cvThi&article supersedes the use of the ordinary strop; by merely wiping the razor on the paper, to remove the lather after shaving, a keen edge is always maintained without further trouble; only one caution is necessary, that is, to begin with a sharp razor, and then the paper will keep it in that state for years. It may be prepared thus:— First procure oxydof iron, (by the addition of carbonate of soda to- a solution of persulphate of iron,) well wash the precipitate, and finally leave it of the consistency of cream. Secondly, procure some good paper, soft, and a little thinner than what this journal is printed on ; then with a soft brush Bpread over the paper (on one side only) very thinly the moist oxyd of iron ; dry it, and cut into pieces two inches square. It is then fit for use. SEPTIMUS PIESSE.