The following inventions are among the most useful improvements lately patented: BLASTING ROCKS. The object of this invention is to prevent accidents which frequently occur in blasting rocks, owing to the tamping of the wadding over the charge of powder in tho hole : the metal rod necesarily employed for the purpose, in coming in contact with the side of the hole, developing sparks or fire which cause the ignition of the powder. This invention consists in having the hole which is drilled in the rock to receive tho charge, of two different diameters ; the lower part of the hole which receives the powder being smaller in diameter than the the upper part which receives the wadding, and using a division plate and ppindle so applied and arranged in the hole that the wadding may he placed in the hole and tamped before the insertion of the powder, and all accidents avoided. John Gilleland, of Athens, Ga., is the inventor of this method. MACHINE FOR TURNING BAGS. Bags manufactured by sewing are commonly turned inside out to bring to the inside the margins which extend beyond the seams, and thus give the seams a neat appearance on the outside. In the manufacture of such bags, in large quantities, much time is consumed in thls process, one establishment now in active operation employing several persons for this purpose alone. W. N. Gee, of New Haven, Conn., has patented an automatic machine by which the bags are taken from a stack or pile, turned, and delivered much more quickly than can be done by hand. It turns from 3,000 to 6.000 an hour, according to size, and the same machine can be set to turn all sizes. From 1,000 to 1,800 per day only can be turned by hand by one person.