Under this heading we shall vublish weekly notes of some q, the more prom-inent home and foreign patents. Extension and Changeable Laddeb.Wm. G.Philips, Newport,De], __This invention relates to a new sectional ladderwhich is so arranged, that it can be extended to any desired length, or that it can be transformed into a ladder or scaffold. FUENACE FOE EXTRACTING ZINC TEON OuE.Alois Thoma, New York city.The object of this invention is to remove the inconveniences heretofore existing in the production ol zinc and to simplify the labor connected therewith. Stop Motion foe Looms.John J. Switzer, Chelsea, Mass.TJiis invention relates to tt new thread deteetor and stop motion for looms, whereby the in jury to fabries, produeed by the breaking of threads is instantly pre vented by the stopping of the machinery. Paokino Box fob Rotaet Steam Detees.--W. B: Fowler, Lawrenee, Mass.This invention relates to a new boxf or packing the fl xed pipe in the end of a hollow rotating steam cylinder, and on drying apparatus of paper machines. The object of the invention is to so construct allparts, that the steam willserveto make a light joint. ApPAEATUS TOR ROASTING COFFEE NlTTS, ETC.D. A. T. Gale, Pough- keepsic, N. Y.This iuvention has for its objeet to provide an effective system of arranging the gas pipe and burner, an automatic power, and a device foi allowing the wasting process to be carried on in & cylinder without re-vol'fint' flie nnSi Nail Clinches foe Hoeseshoes.Nicholas. Repp, Waterloo, Iowa__ This invention relates to a new instrument for cutting and clinching horseshoe nails, and for filing the hoof under the clinched parts of the nails, said instrument being intended as a substitute for the four tools heretofore used for the same object; namely, anailcutter, a nail head holder, a rasp, and a hammer for clinching. Seed Plantee.F. E. A. Engelman, Cheektowaga.N. Y.Tbisnvention relates to a new maehine for planting seed to any suitable depth and in rows of suitable width, with or without fertilizing matter, and the inven tioneonsists in the general arrangement of parts, whereby the desired result is obtained, also in a new manner of making the seed cap adjustable, andin a novel arrangement for adjusting the apparatus to plant in rows at suitable distances apart. Beehives.J.H.Bassler.Pine Grove,Pa.Thisinventionrelates to anew manner of making the sides of beehives, and to the application of certain ingredients,used for that purpose,and it consists in a novel manuer of arranging and constructing straw sides for the hives and of a novel cement used in connection with the straw sides. Fly Fbahes fob Roving Machines.J. G. Luseomb, Taunton, Mass. This invention has for its object the production of a new apparatus for ad justing the belt on the cones of a fly frame, for regulating the veloeity of the bobbins. The invention consists in anovel arrangement of devices for connecting the rack by which the belt is adjusted with the contact shaft and with a cluteh gear whereby certainty of action and a suitable degree of decrease of motion are obtained. Speing Bed.Samuel Dunlap, Borne, Ga.This invention consists in an arrangement of vulcanized india-rubber springs upon tension rollers at each end, extending across the space between the ends, the rollers being provided with ratchets or pawls for tightening or holding the springs. Wagon Wheels.C. F. Carman, Hamburg, Iowa.This invention consists in connecting two spokes to the hub in each mortice, one of which is dovetailed and keyed in to the mortise, similarly formed, by driving the other as a key, and both spokes of each pair have inelincd tenons so that they branch in each direction to the rim, at distances from each other equal to. the distances from one, to one of the next pair. Feiction Clutch and Bbake.Darius Banks, New York city.This invention consists in an arrangement of a loose sliding pulley with a conical projection, a set of friction rollers for imparting motion to the said pulley by frictional contact with the said hub, a fixed tubular brake with one or more internal annular flanges taking into grooves in the hubs of the wheels, and operating levers, all so arranged that a movement of the said levers in one direction connects the friction devices, and disconnects the brake, and the opposite movement disconnects the friction deyices andi connects the brake. Centie Beaeing foe Locomotives, etc.B. W. Healey, Providence, R.I.-This invention relates to improvements in supporting locomotives, tenders, cars, etc., on their trueks, and has for its object to provide a ball and socket connection for the same. Haenebs.John K.Harris, Springfield, Ohio.This invention relates to the harness patented by H.C. Smith, July 10th, 1866, and improved by J. K. Harris, May 26th,1863, and comprises furtherimprovements upon said harness, for the purpose of making it lighter, safer, neater in appearance, more eeonomical in construction and more convenient in operation. PapeeBoxes.H. A. Devendorf, Port Jackson,N. Y.This invention relates to an improvement in the manner of construeting paper boxes, whereby they can bemade more economically and with less labor, while the article produced will be stronger and more substantial than the boxes hitherto made of the same material. Cab Coupling.A. Z. Long, Scranton, Pa.The object of this invention is to provide for public use, a simple and cheap automatic coupling for cars, so constructed that it is adapted to couple together cars of unequal hight, and also cars constructed for differentgages of road. Heating Stove.H. E. Blemker, Evansville, Ind.The object of this invention is to provide an attachable and detachable device of improved construction, designed to be attached to heating stoves in order to secure more perfect combustion of the fuel and smoke, a better draft, and better radiation of the heat. Mode or Raising Watee.David Jones, Newport, Wales.This invention relates to a new and important improvements in the method of raising water by means of a vacuum produced by the condensation of steam. Compound.Philip O'Reilly, Hartford, Conn.The object of this invention is to provide acompound for producing aline jet in bla-kpaints, and for other purposes. Wbathee Stbip.E. P. Ford, Shipman, 111.This invention relates to a self-acting weather strip to bo attaehed to outside doors for stopping wind and rain. Stomp Extbaotoe.-Wiiliam Smith, Pine Hill, Wis.-This invention consists, in general terms, of a gallows frame, provided at its upper part with a ratchet wheel and pawl lever, the shaft of the ratchet wheel bearing a gear pinion,which engages with another gear wheel on the winding shaft or drum. The stump chain being attached to this latter shaft or drum is woundthereon when the ratchet lever is vibrated. Vegetable Gathbebe.Jacob Schermerhorn,Daysville, IT. Y.This invention consists in a rake or comb, having long curved metallic fl ngers suspended from the front of a pair of handles supported on an axle and wheels, and provided with a pocket so arranged that the operator pushing the machine in advance may cause the fingers to run along the ground under thearticles to begathcred,whieh will, by depressing the handles below the level of the axle, freely roll down over a riddle into the, pocket, said riddle being arranged between the fingers andthe pocket, for separating small articles and other matter liable to be taken up. Meat-Chopping Machine.Paul Clareton, New York eity.This invention relates to a new maehine, by whieh meat, vegetables, and other articles can be rapidly and Successfully cut into small pieces for sausage stuff ing, and other purposes. The invention eonsists in the arrangement of a carriage, which supports a driving shaft and a series of cutters that are fastened to vertieal guide bars. By turning the shaft, whieh carries a series of cams, the cutters are alternately raised, and are theu thrown down with considerableforce by means of powerful springs. Knife'Scoueee.Samuel K. Goodsell and John Quincy Adams, Brook lyn, N. Y.This invention relates to a new deviee for cleaning knives, forks, and other similar articles, and consists in a novel construction of a sliding rnbber. Velocipede,J. W, McMJllian, Greenville, Ala.This invention relates to a new three or four-wheeled velocipede, whieh Is so constructed that motion can be imparted to both axles at onee, either by the hands or feet of the operator, or by both hands'and feet combined. The invention consists in the geueral combination, with ratehet wheels mounted on both axles of eonneeting levers, treadles, and hand levers, all arranged in such manner that the aforementioned results can, without difficulty, be realized. Zinc Fitenace.Alois Tliorrta, New York city.Tliis invention relates to a new zinc furnaee, which is so arranged, that it is doubledthat is to say, that the furnaces which are listtally separated are, with their gas generators, built together to form in a single structure, the double furnace. Room, building; material, and labor are economized by this arrangement. Violins:Jacob Lenhard, New York city.This invention relates to an improved manner of seeuring the bridge to a violin or other bow iustru-ment, with the object of securing greater freedom to the sonnding board, to allow the same to vibrate with less difficulty than heretofore. Combined Toilet and Nitrseey Table.Henry Havekorst, Leaven worth City, Kansas.This invention relates to a new table, whieh can be used asa toilet table, and which, as it can be supported ou onesingleleg on the side, may be used as a nursery table, to have its top extending ovei' the bed of a sick person. The tafrlo can also be used as a writing aind react Ing Aenie ,a itoan tie made high or low iit wills 409 Hat Rake and Teddek.Frederick E. Wearing, BrooTcHeld, Conn.This invention relates to & new horse hay rake, which is 80 constructed that it can be readily transformed into a fray tedder, and which is otherwise of very simple and convenient constrnction. The invention consists in making the rake head of two or more parts, so jointed, that some parts can be turned, to make the teeth project at different angles from the head, when it is desired to use it for turning hay. Stall Flooe.Wm. M. Bleakley, Verplank, N. T.This Invention relates to a new stall floor, whieh is arranged so that it can be taken up to clean the trench under it, and which is made with a view to cleanliness and simplicity of construction. The invention consists in constructing the fl oor of a series of slats which arc at their front ends pivoted to a fixed crossbar, 60 that they can be swung up to clean the ditch under them, and which arc so made, that creviees are formed between them to let the waters pass into the ditch. Velocipedes.W. F. Holske and B. T. Babbitt, New York city.The main object of this invention is to produee a novel mechanism for propel-1 ing velocipedes and other vehicles, by means of muscular or other power; said power being applied bypersons, animals, or machines placed upon and conveyed by the said vehicles. The invention consists in the application of friction clutchesto the edges of wheels to be revolved. Whiting Pen.James W. Truman, Macon, Ga.This invention relates to a new writing pen, the point of which ca:i always be fed up, when woru, so that the pen can remain in constant operation. The invention consists n arrangiug under a split, or non-split plate, which is shaped similar to the , ordinary steelpen, an adjustable wire or rod, which, with its end, will form j the writing point of the pen. The end of this wire, or rod, can be fed forward when worn, and used again, until the wire is almost entirely used up, and the wire canthen be readily replaced. Theink is held andfl.ows freely between the plate and rod. Clothes Rack.James Alcorn, Charlesto-wn, Mass.The object of this inventionis to provide asimple and efficient folding clothes rack, which may be readily adjusted to suspend the hinged holding bars horizontally for holding the clothes, or vertically, to hang in the most compact position, and without strain on the suspending parts. Ha-beow.S. G. Jones, Niantic, 111.This invention relates to improve-mentsinharrows, and is designed to provide a harrow capable of being contracted or expanded in the direction of its breadth, to change the width for different kinds of work; also for folding to occupy bat little spaee in storing. Piston Packing.John Gates, Portland, Oregon.This luvention relates to improvements in piston packing, designed to provide an arrangement, whereby a skeleton piston head, consisting of only one piece of metal, may be used, and the packing rings may he adjusted without t ho employment of screws,thereby dispensing with the usual follower, and tightening and ad-Justing screws, commonly employed. Let-off Mechanism.Wm. R. Clark, North Adams, Mass.This invention consists in an arrangement of worm gearing and bell-crank levers, for varying the pressure of friction straps on the beam heads. Gun Locks.R. D. Hay and J, M. Hill, Crooked Creek, N. CThis Invention relates to improvements in sun locks, having for its object to provide a movable nippleguard,which-*illpreYent the hammer from falling upon the cap,incase of accidentallybecomins disengaged from its holder by any means other than the regular action of the trigger in discharging it, and which will,by the action of the trigger, be moved out of the way of the hammer when regularly discharged. Ctieeent Wheels.J. B. Holmes, Lawrence, Kansas.This invention relates to improvements in wheels, to be operated by the natural current of streams, for elevating water or propelling machinery, and consists in the arrangement and connection of the backets together,and to the elevator or other device to be propelled. Mechanical Movement.Henry Shutts, Oregon, Mo.This invention consists in an arrangement of an oscillating eccentric wheel and two sets of cams, said cams being arranged to act upon the face of the cam wheel at points opposite to each other, and the cams of each set being arranged to throw in opposite directions,and caused to transmit a reciprocating motion to a sliding bar. Coen Sheller.F. Fanning.Atchison, Kansas.This invention has for its object to furnish an improved corn sheller which shall b e so constrncted as to shell the corn rapidly and tlioroughly.and which may be readily adjusted to hold the ear in contact with the shelling cylinder a greater or less time, according: to the dampness or dryness of the corn to be shelled. Spuing Saddle-Teee.John R. Bragg, Williamsburg, Mo.This invention has for its object to furnish an improved spring saddle-tree which shall "be simple in construction, while forming an easy and comfortable seat. Hanging Window Blinds.Daniel Kidder, Franklin, N. H.This invention has for its object to improve the manner of hanging and operating window blinds-so as to make them safer and more conveniently operated than the blinds hung and operated in the ordinary manner. Anchor fob Animals.P. H. Raiford, Houston, Texas.This invention has for ita object to furnish an improved deviceforuse in staking out horses and other animals to graze, which shall be so constructed and arranged that it will be impossible for the animal to twist or wind up the rope while grazing. Ieoning Boaed.Andrew Matson, Elizabeth, N.J.This invention has for its object to furnish a simple and convenient ironing board, which shall be so constructed and arranged that when not in tlse it may be folded up so as to occupy but little more space than an ordinary ironing board. Bag Holder.B. A. Fisher, Morganville, N. T.This invention hasf or its object to furnish an improved bag holder whichshall be so constructed as to hold the bag in either a vertical or inclined position while being filled. Soldeeing Machine.J. G. Borden and W. Power, Brewster Station, N T.This invention has for its object to furnish an improved machine by means of which the heads of sheet-metal cansmaybe soldered to their bodies quickly and thoroughly and without waste or undue use of the solder. Car Coupling.Charles Layton, Matawan, N. J.This invention has for jts object to furnish an improved car coupling which shall be simple in construction and effective and reliable in operation, and which shall, at the same time, be self-coupling. Cord Attachment or Holder.It. d'Heureuse, New York city.The invention hasf orits object to furnish an improved attachment or holder for cords for hanging pictures and mirrors, and for other purposes, which shall be so constructed and arranged that the cord may be conveniently arranged and securely held in any position into which it may b e adjusted. Fiee-peoof Shutters.Thomas Reese and William L. Reese, St. Louis, Mo.This invention has for its object to improve the construction of fireproof shutters in such a way that they may be unfastened and opened conveniently from the outside to enable the firemen to obtain ready aecess to the interior of the building, so that the water may be applied directly to the fire before it has attained too much headway to be readily extinguished. Ltjbeicating Cuehion for Car Journals.P. s. Devlan, Jersey City, N. J.This invention has for its object to furnish an improved lubricating cushion for car j ournals, which shall be simple in construction, easily put in and taken ont of the journal box, which may be washed when necessary, without injury, aud returned to the journal box, and which will absorb the oil and convey it to the journal so as to keep the said jouma constantly lubricated.