, Boston, Mass. 14 13* GALVANIZED IRON PIPCHEAPER AND better than lead for water. I* used in the cities of Brooklyn add Hartford for water vT>pf in dwelling houses. Sold at. wholesnle by JAMES O. MORSE & CO., No. 76 John-street, New York. lOtf T ABORATORY OF CHEMISTRY.CONSULTA- -B-i tions and advicpa on chemistrv npplicd to arts and mnnufactures, aericultuvp, metallursy, mining sm-veys. Information on chemical fabrications, with drarTisp, snch aa rnlor*, varnishes, coal oils, naper, pas, candles, soap.^, dveinff. nnimnl blark. manures, neide, 'ikfilm. s^lfsi, india-nibber. cuttn-nerchfl. foe. Afllrea ProfefPor H. DTTSRAUfTTC, cliemiat (from Ibp CnnseT'vnfnire Imperial of Avta nnd Manufacture!, Paris), New Lebanon, N. Y. 1* MASON'S PATENT STORK WINDOW VEN-tilatnr fpatent.pd Jen. 24. 18(). totaiir preventf rontTpnsatinn, frost, hp*>t, andt,he anmute to so-^la e^noprd in phow window. Rights. Pinple or district, for B^IP IO^T. Anoly to S. P- MA-SOK, No. 1,522 North Fourth-Btreet, Philadelphia, Pa, 24 4* riiHK GBAEFENBEKG HEOliY AND PKAC- X TICE OF MEDICINE.On tl-ie 1st day of Way, lfcCf, the Gruefenberg Company' alt'B-votins, CoDsultiug Otlitcs aud Medical Institute were removed from Ko. 34 Taik-imr to No. 2 Bond-street, New \oik, (first door from Broadway,) in order to afford Greater- facilities and a more central location, dtnmuHed by the rapid increase of cunfirienco iutbe Graefeiibei^' Theory and 'Pmccc. The Gniek'iil'trg Theory aud Practice, mid the use of tlieir-BWdiciBes, toother ^illi ceiriplete symptoma of all di?(;asea incMleiit:#o;tiiiH country nntl elinmU1, the best method lor ieir jn-evention and cure, will be louiid in the " GraefenbeKg Maiinul ot lleaitli." Tlii vuliuiUe iiimily medicftbwiwk, ccwtainingSCC-papfi, Lae been revised and xhoproved, aud filftloWy iUiietial^d willi ucuutiitlly colored engmviugB of bht- feiFBijai eystin. Sent by IDMH to any i mt ot flie country, uu receipt of afi cents. It i a coiiipltte tuitle to all diseases audtlieir curu. Address JOSHUA F.-KP.IDOE, H. D., Resident and Consulting Fhreiciuu GiucleiiLt-rgC.. Ko. 2 Houd-stt'i:t, Krw It ork. One of Ihe leading jouruala mj-s of the Gratfeiiperg Miinual of Health :" This ia tho only inediu.1 buokfur family nd eewersl ueo ever published. It ii written in plain language, ijto from mentiii ternir-, and cou'qeiiea more practietil meiiciil inlorination than can be obtained anywhere el.-=e, unless a regulur medicul ccine of education is undergone. The i)oj'iihirit.vof thiu Kciiuiuitlu and compeDi-ous work ia well shown bv this beiugthe twexty-tui-th entiuu. It contains a number of colored auatomical phitet, and ii a complete family physician. It in at once impln, pui.alar, plain und ex\licit; and the mother, with euch an ndviser, 1? prtpaitd at once te apply tli proper remedies in cape of ludden sickness in the family. In the country, a copy of the l llanual of Health1 is indiepenkible, and every family should possess one. It will wive a hundred Unite iu cost in doctors'bills, and, what is far batter, will be the means of preserving many valuable lives to their lumiliee and relatives." leowtt DUDGEON'S PORTABLE HYDRAULIC JACKS for raising heavy weights boilers, locmotivf', curs, .tone, stuwiny cotton, pnllinir, te. Frames and pliiten? for ^tfitioumy pressing, of different sizes, made to order. Dudgeon's portablu liydiaulic punches lor punching or t|lienriiig iron, dieMMUkiug tmi oilier pur-pose.-, where, with a limited movement, j:ret power ie requhucl. Send (or a circular. DUDGEON & LYOX, Ko. 4(36 Giand-ntreet, New York. B 13*eoiv ]\f ACIIINE BELTING, STEAM PACKING, EN- -^"J- GINK HOSE.The supei-iority of these articles, iminufar-tured of vulcanized rubber, is establiehed. Kvery belt will be ivar-ranted supenor to lea.ther, at one-third less piice. The Stoani Patl;-iug is made in every variety, and warranted to stand 3GU (legs, oi heat. The Hose never needs oiling, and ia warranted toet ami any required pressure; together with all varieties of rubber adapted to mechanical purposes. Directions, prices, &c, can bo obtained by mail or otherwise at our warehoust> KKW Y()]IK UKI/HKG AND PACKING COMPANY. JOHN 11. ClKKVKl, '/rcafiirer, 14 IS No. 37 and 3h Park-rowvKc>* York OIL! OIL! OL!FOR RAILROADS, feTEAM-ers, and for Machinery and Burning. Tease's Improved Jla-diinery aud I3ui-Bintr Oil will save fifty per cent., and will net own. This Oil possesses qualities vitally essential for lubricating and Lin H-iug, and icnindiu no other oil. It is offered to tlie public in *ui the most reliable, tlioroupli and practical test. Our most ekiilful eupi-neers andmachinigts pi'onounce it pui*rior to and clieuppr than any other, and the only oil that is in all cases reliable and will not gum. Tli SCIENTIFIC AMKEICAN, after everul te#t^, prynoniices it "superior t .iny other they have ever used for machinery." For sale only by tlie Inventor and Manufacturer, F. S. PKASE, No. 1 Main-street, Buffalo, N. Y. N. B.Reliable orders filled for any part of the United Stntes and Europe. l 13 W00DW0RTII PLANERSIRON FRAMES TO lane 18 to 24 inches wide, at $90 to $110. For aule by S. C. UILLStNo.l2Platt-street, New York. 1 tf TRONPLANERS, ENGINE LATHES, AND OTHER L Machinists' Tools, of superior qunlity, on hand and (imt-liing, and for sale low; also Hivrrisou's Grain Mill. For dtseeriiptive circular, address New Haven Manufacturing Co., New Haven, Conn. , X 2G SAVE YOUR STEAM.HOARD & WIGGIN'S Improved Steam Trnp Valvp, for lplievinff fteam pipes, eylindere, &c of condensed wnter. By its use the boilrr presfuro is kept up, the full newt maintained, an-* a larpe gavinjj in fuel made. Spvernl thousand of these trap valves are in pucceppful er, and we ofler tlieni with entire confidence that they will ccGmyilisli all that we claim for them. For an illustrated circular or a trial machine, address J. W. HOAKD. ) p ,,ni(O , 14 U GEO.B. WIGGIN, 5 Pi0Vldence E-L SOLID EMERY VULCANITE.WE ARE NOW manufacturing wheeli of'tlii? remarkable Mibstiince lor cutting, grinding and polishinp metwl?, that will outwear liundreds of tlie kind commonly used, and will do a much prenter ninomit of woyfc in the eame time, and more efficientl.r. AM interested can see them in operation ab our warehouse, or circulars describing them will be furnished by mail. NEW YO1K IELTING AND PACKING CO., 1O3 Nos. 37 and 38 Park-row, New York. READY THIS DAY.NEW EDITION, RE" vi*ed nnd Enlarged.tb Wei's' Kvnry Man bis Own I.nwye1' and United States Form Book." A Complete anrl reliable, guide to all matters of business nepotiations for every State in the Union, rontiuning simple inptriictinns to enable all clnsses tn trnnsact their business in a legal wav without legal appistancn. Also, containing the laws of the various States and Territru-ips concerning the Collection r>f Debts, Property Kxempt from Exocutinn, Lien Lnwe, IAWVS of Limitation, I^awe of Contract. l>-gtil I'ates of Interest, Lict'pe to Sell Goods, Qnalifirntionp of Voters, &c, Tc. t^~ No nuin or bnei-ness woman should be without tliii work; it, will we ninny times its coat, much perplexity and IOPH of time. 12mo., 4C8 iini-fF, law bind-IIIR; price $1. Sent postpuid. Asrnts wnnt^ii for tin's nnd other popular publicationB. Adihess JOHN G. WELLS, I'ublishei*. corner oi Park-row and Beekman-streets, New York. 2 tf PUMP! PUMPS!! PUMPS!! !CARY'S ]M-proved Rotnrr Force Pump, unrivnled for numpinjr hot er cold liquid. Manufactured and cold *v CAKY fc B1A1NKEP, lirocb-pni-t, N. Y. Also, sold by J. C. CARY, No. 2 Astar House, New York City. 11 13 TTCrROUGHT IRON PIPE, FROM ONE-EIGHTH *' V of an inch to eigbt inches bore, with every variety of fittinc-a nnd fixture?, for gas, Rteam or water. Sold nt tlie, lowept n'nrkfr, prices bv JAMES . MORSE & CO. No. 76 Joun-street, New York. lOtf ' AMESSIEUK LES INVENTEURSAVIS IM-- poitfint.T.p? invmteiii-a non funiiliuvi arec 1langue Anslaife et qui preferwfpnt noue communintier l^nr inventions en Fi'.'uicai-p, peuvent nous Brldrpsspr dans letir langue Tintais. Envoyez nc\is im r1p(sin Pt, une description cnneise pour notre examen./ >*Fante?'Ccn| ninn'cntonB seront; recnps en confidence" >,, MTTNN & CO., Scientific American Qilice* Ko. 37 Park-row, New York.