Cultivator.J. H. Lockie, Humphrey, N. Y.-This invention has for its object to furnish an improved cultivator which shall be so constructed and arranged that it may be readily adjusted to cultivate rows of plants at different distances apart, and which shall at the same time be strong, durable, and not liable to get out of order, or be broken by striking a stone or other obstruction. Printers' Galley.-William Quail, New York city.This invention has for Its object to improve the construction ofprinters' galleys so as to make them more convenient. Portable FENCE.Jacob Closs, Decatur, Ind.-This invention relates to new and useful improvements in fences forfarm and other/purposes, and consists in supporting the fence clear of the ground by lmeans_of braces and double iron clevises. Propelling WHEELS.-Thomas Bell, Bellport, N. Y.This invention relates to a new and useful improvement in wheels for propelling vesselsin the water, whereby theyare rendered more effective than.whenS made in the ordinary manner. Process for Treatment of CA.NCER.Lawrence Roy, Plattsburg, Mo. -This invention and discovery relate to an improvement in the treatment of cancer diseases. Spirit Level.A. P. Odholm, Bridgeport, ConnThis invention relates to a new and improved plumb and level of that class in which the alcohol is confined within a circular chamber. Machine for Bleaching Cane JuiCE.-Evan Skelly, Plaquemine,La.- This invention comprises an improved arrangement of automatic feeding and air supplying apparatus for the furnace; also, an improved arrangement of cooling devices through which the gas is passed and cooled in the presence of water ; also, an arrangement of means for agitating the juice, exhausting the air, and providing the gas thereto, in a manner to produce the most intimate contact of the gas with the particles of juice for bleach' ng. Clothes Bars.-L. J. Adams, Hoosick Falls, N. Y.This invention relates to improvements in the construction of that class of clothes bars made in frames or panels and hinged together so as to swing open on the hinge joints horizontally when standing on one end. The invention consists in a peculiar way of hanging the said frames or panels to a common center, so that when extended they will radiate [from a common center, nstead of assuming a zigzag or serpentine line. Car Coupling Shackle.-J. Marston, Saratoga Springs, N. Y.This invention relates to improvements in shackles for connecting cars togethei in trains, and consists of an improved arrangement of double jointed bars specially adapted for connecting cars of different hights. Gate Latch.-F. M. Ranons, Little Shasta Valley, Cal.This invention consists in a sliding latch having a hooked end and a spiral spring arranged to constantly draw the latchinto the case which is fixed on the gate; also, of a double beveled catch which draws the latch lengthwise and at the samo time raises it when the gate shuts, and behind which the hooked ,end of the latch is drawn back into a notch by tile spring, the said notch holding the gate closed and preventing the latch from being lifted up by animals. Sofa Attachments.-H. C. Grube, Plaqnemine, La.This invention re lates to improvements in sofas and lounges, having for its object to provide a convenient arrangement of table, wash stand, bureau, and drawer attachments calculated to combine in a sofa or lounge the necessary outfit of such articles for a room, :in a portable form, and so arranged as not to give an objectionable appearance to the articles. Potato Digger.J. J. Singley, Lafayette, Ind.This invention consists in the application to a scraping plow, and endless screening device arranged in connection therewith on a frame borne upon two wheels, of certain vine cutting devices, to prevent,'as much as possible, the gathering of thevines on the screen and clogging the same ; also, an earth discharging apparatus and screen shaking and brushing apparatus. Stalk Cutter.R. A. Boulware, Doniphan, Kansas. -The present invention relates to a new and useful device for cutting up the stalks of corn, etc., in the field,preparatory to plowing the same, the machine for this purpose having a crushing or braking roller in front, which is immediately followed by a series of knives set in a revolving frame behind, which chops up the corn stalks and leaves them lying on the surface. Gun Lock.-J. M. Hill and R. D. Hay, Crooked Creek, N. C.This invention consists in the application to the barrel around the nipple of a raised projection over which the hinged cap will close snugly when closed over the nipple, so as to wholly inclose the said nipple for better protection. EnemaNaval and Uterine Syringe.-J. J. Essex, Newport, R. I.-The object ofthisinvention is to obviate the difficulty attending the use of the the ordinary syriDgcs,which are worked by means of an elastic bulb, not being devised in sueh a manner that they can be placed in proper position so as to admit of a person applying or Using it with facility and comfort. To obviate this difficulty the elastic bulb is connected with the valve box bymeaus ofan elastic tune, which permits the application and operation of the syringe to inflamed or diseased parts without pain or difficulty to the person using it. Machine for Cutting CoRks.Olney Arnold, Pawtucket, R. I.The object of this invention is to provide for public use, a machine which will grasp the 1$nrk, hold it firmly, and apply the cutting knives to it in such a manner as to cut outjhe corks rapidly, with great perfection, and with the : utmost economy ofmaterial, each movement of the operator's lever producing a large number of finely cut corks. Fruit-preserving Apparatus.-C. C.Williams, Brooklyn, N. Y.This invention has for its object to furnish an improved apparatus for preserving fruits, meats, vegetables, etc., by heating the said substances to the proper degree by the introduction of steam into the lower or bottom parts of the cans in which said substances are to be sealed up. Bob Sleigh COUPLING.William E. Van Schaick, Delavan, Wis.This invention has for its object to furnish an improved coupling for connecting the front and rear bobsof a bob sleigh to, each other, which shall be simple in construction and effective in operation, enabling the movement of the rear bob tn be fully controlled or guided by the movement of the forward one. Car COUPLING.Matthew Quinn, Wataga, IILThis invention has for its object furnish an improved self-coupling car coupling, designed more especially for freight cars, but equally applicable to other cars, and which shall be so constructed and arranged as to conveniently couple cars differing in hight. Weather Strip for Window SASHEs.Andrew Jackson Devoe, Hack- ensack, N. J.-This invention relates to a new weather strip for window sashes, by means of which air and water are effectually prevented from being blown through the crevices, between the sashes, and under the lower sash. Pitching Barrels.J. P. Benoit, Detroit, Mich.This invention relates to a new and useful machine for pitching barrels for holding beer and other liquids, and consists of a furnace mounted on wheels with a suitable air chamber and pipes attached, connected with a blower, by means of which a current ofheated air is forced into the barrel of sufficiently high temperature to open the pores of the w,ood,and render the pitch so liquid that it readily flows into the pores and isincorporated with the wodd, while it is, by properly agitating the barrel, made to eover the entire inner surface and render the barrel perfectly tight. Heat Radiator.A. Albee, Worcester, Mass.This invention)relates to radiators for retaining and utilizing the heat of a stove, and in combining therewith an adjustable shelf. Grate BAR.Monroe Morse and Charles H.Morse, Franklin, Mass.This 'invention relates to a new and useful improvement in grate bars for fur.. naces, and consists in a false bar, or rider, made in one or more sections, which false bar, or rider, is most exposed to the heat, and which mayreadi- ly be removed or renewed. Wash BoiLER.DanielLucas and James Lucas, Green Bay, Wis.This invention relates to a new and useful improvement in boilers for washing clothes. Explosive COMPOUND.William Mills, New York city.This invention relates to a new and important improvement in the composition of compounds of an explosive character, designed as a substitute for gunpowder and for other explosive compounds. Shoe LAST.Wm. C. Shipherd, Willoughby, Ohio.This invention consists ofa graduated adjustable,circular,notched, catch plate attached to the last, and a spring catch on the instep block of peculiar construction, arranged for operation in conjunction with the said catch plate. Cotton SEl'D HULLER.Frank A. Wells, Memphis, Tenn.The object of thisinvention is to provide a cotton seed huller more efficient in operation, less liable to clog or be damaged by foul or hard substances, and better adapted for adjustment of the cutters of the concave shell than the machines now in use. It is also intended to provide a more economical arrangement ofthe cutters in respect ofgrinding them. Water Wheel.-B. W. Tuttle, Galena, Ill.This invention relates to improvements in th e “ Barker mill,” and other similar wheels, designed to improve the efficiency of the same, and consists in the application thereto of an improved method of supplying the water; also, an improved arrangement of hollow shaft for transmitting the motion and for employment as an air chamberbuoying the wheel; also, in the arrangement ofan air chamber at the bottom of the wheel for buoying it, operating as a float to support a portion of the weight of the wheel upon the tail water ; also, an arrange: ment of adjustable buckets and mechanism supported upon the shaft, whereby the buckets may be adjusted while the wheel is in motion, and also several other arrangements of details. Hop SoDA.Arnold F. Diickwitz, New York city.Hops have long been esteemed for their valuablemedicinal qualities, and Mr. Diickwitz gives them to the public in the shape of a healthful and palatable beverage, which promises to be quite an acquisition to the general stock of cura|ives. Hop soda is a combination of extract ofhops and soda water. TeeadleMotion.E. A. Goodes,Philadelphia, Pa.This invention consists of a disk or other equivalent device connected to the lower end of a vibrating pendulum so as to vibrate thereon, and to which, at the top, the crank-connecting rod is jointed, and all arranged in such a way that the lower face of the disk being prevented from swinging/an oscillating motion imparted to the axis will swing the top back and forth, so as to impart rotary motion to the crank. PUMP.Thomas Metzler, Wooster, Ohio.This invention consists in an arrangement of means for operating a collapsing bulb pump when suspended in or near the water of a well or cistern to protect it from frost. Gopher Trap.D. N. Smith, San Bernardino, Cal.This invention relates to a new gopher trap, which is of very simple construction, and which will be sure to catch the animals if they pass.through it. Boots and SHoES.Edmund Brown, Burlington, Vt.This invention relates to a new device forlining the edges of lace shoes and boots, and has for its object to facilitate the fastening of the two flaps or folds, so that the tedious lacdng or buttoning heretofore required can be dispensed with, Attachment to Roving Machinery for Discharging Electricity.- Aaron Goodspeed, Granville, N. Y.The object of this invention is to discharge the electricity which is produced by the reciprocating motion of the rollers of wool and cotton roving machinery. Ballot. Austin B. Culver,Westfield, N. T.The object of this invention is to protcct and secure the purity of the elective franchise by preventing fraudulent voting, and the invention consists in providing a band around each ballot in such manner that each ballot is kept aeparate to prevent one voter from intentionally or accidentally putting in two or more votes, or rather to detect such double voting in case it should be performed. The device is cheap and simple, and can be put on or taken off from the ticket in a moment. It would take less time to put it on to a ticket than it would the inspector to find the name on the register, which must be done before depositing the same. It also makes the ballot more compact, consequently they can be deposited, and the opening in the ballot box kept clear, with less trouble. Lightning Rods.W. S. Reyburn and F. J. Martin, Philadelphia, Pa.- This invention consists in combining a sheet-copper covering, constructed in a peculiar manner,with a sheet-zinc center, similarly contrived, whence certain advantages result. Machine for Driving Rake Teeth.N.M. and A. T. Barnes, Tiffin, Ohio.The object of this invention is to construct a simple and convenient machine for driving wooden teeth into the heads of horse hay rakes, that willperform the work more quickly, cheaply, and accurately, and with less danger of breaking or battering the teeth than can be done by hand. Screw Driver.J. C. Pinner, Newbern, Tenn. -The object of this inven- tionis to providefor public use a simple and convenient tool with which a screw can be more readily and easily inserted or removed than with the other screw drivers heretofore brought into use. Adjustable Circular Saw-Miterlng Maohine.J. P. Grosvenor, Lowell, Mass.The object of this invention is to obtain, in mitering machines having a circular saw, a more simple, cheap, and perfectly-operating device for adjusting the saw while keeping the belt taut at all times, and the table level and of uniform hight. The machine is an improvement upon those patented by the same party May 5th, 1863, and September 15th, 1868, respectively, the difference between the present and the former inventions consisting in the peculiar device for enabling the saw mandrel, although hung in an inclined frame, to be oscillated in a vertical plane. The same construction also enables the operator to raise or depress either end of the mandrel, and by changing the saw to one end or the other its inclination can be adjusted at pleasure in either direction. Breech-Loading Fire-Cracker Holder.A. E. Peck, Brooklyn, N. Y. This invention has for its object to furnish an improved holder for holding flre crackers, which being discharged in such a way that the fire crack- ermaybe discharged or exploded with perfect safety, while projecting the shell of the fire cracker from the muzzle of the holder, and which shall, at the same time, be breech loading. Parlor and Sidewalk Skate.-N. W. Hubbard, New York city.This invention has for its object to furnish an improved parlor and sidewalk skate, which shall be so constructed and arranged as to run with little friction and to pass over obstructions, adapting it for use in the parlor, uponthe sidewalk, or upon a street paved with the Nicolaon pavement. Match SAFE.August SteinbOk, New York city.This invention relates to a new match safe, arranged to contain a self-igniting; wickthat is, one which willignite as soon as brought in contact with the atmosphere. Railroad TRACK.Baron Ludwig Lo Presti,Vienna,Austria.The object of thisinvention is to construct a cheap railway, which can be easily con structed, and which is capable of extended application and of ready tran'” fer and displacement. In accordance with this new system railways can be rapidly constructed at a comparative small cost and without any reference to the natural formation of the ground. Saw Set.-H. Sloat, Watertown, N. Y.This invention relates to a new implement for setting all kinds of saws ; it can be applied without removing the saw from the mandrel, and w;ill set the teeth very accurately and evenly. Coal STovE.-George W. Herrick, Stuyvesant, N. Y.The object of this invention is to construct a heater for burning Western,bituminous coal and other tar coal depositing much lamp black, and the invention consists chieflyinproviding for ample draft so that all the products of combustion and the solid matter carried off with the same will be burned. VELOOIPEDE.Edward A. Lewis, St. Charles, Mo.-This invention has for its object to so construct the cranks of velocipedes that theyare made longer where the greatest power is required without increasing the diameter of the circle to be described by the foot. The invention consists in the use of sliding cranks, which project from both sides of the shaft, one end of each crank being guided by a fixed eccentric groove or track in such manner that the crank pin is moved away from the shaft as long as the power is applied to the same by the foot; when the power is not required on the return stroke, the crank pin is drawn close to the shaft, andthus, without describing a large circle, the crank lever is made lonlter than usual, when required for actual use. Buokle.D. S. Butler, Otterville, Mo.-This invention relates to a new self-fastening buckle, which can readily connect two straps without sew ing or other tedious process.